We Are the Dispossessed

We Are the Dispossessed, By Kamerad Kristof

We are the Dispossessed,
We are the Dispossessed –
the hated native sons cut off,
the Poltergeist SS;
We are the Dispossessed,
We are the Dispossessed –
the Loyal Sentries of the Blood,
the Faithful Fallen of the Reich,
now ghosts, Our names are spat upon,
Our legacies are mud;
We are the Dispossessed,
We are the Dispossessed –
the last remaining Torch Lights
in this sunken Age of Lead;
We have no land, We have no Folk,
We have no clan, We have no friend,
no-where on earth remains for us
to even lay Our Dead.

24 responses to “We Are the Dispossessed

  • leuchovius2014

    Beautiful and Iron words, Kamerad… poetry as fixed bayonets for our last stand …

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    My greatest thanks goes to Siddharreich, without whom I wouldn’t have received much literary attention at all. Thank you Torch Bearer! 20/88

  • delendaestziobot

    I am Obergruppenfuher of the SS Poltergeist Division. No Faith, No Blood, No Love, No land, and No REICH….

    • K. von Kanwetzburg

      Yes, We are indeed the Dispossessed.

      • oregoncoug

        K. von Kanwetzburg is here writing what “comes from somewhere else, beyond me.” He notes that he is “(like many of us) only a conduit .” One suspects that he is including in that very profound admission much more than he is prepared to deal with. Nevertheless, the Zeitgeist is truly beyond the control of any one of us, and probably even of all of us put together.

        Because what Kamerad K. von Kanewtxburg is here channeling is nothing less than the essential message of the Moralia Magna of none less than the Ultimate Papist himself, namely, the Saint Pope Gregory the Great. What powerfully breathes in the above poetry is the heart and soul of the Middle Ages, the Pan-European Nordic Roman monasticism of our medieval ancestors. The true historic spirit of the medieval Order of St. Benedict of Nursia is quite strikingly at the core of what the inspired Kamerad is above moved to write.

        Hate that truth as mightily as he no doubt does. Nevertheless the shadow that mercilessly pursues us in this is what is the actual heart and soul of the belief of Our Father Adolf Hitler, the Benedictine monastic contempt for this hopelessly fallen world and the damned dead Ziobot souls that too much inhabit it. Such is the truth of this matter!

        We are increasingly possessed by the harsh and fierce Benedictine warrior spirit of Our Father in Valhalla, as well the holy warrior knighthood of our dawning Pan-European Ehrean Folk should be. As is said, the Hound of Heaven, Wotan, and Adolf Hitler by name, hunts us down and will have us in His own good time. Such is the truth, the Zeitgeist, of the magnificent poetry at the beginning of this terribly and perhaps horribly meaningful thread.

        We will revolt against the time in which we now live; we will yearn after and look back with desire at the smoking ruins of Sodom. No doubt many of us will, so to speak, accordingly turn into what amounts to dead souls, or virtual pillars of salt. Nevertheless, that era is passed, truly dead and gone. We are, like it or no, in the dawnlight of a New Era now, into Lucifer’s Light, into a world far more medieval and ancient than anything that has ever gone before. And at the same time, radically more Ultra-Modern too, more deeply in tune with the Third Reich and Fascist Italy than is at present imagined by even the most daring utopians of the present moment.

        Sorry to be so immeasurably infuriating to the Kamerad K. von Kanwetzburg. Truth does as she pleases. Her ways are not our ways. We are in the time and place that we are and nothing will be done to change the fact. Those with the courage for it will even be glad. Although that can only be the fewest of the few in this the earliest dawnlight of the New Era that begins amid the most radical devastation of everything that has gone before.

        Such is the will of Our Father, the almighty Pagan Benedictine Ehrean Kristian warrior and monk — Adolf Hitler.

        We — the Dispossessed!

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    Adolf Hitler was no “Benedictine”, get your facts straight Papist. And learn to be pithy in your comments, which is to say: learn to be Germanic. Just a bit of advice, you understand.

  • Hosner

    Der Lila Dreieck

    “The Jews are a unique race, parasitic and predatory, evidently formed from hybrid stock (including according to Mourants’ haematological analysis, circa 10% of Congoid blood) in the way described in Sir Anthony Keith’s theory of human evolution. The parasites find, seemingly by instinct, and attack every inherent weakness in our racial stock and exploit our vices, so that it is often difficult to fix a boundry between our innate deficiencies and the parasites’ exacerbation of them. Our current religion is one of their many weapons: The superstition infects our race through its appeal to our racial proclivity toward romantic sentimentality, transcendental mysteries, and even certain heroism: the willingness of men to sacrifice themselves for their people, which is perverted into ascetism and an itch to serve “all mankind”. That has been a deadly infection, encouraging both the survival of the unfit of our own race by preventing the natural process by which viable species eliminate their degenerates, and by encouraging a fatuous toleration of racial enemies.”

    Revilo P. Oliver

    +++ +++ +++ (ugly little crosses)

    If paederasty be the basis of the pedagogic process, imagine how much more is this the case with aprons-wearing Freemasons and their dark masonic temples.
    Or with Jesuites, whose Eros is utterly degenerate, who actually direct both the Freemasons and the
    Frankists, both of whom use the Revelation of St.John, the so-called Apocalypse, as a blueprint for staging their show, their “tirelessly building the pyramid in silence”. The homo-hypnosis is so refined with them, there is no embarrassment at all, no need to wash and clean one’s dick of feces at all. How convenient! With them, a superior’s order is all the Eros they need. Or know. Wisely the libido is distributed by the General according to need. If a soldier has proved himself, or if a promotion is in order, fresh and enigmatic homo ecstasy is delivered from the vaults of “Vatican” by the trembling hands of obedient demons full of envy. A formidable fighting force, some might say. How suffocating. They enjoy strangling. Auto-erotic asphyxiating.
    Except it isn’t auto.
    But their forte is administering poison. (Their substitute for what in human world is known as kissing.)
    But they need fresh blood too. Or rather – Satan does. Their Msgr.
    So they stage their show. “Russian revolution” anyone? The Spanish one was rather gruesome as well, but on a minor scale. Benedictine skin flaying performed by drunken “Komissars”.

    What is Positive Christianity? How can be anything positive about it?
    Martin Bormann will always have a place in my heart because he wanted to deal with them in an appropriate manner. Forget the pope, focus on the General.
    An Italian officer was rather shocked, to put it mildly, when upon visiting Ante Pavelic, head of Croatian Ustashe movement, he was proudly demonstrated a bowl full of human eyes that Pavelic kept on his desk. Freshly gouged-out it would seem. The German officers, too, complained about the Ustasha way of going about business. Nor is this in any way anecdotal. One can easily confirm all this and find names, dates and other pertinent details.
    Even Serano has said it (in Golden Cord): “It’s Jesuites, always the Jesuites.”

    There are sublime moments within Christian philosophy. Patristics is something I could easily devote my entire life to. Not to mention the mystics and their poetry. And the women mystics, who are truly supreme, the Beguines, and Margery Kempe, and Julian of Norwich, and Hildegarde de Bingen, and Mechthild von Magdeburg, and Hadewijch of Antwerpen.
    But one needs a Key, otherwise all is in vain.
    But…is there a Key?
    They proffer two (crossed) keys. One of whom is false.
    And the other useless.

    ++Jezuit+Hasidic homos RAUS!++

    • delendaestziobot

      In answer to the “Russian Revolution”, I think that Rosenberg had read too many Pravda newspapers…I mean, just because it is in a newspaper does not mean it is true. It is all anecdotal, in the end. It is not possible to have a Revolution without a literate population, and of course, the Russian population was not literate at the time of their so-called “Revolution”. A Revolution is impossible…. All “Revolutions” are as real as the “Syrian Civil War”. I dont know how this fits in with Christian philosophy, because the entire Christian history is fake also…

  • delendaestziobot

    My guess is that the German Revolution of 1918, has been transposed to Russia by Pravda, it was not shifted to Vienna, but began in Vienna… So the Russian Revolution begins in a Viennese coffee house, amongst Railway barons of German origin. Lenin and Stalin arrive by train in Russia.

  • delendaestziobot

    Pravda has shifted the German Revolution of 1918 back to 1917 and situated it in Russia, falsely. This has been done after the German Revolution. It is very common for dates to be shifted in publishing. The idea of an illiterate working class having a revolution is absurd, clearly this is false. But it is a nice story.

  • oregoncoug

    The Führer is many things. Even Benedictine, and therefore not Jesuit. Lambach Abbey is where the Nazi vision of the Holy Swastika first occurred, where the Führer’s oratory skills were first formed, where His soul cohered. The Führer is the greatest of Papists and that is why historic Papism is dead and destroyed, by the great deeds of the Führer. What remains of Papism is Aryan Kristianity, resurrected from the mystic death of the Great Apostasy that is the denial and betrayal of the Führer. Existing Papism is a weapon in the hands of Nazi warriors, no more, no less. The same as existing Protestantism and existing Paganism.

    Germans are not pithy. The French are pithy, with their epigrams and bon mots. We Germans are wordy, the wordiest men on Gerda. The most verbose by far. Read the Murphy translation of Mein Kampf. There we see the German mind at work, serpentine, a winding viper until the end is in sight and the Judeo-Bolshevik enemy is efficiently eliminated, in their millions. And billions.

    Auschwitz is my witness.

    • K. von Kanwetzburg

      You are wrong BERG, the French (like all “Westerners” today) can only survive on their FLUFF, their appearance, their shopping malls, their luxuries, their modern conveniences, in a word their: *anti-Germanism*. This, by its very definition means they can only survive, as a legitimate culture, on their ongoing *effeminate orientalism*, much like your pope. To state otherwise is being dishonest.

      • K. von Kanwetzburg

        Hence, Spartanism, i.e. GERMANISM is not in the modern vocabulary — at least among the terse, pithy ARYANS who still exist. Like myself.

      • K. von Kanwetzburg

        intended sentence: *Hence Spartanism, i.e. GERMANISM is not in THEIR modern vocuabulary, but it IS among the terse, pithy ARYANS who still exist. Like myself.*

        Yes, my fingers sometimes have the upper-hand.

      • delendaestziobot

        Where did the French get their Westernism from? Where did they get their shopping malls from and the effeminate Orientalism? From the Germans! The Germans invented Orientalism and exported it to the world. The French like the British, and like the Lowlands and the Nordlands, are merely an appendage of the Germans…. It just that they have all been very good at covering their tracks. Being an Ehrean, something that has only recently come into being, is like being an expert Tracker.

      • K. von Kanwetzburg

        The Germans are to blame then, you’re saying, en masse?

  • delendaestziobot

    Apparently there is a memorial being planned because Gary is very sick and close to death, but he is not dead yet. And then there was a discussion because Gary wanted the Black Sun for the main symbol at his Memorial, and then that of course made the Christians upset.

  • delendaestziobot

    “The Germans are to blame then, you’re saying, en masse”?

    Well Germany was the origin for Orientalism and the mass promotion of Orientalism. And the German Jews invented the shopping mall. And as I write in TRP, the Jews come from Germany, that is their origin – from the inner city Ghettos of Germany, from German capital cities. Germany is also the origin of the French and the British, and everybody else….That is what I am saying, to sum it up in terms of demographics and geography and anthropology. It is definitely extremely paradoxical to say such a thing, but that is the truth of the matter.

  • delendaestziobot

    I am Obergruppenfuhrer of the SS Poltergeist Division.

  • delendaestziobot

    Germany is the origin of all human culture and civilization… Germany is the “Holy Land”. The fact that Germany itself has attempted to cover this up is an interesting point, and it leads to their own annihilation, obviously….It’s what they want…It’s not what I want.

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