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Joachim von Ribbenthrop:

Edward VIII was compelled to abdicate because one was not sure whether he would lend a hand to a policy of hostility towards Germany. Chamberlain has now appointed Vansittart, our most important and toughest opponent, to such a position as enables him to take a leading part in the diplomatic play against Germany. However much one might, in the meantime, for tactical reasons, try to come to an understanding with us, every single day in the future in which our political considerations should fail to be fundamentally, determined by the thought of England as our most dangerous opponent, would be a gain for our enemies.”

I found this is in “Lightning And The Sun” as I was just reformatting Savitri Devi’s book, (and it is taking a long time…) But this struck me as interesting, an interesting connective node but without an explanatory resolution.

It took Hitler years to try and understand that England could be Germany’s opponent, he simply could not understand, at first, how this could be… Von Ribbenthrop understood this much more easily. Von Ribbenthrop married into money, into wine money, so he married into the Brewer’s Guild. He was handsome, athletic and adventurous, and multi-lingual, so he made a good front-man or salesman, he was basically described as a “businessman”… So he did some “business” and that is what he did – “business”…How von Ribbenthrop became the foreign minister of the Third Reich is all a bit of mystery of connecting nodes and how they play-act together. He is clearly unqualified for the job, unlike his friend Franz von Papen, who appears to be much more powerful and qualified, so it seems if it was not for his friendship with von Papen, von Ribbenthrop would not have progressed very far in politics, von Papen was also a handsome, athletic and adventurous man who married into money, much more money than von Ribbenthrop, so they both had some things in common, and, especially their common knowledge of both French and English languages.

Anyway, Ribbenthrop identifies Sir Robert Vansitartt as the prime adversary in England.

Certainly – Sir Baron Lord Vansitartt Ratface of the Actor’s Guild.

He certainly has that Judeo-British look about him, which comes from the Dutch-Deutsche biological lines. Holland being a Deutsche peninsula, or just some land that the Germans reclaimed from the sea – LOL – that’s Holland – some land that the Germans made into a peninsula….LOL…Anway, Sir Ratface has that Dutchee look about him…. Remember that saying – “The only good Dutch is a dead Dutch!” I once worked for a Dutchman on a farm, and he was a f****ing C**T….Looked a bit like Sir Ratface… Anyway, in this politischespiele Sir British Ratface from Holland-Germany was a baddee, from the German point of view, a bit like Lord Halifax was also viewed as a baddee. Sir Vansitartt’s resume does look like it makes him qualified for his position as Under-Secretary of the State of Foreign Affairs. Sir Vansitartt was so anti-German that he thought that the Treaty of Versailles was unfair on Britain! He thought that Germany had benefited from the Treaty of Versailles, because it allowed certain Germans to borrow money from Britain???? That was his reasoning??? I don’t have an explanation for that reasoning…In this play, Vansitartt, in regard to Germany, from which his family had originally come from, played an opposing role. What Vansitartt wanted for Germany is exactly what has happened, he advocated that Germany by destroyed wholesale, every faction destroyed, not to favour any one side in Germany, but to completely annihilate all the German factions and then re-educate the Germans with a hatred for Germany…Which is a feeling Vansitartt already had in himself, being of German descent, as is the rest of Britain…Of course, when Germany was destroyed, Britain was destroyed also, which is why Hitler could not understand why the British would want to destroy Germany. Hitler could not understand that… Von Ribbenthrop could understand it though, and Lord Ratface, and von Papen, and the rest of the actors…Hitler just did not fit into the troupe very well….But Oh how they need Him… As Ratface Vansitartt wanted but could not state accurately, the British wanted war with the Fatherland because they wanted to destroy the power of the Fatherland so that British power would also be destroyed because the British were entirely reliant on the Fatherland. And now the evidence of that is clearly seen today. One can clearly see that Britain is completely destroyed, like Germany. So the outcome is the same, you see, because of these connecting nodes, but it is not said as much because there are merely actors playing parts in a play. Sir Ratface wrote many plays himself, comedies mainly, and some poetry. This is the most interesting point: Sir Ratface wrote comedy…He also wrote songs and screenplays…Vansitartt’s first wife was an Heppenheimer, a wealthy German-American. Vansitartt was also involved in film making…..And this is the really, really interesting point…Colour Motion Pictures…So I just highlight this little connective node, interesting little point – In 1932, Agfacolor products were produced in Germany by Agfa-Farbenplatte. They all had colour film technology by the early 1930’s and that was in public release…Of course they like to say that Kodakchrome was first and then Agfa a year later, as if the Americans has superior colour-dye innovations to the Germans??? Anyway, these chaps could all produce colour cartoons in the 1930’s…If they wanted to. Apparently the British had colour film as early as 1902!!! Problem there in how the fabric is woven….So, for example we have fantasy films and cartoons like Fantasia, Donald Duck, The Wizard of Oz, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Robin Hood, but war footage is still in black and white??? And of a lessor quality in terms of film quality and production.  Problem there with the Technicolor film dates. The Phantom Of The Opera was in partial Technicolor in 1925! Or the aptly named Show of Shows in 1929. But all the WWII footage is in Black and White monochrome film. And they had color photography but all the pictures are in Black and White…. They are only starting now to colour the WWII photographs, decades later. Making Technicolour movies for fantasy motion pictures was more expensive than making fantasy motion pictures for World War! LOL… Let’s have a look at a Black and White film from 1940, called The Shop around the Corner:

These are the Gentile actors, as opposed to the Jewish actors, the Gentile actors look much better, finer features. they look more trustworthy, dont they? That is why they are on the film…The Shop Around the Corner is a romantic comedy produced in America but set in Budapest. The film is produced by a German-American, Ernst Lubvitsch, who was born in Berlin, but worked in Hollywood, like alot of German film makers did. Here a pic of the Ratfaced Lubvitsch:

Can you see the differences between the Jewish actors and the Gentile actors? It’s like a creature with two heads… These days the question is redundant because there is nobody left who can read faces let alone be able to grasp that there are two faces and one creature. Anyway the main point is that the quality of the war footage and photography is of an inferior standard to the the motion picture The Shop around the Corner, when one compares Black and White films and photography. So the footage of WWII action being released to the public is of a lower quality than the motion picture films that are being released to the public…And the public does not see the difference in the quality, nor question why the war footage would be of lessor quality. The war footage of WWII looks like it was made with 1890’s film technology!!! Why would that be? I dont know…It’s just very poor quality film compared to say The Shop around the Corner. The film technology exists, it is just not being used for war footage. This has happened in all the “wars”, very poor quality films are being used. And that is something all the film producers had in common, whether in Russia, Britain, America, France or Germany, all were using inferior quality film for their war footage…. I think that is rather odd, don’t you?

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  • delendaestziobot

    The “D Day Landings”, for instance, the film footage is of a poor quality, compared to the camera technology and film production techniques available at the time in 1944….. Regardless of the fact that the only way the Allies could have landed on the continent is if the Germans allowed them to…..Oh yea, they surprised them! A surprise seaborne mass landing! LOL! It must be a joke…Anyway why use old cameras for such an important event? Why not use the best cameras that were already available at that time? It is a deliberate act because obviously they could afford to use a decent camera for their “war footage”, and the filming of such an historic event would be of the highest importance, but its like the “moon landing” where inferior cameras are used to what were available at the time, you know you have the filming of “2001: A Space Odyssey” in 1968, very high quality cameras being used, but for the fake “moon landing” in 1969 they are using very poor quality cameras….So there is a problem with that.

  • leuchovius2014

    Yes, good points… and the surviving D-Day photos taken by crypto-jew “Robert Capa” (aka Endre Friedmann… huh??) are highly suspicious in that of the 106 photos taken, only 11 survived because of a film lab “accident” in London… LOL… I wonder what actually happened there on the beaches … and as for the footage of the “moon landing” supplied to the news broadcasters by NASA, the broadcasters had to film the footage shown to them on a crappy black & white monitor… ha! Instantly 2nd or 3rd generation footage… What a joke it all is…

    • delendaestziobot

      Yea, there always happens to be a jewish photographer there to capture the “action”…. With D Day, there was no resistance, only a simulated resistance, the entire story is ridiculous, the Allies could not have landed without assistance from the Germans. TRP Part II is more about this assistance from the Germans, which is treason, actually….But the cover-up is so complete that there is nobody out there that could challenge the story because all appear to be in on the story making, if that makes sense….Certainly if D Day is false and has only been made to look real, but nobody has challenged the story when it is so obvious it is fake and so many people have been involved in the faking of it, then the question must be asked as to whom are they faking? There is no reason to fake it when there is no dissent anyhow, and if there was any dissent then that would be fake also….Like with the fake “Battle Of Britain”, to be fake it requires that all people involved are faking it, which means entire generations of humans are merely faking something. To create such a massive Lie, it takes millions of humans, all of the public must be involved in the faking, unless a few are singled out to act as dissent, and then those few are also fake and part of the Lies….

      As to why they are using crappy recording equipment for their biggest Lies, I don’t know …. It very strange…Who is the fakery intended for anyway? When they are faking entire world wars, then the question must be, why is the entire world faking war? To whom are they faking it?

      • The 55 Club

        I had all of this explained to me long ago. I believe that you are right Karl. The Germans were actually helping them out of the water where they were actually drowning. The majority did not land on solid ground. They were that incompetent. When the decent guy came back from the war and people tried treating them like heroes, they told them don’t lay that bullshit lies on me kid. We werent men. We met men over there.

    • The 55 Club

      What really happened is that they landed in marshes and such and were sinking in the mud. The Germans could have shot them like fish in a barrel, but the noble Aryan waited in disbelief and allowed them to get their shit together for an honorable battle. Only problem is that the allies knew nothing of fighting honorably, only individuals, never the armies. Hitler was always trying to explain to the German soldier that the Germanic ideas of Comrades and chivalry and such did not apply the enemy’s hipster, slave army. It is the same as the robber who refrains from shooting the cop out of mercy, only for the cop to shoot him in the back as soon as he turns around. Same as Bob Mathews last days and so on. The enemy has no honor. This is really hard for the noble warrior to fathom, because there was honor amongst warriors for so long before. This is not the case for some time now. They use our honor against us. They are animals and we are not.

      • delendaestziobot

        Well Torch Bearer, that does not fit in with “Total War”….In fact that amounts to Treason….You cannot help and assist the enemy to attack you, if you do that is Treason…And that amounts to a court Martial and firing squad according to Wehrmacht and Third Reich Military Law……….Also there would be several problems with the logistics of that theory. One could help a few men stuck in the mud, but you cannot help an entire mobilized armed military forces of millions, that would take perhaps 6-12 months of deliberate aid and assistance by the German Wehrmacht itself.

  • delendaestziobot

    At what point did Hitler come to understand that the whole thing was fake? Certainly he was a believer, it appears, up until 1942… After 1942, Hitler appears to lose all his powers, so he must have come to realise around 1942 that the whole thing was just being faked.

  • laryensoufi

    … unconscious hypnotic dissent of REALITY ! The World “Simulation” feeds off the Blood & SPIRIT of those who feeble & cowardly cannot but betray their honor just to drink some ale or go to the beach. It all happens through the pituitary gland. And of course they prefer to save their most sacred arse …and live a LIE before disappearing into their GREAT AIN SOPH.

    A historical & routine hypnotic suggestion is so powerful. It is capable of translating itself into an organic automatism with in the blood’s akashic activity thru the generational transmission propagating itself mysteriously inside the genetic structure of the Hosts’ organic vehicle ! It’s older than the his-tory of Adam. From generation to generation, in saecula saeculorum imperium Vanitas est Veritas in hoc Mundo !

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    Not really that odd if one considers the two premises that: Zion believes Truth still matters when dealing with its pathetic, zombied-out masses; and thus, Zion purposely wanted the filming of the “wars” to look real instead of looking like the Hollywood back-lot jokes that they essentially were and remain (i.e. the current “Trumped” up hysteria surrounding N. Korea). Hence the “home movie” quality of these films — to hit the Ziobots’ sympathetic nerve. Remember, especially as regards the two World Wars — this was all a carefully staged ritual of mass slaughter to fulfill the BS “prophetic” vision of the bible (aka babble), Talmud, Protocols, Torah, etc.

  • delendaestziobot

    Yes, so we can establish that the “home movie” design is deliberate, and that the reason is that it is aimed at stimulating the sympathetic nerves, somehow the moving images in grainy, muted tones of sepia black and white create a more authentic looking simulation to a few…The vast majority would not be effected the same way because they would lack the sympathetic plexus nodes. And this design would then suggest an extra-human Entity that is aware of these differences….As this is too complicated for humans to organise – the humans are mere meat puppets being dangled on invisible strings, and then at certain times and places some fresh faced young men are sacrificed as part of the staged ritual.

  • delendaestziobot

    Any soldier who comes back from “war” cannot be trusted as an “eye witness” to “war”….Because a soldier is the biggest liar on earth…Especially an old soldier. … Soldiers were trained to “shoot the line”, “shooting the line” is when soldiers invent stories about what they think happened in the “war”, not what actually happened. So each soldier invents a story as to what he think happened and what he would have liked to happen if it was actually a war. Because soldiers were paid off with pensions they were required to stick to their invented stories, but they are also just human liars who always lie no matter what, but especially so in war time when the biggest lies flourish seemingly without end and without any dispute… If one was to dispute the lies, they would soon be overwhelmed by the shear number of lies, the mass of lies would soon drown out any single dispute of the lies.

    • K. von Kanwetzburg

      A “soldier” (or one who kills for “soldi,” money) is nothing but a paid mercenary who will do or say anything for a salary because 9 times out of 10 he has no other abilities, no craft, no trade, nothing. He is one who is primarily trained *not to kill but to lie* — to repeat whatever his (and now “her”) inveterate lying commanding officers (and their maniacal superiors) tell them to repeat, feel, think, etc. The soldier is the epitome of the automaton-slave of Jehovah. In each successive “war” this has become ever more apparent as the dumb, robotic masses have increased in number. In fact, I have never met an honest “soldier” who fought for Zion, nor will I ever. And the few that can be said to have consciences or somewhat more rebellious spirits are doped up beyond all recognition in VA hospitals or killed outright in various kinds of military “research” programs.

  • delendaestziobot

    I am still working on the reformatting of Savitri Devi’s “The Lightning and the Sun”, but as she writes in that book: the entire National Socialist State, was, before the war and during the war, in constant communication with the Allies, the entire military and political structure was riddled with Traitors… Yes, so this fits in well with TRP Part II, where I shed some more light on the Treason within Germany.

    • leuchovius2014

      In MANU, Serrano tells us that when Degrelle entered Himmler’s camp, his greeting of ‘Heil Hitler’ was not acknowledged or returned, and that the camp itself was fully lit and untouched during the heights of the Allied bombing campaign.

  • leuchovius2014

    Certainly the All-lies played their hand by having jewish Hollywood film director Billy Wilder fly in to film the “holocaust” scenes for the American military psy-op division… and making a purposely grainy film production of it after just having filmed such slick, big name blockbusters as “Double Indemnity” and “The Lost Weekend”. For added realistic effect, he uses the same trick on the German civilians in the concentration camp that he used on the streets of New York : “…To further create a realistic atmosphere, Wilder and his crew implemented hidden cameras, placing them behind boxes or in the back of trucks, and capturing Milland as he walked up 3rd Avenue among actual pedestrians who were unaware a film was being made.” Perhaps one of the reasons the US psy-op division wanted him as the director was that he was willing to use underhanded techniques such as this on civilians…

  • delendaestziobot

    Isn’t it strange how more trickery and deception is able to create a more “realistic look”? It is true, and very strange how this can be so, but in this world it is so, a realistic effect is created by trickery and deception – a falsity with the semblance or reality – an irreality!

  • delendaestziobot

    “There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.”

    According with the tenets of the publications of all statistics, statistics do not need to be true, in fact they do not have to be true at all and are entirely arbitrary. Especially in regards to “war” and Military theaters.

  • aufihrhelden


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