In Memory of Sjoerd Heeger

Kamerad Sjoerd Heeger was recently killed, in the Middle East, details of death currently unknown but a report from a friend states he died in a car bomb near the town of Deir ez-Zor, near Raqqa… I guess the real circumstances will never been known. He was fighting on the side of the YPG (People’s Protection Units) in Syria. The YPG is predominately made up of Kurdish recruits, but also includes Arabs and some foreign volunteers. The YPG is allied to the Syriac Military Council, and was formed from the Democratic Union Party after the Syrian Civil War. The group won a major victory over Islamic State in early 2015, and the group primarily fought against ISIL, sometimes with the assistance of American forces in the area.

Kamerad Sjoerd was the writer of the blog

I published his poems in “Songs Of The Reich”

One of his poems:

“Go I Must,

And leave behind my dear Northern Sea,

Always She spoke winged words to me,

Her soothing dark waters in the undeep,

And Her blanket cold in sight, go I must.

Seasons temper no other race,

Made by winter, in Her heart, rare they’ve become,

And appreciate and see visions of our own spirit,

Become reflected in You, beloved Sea, go I must;

Named after the North, go I must.”

Kamerad Sjoerd was a true Warrior-Poet, in the sense that he did not mind which “side” he was even on, he simply wanted to go to war, or try to find a real “war” and he searched everywhere for that, he went to the Ukrainian front, but could not find enough “action” as he put it, he wanted more danger and violence, so he went to the Middle East and practiced his “war” there, it was better he thought to die in a foreign place then die in his comfortable homely suburban surroundings in Northern Europe. I told him that he would not find a real war, not in the Ukraine and not in Syria, and that there were no real wars, not anymore, but he had to go, “Go I Must”, that is what he wrote… He had tattooed on his trigger finger “Who Are We” (Kine Em)….He did not know who he was fighting for or what he was fighting against, and so he wrote:

“I fear no one

Because I have sworn an oath

A path for no Shepherd of goat

No road to love’s struggle

And comfort of house and hearth

A wanderer with no land, no people

No Fate’s bridle

No dignity in your honour

The death of my heart is the birth

Of another loneliness in an endless hour

A wanderer with no faith

For home and bride

Another Strive as great

As the loss of all dreams

And Will’s promises shattered

Facing her smile in my sleepless slumber

The bells ringing my end

For Will and Strive to surrender

Sweet death, ending all lover’s tales

Rendering all tears of loss for story’s end.”



36 responses to “In Memory of Sjoerd Heeger

  • K. von Kanwetzburg


    I am sorry to hear of the loss of Kamerad Sjoerd Heeger.
    To be honest, I didn’t know who he was in life.
    I had his website saved on my favorites list, among many.

    Only recently, upon taking the time to read SOTR in its entirety —
    was I curious about who this amazingly poetic and erudite soul truly was.
    I suppose I was never fated to meet him in person.

    But seeing his resistance against the Global Enemy —
    I believe I already know him, and he me.
    Three cheers now for a Fallen Kamerad…

    Sjoerd Heeger…




    May We Who Have Been Left Behind See You One-Day In VALHALLA…

  • delendaestziobot

    Thankyou Torch Bearer,

    Kamerad Sjoerd, deserves this memorial, and I am the only one who will give him the memorial he deserves, because nobody knew him like I did. He gave me all his writings, and he confided in me more than anyone. He was one of us… I never met him, like so many of you that I have never met, but he sent me all his writings, everything he wrote, all his innermost feelings he sent to me, he was like a son to me…I went to Denmark, but I missed him because he was off fighting his stupid wars, in foreign places…I remember him only by the words he wrote to me, he shared his broken heart with me… The Demiurge should have killed me before him, because he was a better man, more honest and more truthful:

    “In search I am for Her who is buried in snow
    She who is as white as snow, as fragile as porcelain:
    Covered by a blanket of a Star-filled Heaven,
    She who has eyes as of stabbing stars.”

    Kamerad Sjoerd was a true Esoteric Hitlerist, who fought life and everything until he found beauty in death…. And he saw it first…. Heil Kamerad Sjoerd, I will see you in Valhalla!

  • leuchovius2014

    Sieg Heil to Kamerad Sjoerd Heeger! To one of the Treu Sons of Walhalla !

    Blood spent becomes the only real tears left to shed on this wicked plane…

  • Michael A. Luna

    True to his Synchronistic Esoteric Hitlerist Path, I was thinking about his blog just yesterday before seeing this news… And especially the title – Das Erwachen Der Schwerter…

    Sieg Heil Sjoerd Heeger!

  • Wolf of the Sun

    It gladdens me to know that Baldr’s father makes ready the benches for a banquet.
    Soon we shall be drinking ale from the curved horns.
    The champion who comes into Odin’s dwelling does not lament his death.
    I shall not enter his hall with words of fear upon my lips.
    The Æsir will welcome me.
    Death comes without lamenting.
    Eager am I to depart.
    The Dísir summon me home, those whom Odin sends for me from the halls of the Lord of Hosts.
    Gladly shall I drink ale in the high-seat with the Æsir.
    The days of my life are ended.
    I laugh as I die.

  • NewMan

    A true soldier of fortune, O Fortuna.
    He got his total war.
    Letzter Gruß!

  • delendaestziobot

    He was a “soldier of fortune”, that is probably the best way to put it… And he had too much of the Nietzsche and Darwin poisons in him…Those poisons are almost impossible to extract, I have found, once they get bit by the fangs of Nietzsche and Darwin, that’s it, they almost never recover, you just cant get the poison out….

    What shit place to die.,…In fucking Syria, fighting for who knows what, nothing…. Does not even make any sense….Senseless….Utterly senseless… But is that not the way, the Demiurge mocking….Senseless acts…Sjoerd was trying to make sense out of it, and he had that youthful rebellious nature that is tied up with innocence….But I guess that is it, the Demiurgos God of this world always takes the pure innocent ones, its is them he wants as his sacrifice to senseless… Is that not it, the sacrificial lamb must die not knowing what he is doing, and only then is he innocent?

    • K. von Kanwetzburg

      Torch Bearer, I understand what you mean about getting bitten by the poison of Nietzsche. While I certainly can’t say I was ever a Nietzsche-worshipper or follower or what have you, I could say honestly that some of his “one-liners” did have an effect on me and helped me on the road to a greater understanding of things *while I was still in my early stages some years back*. That said, I have certainly long since broken with this fraud of a philosopher upon having discovered the Judaic, materialist (which is to say anti-Wagnerian) essence of his worldview.

      The thing I have found so insidious about Nietzsche is that he has many one-liners which contain honest doses of truth, yet his underlying philosophy (his foundation) is rotten to the core. This is how he has hooked many unsuspecting, yet otherwise well-meaning (if not semi-conscious) people. That is why I totally agree that Nietzsche should be avoided like the plague. Yes, I included a quote from him in my first book, however his so-called “original” thoughts on the Uberman, Beyond Good & Bad, etc., are nothing of the sort — he was NOT the inventor of any of the ideas which were compatible with the National Socialist Weltanschauung — a plagiarist is more like it! In the same vein as Einstein!

  • delendaestziobot

    “The people ARE the System. They are stupid!” – Sjoerd Heeger

  • delendaestziobot

    “You can’t defeat the whole system, without taking down all the people with it.” – Sjoerd Heeger

    • K. von Kanwetzburg

      These quotes are absolutely from someone who knows the straw-house of the System and its underlying rotten corpse of a foundation: the “people” or better: humanity. That said, it is hard for me to believe such an enlightened, noble, well-spoken soul as Kamerad Sjoerd would have willfully chosen to go on these so obviously FALSIFIED escapades (erroneously called “wars”) on behalf of an Enemy he was fully aware of. I believe Kamerad Sjoerd was a good man, a good warrior, but because he was these things (in a politically Orwellian Europe) he was BLACKMAILED into fighting and dying at the behest of Zion. In other words: “play the game, or you’ll never see the light of day again.” Your thoughts?

      • delendaestziobot

        Yes, it is very strange, because he knew it, so why did he do it. As someone pointed out, he is wearing digital camouflage of the System he wanted to fight against…..But he looked just as he was, completely innocent….I dont think he was blackmailed, I think he was deceived, but it was like watching someone who was linked up to all the feeling of Europa go into these death spasms, where its totally schizophrenic…..And again we talk about “possession”….But he ended up possessed by a deceiving archetype…. He was not afraid, and did not have much, so difficult to blackmail him, but easy to possess him.

        I mean, he believed in the organic nature of “Nationalism”, so he went to places where he thought that feeling of solidarity and Nationalistic fervor still existed, because as he said, it did not exist in his own country, but the point was that it did not exist anywhere else either, but he knew that! But it did not translate into his actions….It is definitely true that one can write and think one way but do another….Something so bizarre about all this that it just proves our Esoteric theories about the bizarre nature of this world… That their are meta-human forces at work here and many unexplainable events.

  • delendaestziobot

    When one is dispossessed of home, land, kin, family, friends, community, nation, culture, etc, one can easily become prey to spiritual forces, but Sjoerd was still operating on an organic, bodily basis, so he was blind to the spiritual forces at work.

    “What does it mean to be a part of this and that Volk, if the nation gives away symbolic citizenship to anyone?” – Sjoerd Heeger

    See, his actions are also rebellious, actions against Denmark, or a reaction, but his reaction just played right into the hands of the Demiurgos….I did not understand how he wrote about London and England being the cancer of the world, but going to fight against ISIS in Syria, Syria is just a British colony…..But you see that is another level….

    • K. von Kanwetzburg

      I saw a Viking in him, but as soon as I did, I saw Zion manipulating. This will always be my impression. It is unfortunate. A brave, erudite soul. But tragic. This is all can say.

  • delendaestziobot

    Found something on Reddit, saying Sjoerd was Dutch, he told me he was from Denmark, but maybe he had just lived there as he moved around alot. He may very well have been born in Holland.

  • delendaestziobot

    On FB his home location is listed as Belfast, Ireland. I know he spent several months there, if I remember he correctly he wanted to become a stone mason….OMG this reminds me of a Herman Hesse book called “The Prodigy”. Its so similar the same character…

  • delendaestziobot

    Just making some updates for the post here. Who he was actually fighting for: The YPG (The People’s Protection Units)…

    • K. von Kanwetzburg

      All these sides of Zion are bogus, we all know that. But not for one moment am I doubting Kamerad Sjoerd’s Warrior-Viking Spirit. I am just saying, he was lied to. As many of our ancestors were. It is a shame (to say the least!) when any of us are sacrificed to the grinning desires of the Demiurge — that bastard demon from Hell! His days are numbered…

  • K. von Kanwetzburg


  • delendaestziobot

    SIDDHARREICH now officially adopts the name of “obscure, spiritual website”…. I wrote it now in the disclaimer…I definitely agree with that.

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    I am listening to the Panzerlied as I type this… HOW CAN WE LOSE WITH SUCH INSPIRATION?

  • delendaestziobot

    OMG, the comments on Reddit….The Dutch are so stupid, no wonder Sjoerd want OUT, just wanted to escape anyway he could….Escape from Dutch people!!!!

  • delendaestziobot

    The Ziobots can have a field day with this….Its perfect for them….They got their sacrifice alright…

  • delendaestziobot

    Why not talk about where the wheat comes from to make the petroleum in distilleries in the Middle East? It comes from the Ukraine and Europe…

  • laryensoufi

    I did not know him. Except through his blog. Seeing those photos of him, and having watched a bit of the videos by him on youtube, I understand that this was “a slaughtered young lamb”. A sacrifice of himself to himself !

    …but aren’t we already, socially & morally slaughtered on these mundane pastures, whatever others might imagine or believe if we dare speak ?

    More than likely some friends I had in the past, have since been to the Middle East to be “martyred” for the sake of “Holy War”. Whether in Palestine or elsewhere. Why? In order to meet one’s supreme enemy and not fear the world “stage”. To go continually towards one’s death ! To honor her what ever others might say; in spite of what “a system, ideology, or religion of thought” might insinuate through its exponents. Their Mecca is on the next earth !

    To honor great death with innocence. To conquer the “soul entombed” !

    Those friends I had, had the same look in their eyes. Were converts. And they believed in the Immortality of the Soul, an-Nefs(self) bestowed upon them by Allah. For them wherever they looked, they knew that it was in the direction of God’s Face. That God was their unique & true witness. They needed no one else to justify their cause. Could do without the modern mundane comments criticizing their superior moral character based on their belief.

    All wars are fought for the wrong reasons, save when for family folk & friend.

    This sacrifice was for the Spiritual Folk. Surely Peace has entered his heart, liberating his Ruh Allah, that spiritual element belonging to his God.

    …and now I believe he watches from the Halls of Valhalla drinking celestial ale! Laughing in this world’s corridors, alive and well, smiling to himself, between the cracks.

  • Hosner


    This is the furthest I will go.
    Never the same again.
    The vile path calling me,
    The day I ran from life again.

    If I win this one time,
    it will still be the end of me.
    My belief that nothing ends well.
    This is the end for me.

    Day and night, such splendid calm.
    Broken will frozen smile.
    Riding on, heart pumping tears.
    Day and night I walk alone.

    Bones rotting in the earth,
    like your secrets
    that you long kept from me.
    But blood weighs more than silence.

    Broken words, shards in your mouth,
    cut deeper than any wound.
    Broken vows will never be the same.
    Lies like the viper’s bite.

    This is the furthest I will go.
    Never the same again.
    Day and night, heart was uneased.
    Broken will, frozen smile.
    Riding on, heart pumping tears.
    Day and night I walk alone.

    Das ist die weiteste was ich gehe
    Ich bin nie wieder derselbe
    Der hässliche Weg ruft mich nun wieder
    An dem Tag, an dem ich vor dem Leben fliehe

    Wenn ich dieses eine Mal gewinne
    Ist es immer noch mein Tod
    Ich glaube, das nichts gut geht

    Das ist das Ende für mich
    Tag und Nacht war es so ruhig
    Ich reite Vorwärts, das Hertz pumpt Tränen
    Tag und Nacht gehe Ich nun alleine.

  • delendaestziobot

    Last night, sleepless, I tried to solve the riddle of of Sjoerd, and why he came to us? And then I thought it strange that a few weeks ago I was in a second-hand book store and I found this illustrated book of “The Flying Dutchman” by Wagner, and in Australia it is hard to come by English translations of Wagner, and so here is this large, hardcover, fully illustrated, English translated book of Wagner’s Opera…And the bargain price was $2.00…. So I bought it, obviously…Anyway, one cannot understand Sjoerd in a political, mundane terms, it would make no sense, he is obviously above all that, he left some meticulous details, he was possessed by powerful forces, not all good, because he was cursed on this earth, as we all are. Sjoerd jokingly placed the symbolic “Who Are We” on his finger, which he points at you laughing…Well, who is he? He was the archetypal “The Flying Dutchman”….Cursed to wander the earth restless and dispossessed. From the Dutch rubbish collector, to the Viking Warrior, Georgian Folk Dancer, Ukrainian Nationalist, Celtic Heathen and then Kurdish Militiaman… Try and make sense of that!!!!

    The Flying Dutchman – “I tried to find death so many times without success – throwing myself into the deepest parts of the sea, driving my vessel onto the rocks, the ship’s graveyard”

    “This is my curse, never to find rest, never to be able to die. Blessed angel, you gave ground to hope, but was it all just a joke….It’s a futile hope – mad delusion. There’s no one in the world who’ll be faithful to me until death.”

    And yes, Sjoerd carried his chest of golden treasure too. I remember he wrote an essay on Japanese broken pottery…As allegory for his broken heart, which he thought he could mend. But then he saw he would find none faithful because he was cursed.

    “Captain! Yes, once again you’re unlucky in love! Ha-ha-ha-ha!”

    “Hoist the sails! Up anchor! Say farewell to land forever!”

    “You don’t know me: you have no idea who I really am. Every ocean in the world, every sailor who crosses the seas knows this ship. It strikes terror into God-fearing men. They call me the Flying Dutchman.”

  • Rohan

    ” …I was too prepering for such but any long term settling won’t do for me just yet. I will keep it in mind just in case, though I think my possible destruction is near – I’ll see what Fate gives me and what I take from Her.You on the other hand (and many) would indeed be wise to follow these thoughts you shared and follow your will” – Sjoerd Heeger (2 years ago)

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