A Night at the Syrian Opera.

Here we have a fantastic image, by Reuters, the International News Service….Very trustworthy news service… Here we have a Syrian being dug out of the ground after a bombing raid, a little blood smeared on the face, some dust….LOL…..I don’t know what to say really… A Night at the Opera…

LOL….Holy shit this guy is so tough he is digging himself out! One of those remarkable Syrians, coming to a town near you with lots of survival stories.

Here he is, a little later, after being crushed by an entire concrete building…. he says “why are they bombing us?”……LOL…. That is my favorite part, when they put the question to you….with the hands opened and outstretched “vy, vy, vy r dey bomming ous”…..

It’s so fake that it looks real….. Is that what you want me to believe?

19 responses to “A Night at the Syrian Opera.

  • oregoncoug

    Zion’s propaganda has grown flabby and lazy in recent years. Stage actors in stage make up is the best they can do. And why do they bother? Those who believe their lies are too imbecile to need any propaganda, and those with some intelligence won’t fall for it anyway. We’re in the twilight of Zion and their propaganda efforts show the advancing disintegration. Images frayed and blurred for Ziobots and their equally lazy presstitutes. It’s springtime in Deutschland and winter in Zion. The Heart of Darkness in Jerusalem is cracking and the torch-lit marches will soon reach Berlin.

  • delendaestziobot

    Of course Jerusalem, is no more a Heart of Darkness than anywhere else. The Heart of Darkness is anywhere you find a human being, deceitful creatures, one and all….

    • oregoncoug

      Ziobots. Robotniks. Extensions of Zion’s Dark Heart wherever they are. The Damned in this world and in every other world. Their centre is shattering, their periphery shatters and it is the truth of Holy Death, our Beloved Sister Death, that makes us free.

  • delendaestziobot

    Israel Beer Josaphat (Baron Paul von Reuter), born, 1816, Kassel, Germany.

    Reuters receive information on where to be at certain stages of the play, and then their contracted journalists report the words and images and footage that has been staged for the dramatic play….Merely a conglomerate of journalists… Behind this all, the simian neo-Satyr Syrians are being bred as mutant humanoids.

  • delendaestziobot

    The Question is, with everything being staged and faked, and everyone in on it, as they must be, then whom are they trying to convince that it is real? All the masses of Ziobots are in on the fakery and actors in the play, but whom are they tricking? I mean, why go to so much effort? They are spending alot of time and effort to make something that is fake appear as if it is real, and why would they do that, the audience is them themselves, they are the audience, they are reporting to themselves what they have faked as if it was real when it is not…That seems rather strange to me…Ziobots, taking pictures of Ziobots to be viewed by Ziobots…What is the point of that… I dont get it…

  • aufihrhelden

    Zion Is A Busy Fool …

    • delendaestziobot

      Billions of busy little fools. The entire world has co-operated in the choreography and and staging of the Syrian Opera, but to whom are they playing? Themselves? There does not appear to be a consciousness behind their actions….

  • oregoncoug

    There is a consciousness behind these actions, a singularly evil consciousness. Yet evil too has its troubles, and this propaganda reveals a time that recalls that between when the Convention unanimously elected Robspierre the President of the French Republic and then some six weeks later with equal unanimity voted Robspierre his head beneath the guillotine. When the unanimity of insects is too complete, then the time is short before those same insects will turn in the opposite direction with exactly the same unanimous enthusiasm.

    Here is how Saint-Just described the situation: “The Revolution is frozen, every principle is gone senile, nothing remains but red bonnets carried forward by mere intrigue. The exercise of the Terror has sated crime as much as strong liqueurs sate the Palace.” In brief, we are witnessing the final death throws of the Judeo-Bolshevik Revolution, the final death throws of Zion.

    “Billions of little fools, playing to no one.” They are weak unto death, fatally enfeebled and senile to complete paralysis. Who are they playing for? For no one, because they have no one left to play to, but to their own demise. Now that the Ziobots have exterminated everything good that still remained in themselves, they can no longer continue to exist. As is said: “Death is the wages of sin.”

    Those little fools have been poisoned, and it is we who have poisoned them. They have eaten us alive and with us the holy hatred against them we bear within us. That hatred is truth and that truth, in causing their destruction, now sets us free.

  • delendaestziobot

    Death spasms and senility…A Death Dance epidemic…. Europa cannot complain for her own Death Dance, as she put on the Robe of Nessus willingly…. No human power can remove the racial poison. Terminal. Choreomania is just a symptom….Not even Saint Vitus can save them now….

    • oregoncoug

      Exactly, mein Kamerad. Death and Resurrection, not death and restoration of what went before. What’s dead is truly dead. There is no Restoration beyond the Congress of Vienna. That was enough, too much, Restoration already. No more Restorations!

      The racial poison must be removed:

      “His winnowing-fork is in his hand, and he will thoroughly purge the threshing-floor, and will gather his wheat into the barn; but the chaff he will burn with fire unquenchable.” (Matthew 3:12)

      The Death Dance epidemic is already removing the racial poison. Those whose crimes will last forever burn forever; those who never lived in the first place will remain beneath notice, forever. Either way, Ziobots great and small are what they are and will never be “restored”; they must creep away and “burn with fire unquenchable” accordingly. Resurrection for everything — accordingly.

      But this fallen world will never be saved: No more Restorations!

  • M:G

    The “guy” in the below photograph looks like the stereotypical handsome left wing Jew liberal Hollywood actor, well dressed, well groomed and styled hair with a whiff of Hugo Boss cologne. Most likely an actor in training or researching for a Jew movie film role, the man is probably receiving instructions from Steven Spielberg or any other Jew faggot director. Zion is generally incompetent in its propaganda and marketing ploys, ziobots are so moronic, so imbecilic to discover the obvious shameless pretenses and dissimulation.

  • M:G

    I said “guy” because he could be the skinniest SJW trans butch dyke.

  • leuchovius2014

    A building falls on him and it doesn’t even knock his hat off ! LOL.

  • delendaestziobot

    All the buildings destroyed in Syria are done so using demolition explosives and demolition machinery… All the civilians are evacuated before this happens and the work is done by military engineering personal and private demolition contractors. During this process videos and images are made for propaganda purposes, in this case to make it appear like Syrian civilians are being bombed. All sorts of Hollywood style effects and make-up and trickery are used in order to make the images and footage seem real…But it is all fake, and on a massive scale…Everyone knows what’s going on – UN, EU, all governments and military, aid, agencies, news, journalists, analysts, etc, and all the actors taking part in it, All the Syrian refugees, everyone in the Middle East, everyone knows its fake…A cast of hundreds of millions are involved in bring this drama to the world stage….Even Sjoerd played his part, everyone is playing their part, as they always do, because everything is fake in this world, but who are they playing to? The only thing worse than a bombing, is the faking of a bombing, to make it look like a bombing and a war zone when it is not, that is worse than an actual war and bombing…. Throughout human history one only sees humans acting and trying to make their lives seem real when they are false.

  • M:G

    The very bottom picture of that “guy” seems picture perfect for a Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Omega, Calvin Klein, Mont Blanc, Louis Vuitton, Ermenegildo Zegna, Giorgio Armani and Christian Dior commercial or advertisement. Looks like it is being recycled and reused for the Great Syrian Opera after being rejected by the luxury brands as mentioned in this reply. LOL, WTF !!!!

    • delendaestziobot

      The media companies do sometimes recycle images for the Syrian Opera, that they have used or have been rejected from previous Operas, like the Gaza Opera, or the Iraq Opera or the Afghanistan Opera…. And the brands you mention have been using these ugly mutants more and more for modelling, because that is what the general population is starting to look like in the West as in the East…. In general, the Demiurge wants ugly, mongrel males…So the demographics will become more and more like this. A huge swarming population of male mongrels.

  • delendaestziobot

    And, if there was such a thing, as secret societies, spies, secret governments, etc, it would mean that I would be have to have been killed by now….Because they are spending an awful amount of time, money and labour and lives in creating a deception, a deception which I can easily expose, over and over again, and publish freely as I like whenever I like without any problems….Why is that? If I publish online, that the Syrian War is not actually happening and it is a hoax, that would mean that I would have to be “suppressed” or at least intimidated in some way, or why not pay me off, or, simply kill me off…. Why not? I mean if I reveal the secret of the oil industry, would not the oil industry kill me immediately…It would not be hard to do…Or if I say that the Battle of Britain was fraud, should not that mean that the British Secret Services and special government ops would have to kill me immediately? Why not? Well, simple answer, because they do not exist….LOL….

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    If you don’t look at anything else in these photos, just look at the red markings on the face. I say red markings because they neither constitute blood nor are they the color of blood. Case closed. You have your answer.

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