Another Hoax

“Fire is still the most damaging of all weapons and the easiest to wield because the main fuel source is oxygen….It is Fire that is the most deadly of all known weapons on this planet, a planet which has an explosive fuel source for its atmosphere.”  –  Third Reich Pilgrim – Part I – The Ruins of Power

The Internal Combustion Engine is also known as the “atmospheric engine”.

Humans have attempted to shift the history of the internal combustion engine to a French origin, which is humorous because Nikolaus Otto and Gottleib Daimler built the engines that were used in French automobiles… The fuel source is oxygen, so whatever fouling agent they decided to include, like “Gas” must have been to foul the engine more quickly, and the “Gas” is a bio-fuel made from wheat and corn and barley crops, grown mostly in Europe – “ethanol”, one might call it, or alcohol. “Gas” or “Petrol” does not come out of the ground (muddy, foul water is what they pump out of the ground, which can be used for watering the crops that actually produce the “Gas”. Anyway the main fuel source for engines is Oxygen. The properties of Oxygen were first discovered by the German Chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele.


3 responses to “Another Hoax

  • laryensoufi

    …l’air(aire) qui est Vénus, est inflammable, …et dans son intérieur réside l’Esprit Universel que l’Alchimiste dirige dans son “vaisseau”, quand il possède les ingrédients adéquats! Qui ont été placés dans un certain contexte dynamique & très concret. Quelques uns appellent ça “de l’énergie du vide”, which is taken from the vacuum “of our so-called reality”. Mais il faudrait le “lapis exiliis” de Von Eschenbach pour y avoir accès. D’ailleurs c’est cette gemme verte tombée du front de Lucifer qui le capte, l’assimile & l’aspire. Par suite elle devient dense et comme de l’ambre translucide. Le poids réel de l’esprit universel en est hameçonné puis se combine avec l’essence de cette pierre céleste devenu terrestre.

    Tout est dans l’AZOTH. Les 4 éléments au coeur de l’aether. Et c’est dans l’AZOTH que tout ce qui possède VIE, habite par la GRÂCE de notre ESPRIT qui nous a donné notre sang.

  • delendaestziobot

    Within our Heart – Earth, the blood and and air are ignited to produce the spark that can set the Giants free! Our Heart is the internal combustion engine. The Archons have attempted to simulate this, but we will trust in the cardiac plexus. It is not above the head, but within the Heart. Such is our Alchemy.

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