Sjoerd Heeger – Death In Syria

“In the West the people have nothing to live for, and that is why they have nothing to die for. There is no other sacrifice than the prolonging of their lives, which is their reward. Like a terminal sick person, given more medical years of existence (the illusion of value)… The will to fight beyond current Moral conscience and restrictions (and thus the will to [self] sacrifice and even wage war through suicide [attacks], has been demoralized, neutralized and made misunderstood. If suicide is committed, in the West, it mostly correlates to existential problems; the meaninglessness of life, only fulfilled through the economic work ethos and fragile/superficial social relationships. While in other cultures, ‘suicide’ is committed in regards with honour after defeat, thus a lost fight, or as sacrifice for the sake of battle. And, as this still happens regularly in the Middle East, to take your enemies with you into death. A will and dedication the West has lost.” – Sjoerd Heeger




21 responses to “Sjoerd Heeger – Death In Syria

  • delendaestziobot

    Comment from Kamerad Travis:

    “I will remember Sjoerd for his last youtube post: Total War. His blog with the name Das Erwachen der Schweter, The Awakening of the Swords. He obviously wanted a world where an honourable fight can occur. And now his inconsistencies or more accurately what he tolerated. He said he wanted to fight his enemies and for democratic federalism? So he tolerated the Marxists around him so he could do his war dance, he was a dancer. I don’t know how he could want the trigger finger tattoo. If you read the lyrics to “Kine Em”, Lenin is praised. I couldn’t do it. The YPG fights under the 5 pointed red star. It seems he wanted to walk the knife edge in harms way. They are all phoney proxy wars anyway. Real blood fake wars! Pointless… And they try to make him a martyr for multiculturalism. To capture the best from this, I too see him as a Parsifal. A warrior whose memory will help to awaken the blood swords. His departure motivates me to better connect with my own, in my own lands, not in foreign lands with foreign people. Some day we will set a stone for him and not forget his mother. To awaken the swords and not lower our standards. One Standard, One Cause, One Flag, One Cross, One Fuhrer! – In Harm We Trust.”

  • Hosner

    The Poetry I just posted
    In Memoriam Sjoerd Heeger,
    originates with a Scandinavian band named Solstafir. Having posted the lyrics, I’ve lit a candle for him, giving the Hitler salute to the North, East, South and West, saying aloud “Sjoerd Heeger Sieg Heil!”
    Then I went about my business, feeling relief…
    Sitting down at my desk I was hit with the Words: “Having entered through the North he has safely reached the Inner Earth.” I understood the message to be about our recently deceased Kamerad, and that I needed to share it here, with whoso frequents this obscure spiritual website.

  • Wordpress

    Sjoerd! I will miss. You were one the best, and only, friends who I have made through the internet, I remember we were drawn to eachother’s writings back in 2013 or so, I saw in you a reflection of myself. You went out in the blazing fire of your own ideals, one of the only men I have ever known who lived his own philosophy. I am just seeing this now and it is hard for me to comprehend still. I have saved your collections of writings, and they will someday be published, if only for your close Kameraden to keep close. I can only hope to live such a life as you…



  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    Few can live such a life. It requires a preordained Knowledge, at the highest level, of willful Self-Sacrifice to the Forces of Evil in the *hope* of Resurrection. Here I stress the word “hope,” because it represents an unknown variable. Is Sjord in Valhalla? I wish not to offend his loved ones, but… WHO KNOWS? That said, I see Sjoord (from the little I know of him) as a tragic-Irminic KRIST figure, who wanted to help the untermensch (i.e. Kurds, Turds, what have you) achieve Godhood, rather than a purely Armanist/Thulean/SS Initiate — or one who is already wise to the ways of the ultra-cunning Demiurge in his Uber-demonic jocularity. Again, I wish not to offend, but if I do, so be it.

    • Wordpress

      I say: his presence in Syria was in no way a racial altruism to those peoples. He sought precisely what the modern life has denied us all, heroism, blood, glory and finally death – for the sake the amplification of the Self, the I. His actions were even beyond my comprehension, but this is a close estimation of them. I would not say there is anything tragic about it…it is something divine, a manifestation of Desire itself, the fire of acceleration, he had to have an outlet to burn out into Valhalla, rather than to fade into the dull waters of death…



      • K. von Kanwetzburg

        Again, I don’t know enough about him to say for certain what he was or wasn’t. All I can say is: If it was true heroism he sought, vis-a-vis our True Enemies (and not the fabricated ones), it would have been better for him to walk into any number of US positions of power as a tourist with an IED strapped to his body. Dying at the BS “front” of a shit-rag / A-rab bullshit “war” (financed by the IMF) is hardly heroic. Sorry. Just stating facts.

      • leuchovius2014

        I tend to agree with Kamerad Kristof … I don’t wish to second-guess Kamerad Heeger’s intentions, but just look at it… it’s confounding… he went from being a dancer on a stage to being a fighter on a stage… and he admitted that on his blog … so why?… why not bring the fight HOME to at least avenge his ancestors, to draw blood on the parasites who are now squatting on his ancestors home… if he acknowledges that there are no countries left to fight for, then why fight for there country “Syria” ??? The whole thing just doesn’t add up… fuck Syria, fuck the Middle East, don’t go wandering off into this shit-rag world that doesn’t call your Blood homeward… I’m not saying that his homeland is pure, of course it isn’t… but do something that the Führer would be proud of! Would the Führer be proud of him wandering off into Syria to give his Holy Blood for Nothing?? Hell no. I can imagine a hundred other ways to get revenge on the enemy, and a hundred are waiting in my scabbard for The Day…. Hate is the only purity left on this plane, nausea as a reaction to the Eternal Enemy is the only healthy bodily reaction to this corrupted “reality”…

  • Wordpress

    You think in terms of economics and that there is still some “targets” or “enemies” left on this earth who are discernible…this entire world is our enemy Kamerad, it makes no difference – what was important for Sjoerd was to realize the I.

    • K. von Kanwetzburg

      Sjoerd made some important mistakes. First of all: Never fight your enemies’ battles. Second of all: Never telegraph what you are going to do. On this basis many other contemptible creatures achieved more or are more in line with us than this “Sjoerd” (if it is even a real person). I ask; does anyone know if “Sjoerd” is/was real? And if so… HOW?

      • delendaestziobot

        I was contacted by two different contacts who were with Sjoerd in Syria and neither of them responded to my questions and were unable to provide any answers as to actually how Sjoerd died. Only that their was a funeral orgsnized and the Dutch consulate had confirmed his death. Very strange case….As there is no war in Syria, so Sjoerd was “in character”.

      • Michael Angel Luna

        Leading up to the news of his physical death, the name of his blog was on my mind constantly. That speaks to me more than if I had known him in person! Its the only form of communication I find genuine anymore.

      • K. von Kanwetzburg

        The Dutch consulate does not exist. You know what it truly is, Kamerad.

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    Ha! Your emotions bespeak the temperament of a petulant youth. Of course there are enemies who are discernible. As for your misreading of my intentions as purely “economic,” read my book junior:

    By the way, sales are up this shortest of months…

  • delendaestziobot

    Sjoerd was a very theatrical figure, like very Operatic…. His death or disappearance is rather strange, because there is no “front-line” in Syria, nor was he allowed near a “front-line”. As a heroic war tourist he was able to co-habitat with Middle Eastern people and share with them experiences, both tragic and comic, as for “war” that was just a fantasy of his, something operatic, but in terms of Theatrical Opera I think he is like The Flying Dutchman..

  • delendaestziobot

    But you see the problem is, the the YPG- Kurdish Freedom Democratic FIGHTERS FOR INDEPENDENCE OF THE RIGHTS OF PEOPLES IN MINORITIES WHO APPEAR TO BE NATIVE PEOPLES AGAINST TYRANNY PEOPLE….. Or whatever they are called… Whoever Sjoerd thought he was fighting for, those people had a placement for Sjoerd, and a few others, a special placement for individuals who wanted a “war” like experience, a simulation if you please, and this was for individuals who had been denied National Service in their countries of birth….

  • delendaestziobot

    Have you seen the “Bombing footage” in Syria…LOL… I mean seriously, do they really expect me to believe that? I could do better with cardboard cut outs and a camera from the 1920’s….

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