The Copy-Creation

“The Copy-Creation of the Demiurge Jehovah, his evolutive Universe, was incapable of creating conscious man. He got monkeys and ended up mired in the mud. All the way to hominids. It was the traitor Hyperborean Divyas who enabled Jehovah to give a modicum of soul and rational consciousness to his evolved monkey, to his slaves of Atlantis. The Demiurge and Lord of Darkness falsified an Archetypal “I” from the Hyperborean “I” who is the divine spark, putting him into human form reproduced from Manu, the Aeon.  He will soon do the same with the electronic robots. The distinct sign of the Hyperborean Aryan is the experience of “I”. To feel himself “I”….”  –  Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar

And so it comes to pass that Its robots are monkeys, who cuddle together as monkeys, but the “I” sees it as it is, as a horde of monkeys, and the traitors huddle with them, as a horde, wrapped within their swaddling clothes of wraps and bands, like the wrapping of baby infants of similar cloth, so that movement is restricted and their limbs are numb, so like Madonna and child or Mary and Christ as an example of the Printing Press  – Luke 2:6-7.  No room in the pub for him. A votive offering or the deposit, the swaddling is a negative practice afflicting the development of the infant from the beginning, and so it is contained and eventually taken is its vellum from the German centres where Gutenberg and Faust first practiced their infant Incunabula Mummifying, as a sacrifice and offering to the Printing Press, but we were there before the rest, to regather the weary and recover the best.

3 responses to “The Copy-Creation

  • M:G

    Excellent interpretion and analysis, provides a clear deep peep into the evil mechanism and of internal workings of zion, a counterfeit creation of Jehovah.

  • Hosner

    “Isn’t it utterly demoralizing that the merest runt has the power to impart life, to “bring into the world”? The criminal injunction of Genesis, “Be fruitful and multiply,” could not have issued from the mouth of a good god. “Be sparse” is more likely what he would have said, if he had had any say in the chapter. Nor would it ever have been in him to add those baleful words, “replenish the earth and subdue it.
    “The world was not created in joy. We procreate, however, in pleasure. No doubt, yet pleasure is not joy but a simulacrum of it: its function is to hoodwink, to make us forget that the creation, down to the smallest detail, bears the imprint of that initial sadness from which it sprang.
    “In loving only what confirms us as individuals, we proclaim, whether we like it not, our gratitude to the evil god, to the dispenser of existence and author of universal diversification. Good makes us flabby. If we cultivate it or merely find ourselves drawn to it, we lose our vigor and our spring, we abdicate our condition as creatures and, ultimately, exile ourselves from the world.” (…)

    E.M.Cioran, The Evil Demiurge
    Translated by Frederick Brown

  • delendaestziobot

    How can anybody, let alone a “God”, look upon this world and say that it is “good”? This world is not good, that should be self-evident.

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