6 Million years in the future on Gerda

This is a vision of what Gerda will be like 6 million years in the future. It may seem like a joke and it is a joke, but the truth has always had a humorous element, not by my choosing. By acknowledging this humorous element I am simply being analogous with the memes of Gerda in a limited capacity. The illusions which play out in the minds of 99.9999% of the population is not real in my mind – it is real in their minds, but it is not real in my mind, so the problem is with me and I can acknowledge that, regretfully. It is very sad but I do not feel like shedding a tear for Gerda…. I cannot cry for Gerda, and so the problem is with me. Just me being here is a problem, and there does not seem to be a resolution for this on Gerda for me. It is real in their minds but it is not real in my mind, such is the problem presented here.

3 responses to “6 Million years in the future on Gerda

  • M:G

    Same tired worn out old moronic imbecilic terminology: lampshades, shrunken heads, that fraudulent non existent Ann Frank, Zyklon B and gas ovens, same old impotent slurs: these evil, racist, antisemitic genocidal evil Nazis . Ah—-Ahh–Ahhh , the stupidity and inadequacies of Zion is painfully hard to fathom.

  • M:G

    How to fit 6 million Jews in a SUV: one at the front seat, six at the back, the rest in the ash tray.

  • Hosner

    Since we are “joking”: the Juden are so sure of winning they don’t even hide the fact, not really, in fact, they salivate like dogs at the mere thought of their triumph. An online translation of Talmud confidently invites the readers to check for themselves the “future religion of the entire planet” (or words to that effect). When G.H.W. Bush signed the Noahide Laws document, the White House PR presented it as ‘Education Day.’ In fact, Law No. 7, the final one, introduces the punishment of decapitation for the offense of Idolatry.
    Because Christianity is viewed as Idolatry, (((they))) made sure, according to online sources, of silently procuring thousands of guillotines, meant as instruments of punishment against those that decide to stay loyal to Jesus Christ. These blades are allegedly housed in various facilities all over the country, both on and under the ground, for when (((they))) decide spilling fresh blood. The inventions for head-cutting are nowhere openly spoken about, but aspiring martyrs have managed to locate official documents mentioning them. In passing, as it were, and in pure legalese, like it was the most natural thing to have and keep handy, you know, for beheading the King and the class of oppressive tyrants that suck the blood of hard working people. The Venetian tribe of Pythagorean Canaanites flood the Platonic images of Baal with rivers of blood, feeding his whore, Gaia, with gory flesh, they just want more. Where are the Jesuits in all this? Jotuns with a triple chin? They may have been of assistance after WW2, true, but that was pure convenience on their part. Given the opportunity and the need, they wouldn’t hesitate to sell everyone but them down the river. Look at Mussolini, how he fared, how utterly irresponsible, to keep the royals in place and sign the Concordate. It is a miracle he lasted twenty years.
    It was Bormann’s brilliant suggestion to cage the Pope and all his retinue but, alas, Dr. Goebbels felt he had to be the voice of reason, stating that the public would be outraged because of German audacity. It is just as well the public wasn’t outraged. Who cares now-days? American youth think France is a continent. They are right, of course. So is Paris.

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