The Phoney Battle Of Britain

All wars are Phoney to a certain degree. One of the most clearly phoney or faked “battles” is the Battle of Britain. It is obvious that the German Luftwaffe never attacked Britain. I wrote about this, a mere few paragraphs in Third Reich Pilgrim, nobody really picked up on that besides a few individuals in the entire world, that is because the entire world is phoney and there are only a few conscious individuals in the world… I have not been able to determine, whether this individual consciousness is entirely new, I mean whether it has only recently appeared. So, anyway, I was writing earlier about photography and how there was color photography in 1940 but the war departments were only in those days releasing black and white poor quality photos, and then after the war they started to color the photos and release better quality photos. Here are some faked photos of the phony Battle of Britain:

Now, what we see in this photo, that it is theatrically designed, like a stage set, it is real, in the sense that the objects are real, but the objects have been carefully placed as props to add effect to the theatrical dramaturgy of the scene. This is not a bomb explosion, this is not the results of a bomb explosion, this is the result of an excavation! The road has been excavated with machinery, dug up, and then the bus has been lowered or pushed down into the crater. As one can see there is no fire damage to the scene, it is a civil excavation scene that has been created by machinery to make it look like a bombing raid scene. No bombs were dropped in this scene and there were no explosions… All the people involved in the making of this scene are like automatons, they are simply unconsciousness robots in human garb, who then work together as a hive mind to concoct a story that goes along with the general narratives of the phoney war. So they are all part of it, all the humans partake in this scene making. For what reason, I do not know, but the scene is fake and the photo is fake, and the people are fake.

This photo is meant to show the results of a German bombing raid on Britain. As one can see the photo has been meticulously staged, but a little too much I think, this one has been overdone and it loses authenticity. The Photographer was John Hinde who mainly did postcards. Interestingly the photographer John Hinde was a circus publicity manager, so he was perfect for the job of designed photo shoots for the “Battle of Britain” and that is what the Battle of Britain was a “photo shoot”.

This photo is of the Parliament houses after a “German bombing raid”. No bombs have been dropped here, this is a demolition job, using demolition machinery. The British have used demolition equipment and machinery to tear down their own parliament! It’s amazing, but it’s the truth, but who cares right? There nobody out there to listen anyway! LOL… I could go through a thousand photos, just like these ones, all of them would be faked, all of Britain itself would be fake so all those involved are fake, just fakers doing fake things, generation after generation! From the very top, right down to your common street bum, they are all fake!

15 responses to “The Phoney Battle Of Britain

  • delendaestziobot

    In Third Reich Pilgrim I wrote about the British bombing themselves, but that was seven years ago, now I can see that there were no bombs dropped at all! The British bulldozed themselves would be more accurate. That makes it even more fake, because at first I thought the British war department must have fooled the British people by dropping bombs on them from planes and then blaming it on the Germans, but it would be more accurate to write that the British used demolition equipment and machinery and that the British people were compliant in this and knew exactly what was going on and acted out their roles. That makes it so much worse in terms of the degree of fakery.

  • delendaestziobot

    Now disclosing this publicly, if there was such a thing as human consciousness, then I should be dead within 24 hrs of writing this. But I bet you that I am still alive within 24 hrs, because there is no such thing as a “secret government”….

  • delendaestziobot

    A current example of this is Syria, the fake war in Syria…. There is no war in Syria, and it is entirely staged with demolition machinery and a cast of thousands of human automatons on all sides faking the narrative.

  • NewMan

    The first photo is an advert for Barratt shoes. The second is a more generic British corporate logo ad.

    • delendaestziobot

      Well its free advertising for Barratts Shoes. Looks like its a very iconic scene with a number of photos, published all over the world. The Balham Underground bombing raid, supposedly at 20:02 on 14th October 1940…. The “bomb” (A British excavator) was supposed to be a German 1400 kg semi piercing fragmentation bomb…. There was a plaque installed in 2000 at the fake scene where the photo was taken in 1940, near Balham Station, and the plaque commemorated the alleged “64 lives” that were apparently lost…That plaque was removed and replaced with another plaque recently which gave no figure of lives lost. Of course no human actors were lost in the making of this photo…LOL…. 23 hrs to go…Let’s see if I am still alive in 23 hrs time. LOL

      • K. von Kanwetzburg

        Interesting use of a perfectly intact chessboard by Hinde in the second photo — with its 64 black and white squares… hmm?… 64 “victims,” 64 squares… the plaque is now missing… interesting. In any case, the chessboard is clearly a masonic statement used as an extra added psychological trigger for all the ziobots of the B’nai B’rith corporation.

  • Michael Angel Luna

    How can I in good conscience speak dirisively about the “english speaking masses” if I myself am still only english speaking? I know even German is a corruption of language…but English seems like such a weak weapon, more like a sticky web one gets tangled in when talking.

  • delendaestziobot

    These are all “corporate logos” and advertising for fake humans… Like the “Greatest Generation” advertising campaign, those human liars and fraudsters that were our grandparents…. Like I said, I dont know if consciousness is only a recent occurrence…It is possible that there was no consciousness until after 1945…

  • delendaestziobot

    The funniest is when some Ziobotic sack of shit says “My family members were killed in the Blitz”….LOL… My own father told me that he “was shot by a German officer in WWII”….LOL….I have heard it all before….LIES, LIES,LIES….

  • delendaestziobot

    Very strange about how they took the children from London and other cities during this time… Taking all the young children for “games” in the country houses, concentration camps and underground tunnels and shelters… I really dont want to know what they did with the children when they took them away from their parents but I am sure it was not good. “Operation Pied Piper”….They also took children from the continent and that was managed by the “Ministry of Health”…. The Demiurge has left some clues here with C.S Lewis’ children’s book about Narnia, where the children are taken to a sinister manor house not for their own benefit but to be betrayed into the hands of a White Witch…. Human children were required for various “games” at that time and the Blitz was the cover story…. What they really wanted was some time alone with the children…Over one million children….Of course, in Britain they have been doing that for a long time, when they take children into the military and boarding schools… C.S Lewis, notably was one of the ones who took children into his house…He did say that he rejected the offer to write for the “Ministry of Information: because he did not want to “write lies” but he is just trying to come off as being more authentic and endearing, just like his conversion to Christianity…. C.S. Lewis is just a more cunning Ziobot, he even ended up marrying a New York Jewess! LOL>..

    • K. von Kanwetzburg

      Similar background for Sir Winston Pedophile (Churchill) — he had a NY-born Jewess for a “mummie”: Jennie Jerome (aka “Lady Randolph Churchill”). One of the more famous avenues in the burnt-out shithole known as the Bronx is named for her stock-swindling clan. Apropos I suppose.

  • laryensoufi

    All is necessarily corrupted save the Conscious “animating principle” hovering over the great mechanical LIE staring blatantly “sin verguenza” in our faces, penetrating it to its very depths, into the abyss of the pre-determined “Ordre du Demiurge” in which dimmed minds thrive toward no good end. Bathing in the scenic Hive Mind directed by the “metteur en scène” who can be seen occasionally thru the eyes and ears and joints and bones of its programmed progeny. Their veritable deity is the spiritual(if it’s spiritual at al) ENTITY who utilizes their electro-mass for its very own selfish pleasure.

    We are not a part of it. And yes it has always been like this, even before Odin came into the World. In fact for this Entity, Odin or Wotan is an ontological anomaly ! That is why he is often perceived as a TRICKSTER himself by the Mainstream Mundane World.

    While it’s the amorphous Entity (Ahriman) that tricks perpetually in the Eternal Returning.

    Odin says stay awake. Dont cling to anything, but be like a wolf in fox’s clothing. Tricking the real Beguiler.

    He goes through the cracks and the cogs and wheels of the vaste machine, not fooling himself while escaping all that is analytically conveivable from the Entity’s point of view, …but to regain the attention of his infants : Nos.

    We are not this ENTITY’s creatures and therefore are doomed here in this realm of perpetual deception, TO BE CONSCIOUS and condemned to administer to our Wakened Souls !

    These photos are a confirmation that in a certain manner, proves us right !

    Mischievous Evil is the foundation stone of true psychological cruelty and the puppets who do its WILL are its eloquent organic expression. There is no escaping it here.

    I share this only with a True Love, or a Sister in whom I can Confide.
    Or with Warriors even though they be more valorous than I.

    This is a weight to carry worth its entry into Valhalla.

  • delendaestziobot

    “We are not this ENTITY’S creatures and therefore are doomed here in this realm of perpetual deception, TO BE CONSCIOUS and condemned to administer to our Wakened Souls!”

    Yes, how can one look at the utter absurdity and implausibility of these photos and still be a part of this world….. The world is what it is, a con-job, a fraud, a lie,,,,but to identify that as such would mean that one is not part of the world… Its either that or all bus drivers in Britain are blind and drive their Double Decker buses into enormous craters in the middle of London town! I mean, the men operating the excavators that made the crater (right in the middle of the road) were very careful and they were not blind, what about the surveyors, they were not blind, what the civil engineers, not so blind? What about the shop owners whose businesses were neatly avoided by the excavators unless they had adequate insurance, were they so blind as the bus driver, obviously not…. LOL… This is not my world…

  • laryensoufi

    Unfortunately, yes yes & yes the great majority is blind ! & willingly so. And yes all & any kind of people are capable of lying to themselves to family to their wives to their children to their ancestors to their FOLK ! To Nature & to the STARS up there ! Because they have given away their Metaphysical Right to the kingman-ship of their own PERSONS ! Of their SELVES, i.e. their Souls in the antiquated sense of the term.

    What is of any value in a Man, is his luciferian principle striving toward its own divine right to “perennity”, & proper awareness anywhere, …& there is such a state of cowardliness in the flesh of so many “arthropoïdal” men, & women in the races of today that now walk the earth(see von Liebenfels)…that perhaps as you have said elsewhere, very few are really quite simply conscious or “honestly” aware ! A once very good friend of mine, Abbot of an Orthodoxe Monastery once told me, & of course in private, that not even 3% of the World’s population actually existed or would be redeemed !

    True Man, & in our lucky case, the “Aryan” Man, is and will be the Racial seed of a SATYA YUGA on its rightfully earned plane of conscious existence.

    And truly this world of guile & beguiling ain’t mine either ! This great crucible where all the LIES & those who serve them will be annihilated, & burnt away with the dross.

    …but who am I, but myself to say such things in the open !

  • Doug Panzer

    “Now you may understand why the NAZIS were so eager to burn the books as a symbolic act of defiance and destroy the lies of the printed word. Aryans must again burn books, and you must burn my books as well, even the printed word on pulp bodies of dead trees must be stopped, all of the lies must be burned, the digital screens deserve the same fate, until all the trade in lies is destroyed, it is the only way.” (Third Reich Pilgrim – page 233)

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