1930 trains

Interesting picture from 1930, in Germany….It is hard to believe that Germany lost WWI, a war that was conducted with trains and railways, on the continent, where they had a technological and geographical advantage over France, Britain and Russia…..It is very hard to believe….Even with the disadvantageous dictates of the Versailles Treaty, Germany was still advancing at a much greater rate than those who were oppressing her after the war had ended…. I mean, even in terms of metallurgy, where Germany had always dominated, again it is hard to believe Germany could lose WWI when she dominated all the metal trades and innovations and technology, and had done so for centuries….Very hard to believe… And again, when one analyzes WWI, and from a military perspective, it is impossible for Germany to lose WWI, when they did not lose any ground, it is beyond belief… The Germans appear to have also invented the military absurdity of surrendering whilst conquering the “enemies territory”, as they did, time and time again…

6 responses to “1930 trains

  • Michael A. Luna

    Traitors?… Or something else

  • delendaestziobot

    Both. And it’s much more than the euphemism of the “stab in the back”…. That is obvious – That is a way of seeing it when one is still thinking with his sympathetic plexus. Only faith and love would colour the rose tinted glasses and see it that way. It can be seen now, with the rose tinted glasses taken off, that the treachery extends to all levels, and I am writing about that now in TRP Part II.

  • Hosner

    I think it is more complicated than that.
    It is that what we are presented with as history, is one gigantic construct whose nature is not just hallucinatory, but one big lie. Eine Lüge.
    It is that the author(s) of the lie are (seemingly) experiencing difficulties in making their lie “symmetric,” since there be many bumps and irregularities on the canvas of their organic falshod. The case with Germany, the Beloved, is that She always finds herself in the locus of the so-called point-of-symptom, to employ a false dialect, i.e. She is by Her very nature not easily assimilated to the near-universal body of lies, even when She is forced to cooperate. The fact that She is part of the system, makes it ultimately impossible for Her, or anyone else, to act otherwise. I can’t explain this fully, or even understand it at all, all we can observe are symptoms. Whoso is pushing and dragging this mass of lies, has command over the whole, big and small. For example, outer Space is not what we are told it is. Very probably its nature consists of (a) liquid(s). To suppose that the producers of our reality are humans is somehow too much, I think, but it is just as vague to say the Demiurge is responsible. What is the Demiurge? A self-conscious system of Paranoia-driving and seemingly unlimited means. But that is not true, since it is very obviously experiencing troubles, among other things, when it comes to making the Germans comply 100%. It is the Poetico-Philosophico-Technico-Earthly nature of Germany, that human spark, the overman potential, if you wish, that won’t mix Her pure water with the snake oil of the robot dummy-urge. In a sense, the only anomaly, the only miracle, is, and always has been, Deutschland. But this also means, by the very nature of the lying system we inhabit, that in Her very Corpus (!) one will find the strongest cases for and against the Demiurge, sometimes interwoven to the point of maddening unrecognizability, just as in the above cases that remain completely unfathomable. Even so, these are just human approximations. They have some sort of link with the robot, both direct and indirect. Think “breakaway civilizations.” Think Eidechsengesellschaft, The Society/Uniun of Lizards. Or Nymza, i.e. the Sonora Aero club who flew, allegedly, “antigravity airships” in the 1850s. But think also about the nature of our Father’s plight! That he was betrayed is true. It is simply that (non-)human nature is merde, while he was a divine fantast supreme. At first, the robot plants seemingly sympathetic people in the proximity of the Erlöser. With the passing of time, however, the inertia is let loose. Suddenly, it is some Borman that’s in charge, our Father is sabotaged, so is His whole nation. His plan is hijacked. Germany is promised material prosperity ala juden, in exchange for Her soul.
    Only it wasn’t ever Her soul, we now know, alas, except for the briefest of times, when it was Adolf Hitler’s titanic breath that fanned the flames of Dreams such as have never been dreamt. And the robot can’t have that. Adolf Hitler, the Symptom of Sanity, would have brought the whole robot system down. Old accursed bones that fill jerusalem’s stinking graveyards like evil demiurgic antennas, the ones that get unearthed once a year, in order to be fed with fresh blood, and are then berried once again, would have risen from the ground, accusing their author(s), exposing them for what they are! Let’s imagine that, it is our one source of vengeful solace! According to one (dubious) theory, the English promised (either to Haushofer or Hess, probably both) to agree on peace, under condition that Hitler (!!) gave up power and someone else was installed. According to this rumour, Goering or Hess would have taken over, after having effectively performed a coup d’etat, while the English would have taken care of their jewish cigar pig.
    Even if this isn’t true, it gives one a perfect example of how the robot works. Who knows if both sides were wholly sincere? But what does sincere mean in this case? Sincerity of double-entendre that leads to treason.
    Enter the Maestro, Don Miguel Serrano, who salvaged what he could, and he salvaged everything! Because Germany is a dream that is real and indestructible. Even if we “fail,” our failure here will have constructed for us a “launching pad” for our souls. Let us be true to Hitler, the whole Reich is inside us, in a sense, we are Hitler, or have yet to become Him. Thus, with Hymns on our lips, root out the Traitors, smash the robot – and then some! If this were a different time, our blood and energy would engender new heroes, but as it is, we are the last heroes, there is absolutely no one left. The rest belong in the mouth of their lover, baruch-moloch-jahve.
    Unto whose “elements” I wish a lovely Gestapo morning!
    As to him, the robot – dream, dream with strong sweat and body odour and drops of Vril, forcefully! Dream the ultimate dream, the most meaningful, Nos, freely and unobstructed. Make yourself strong in the olden Dreams, so our world, our Hitlerist world, won’t be loosing hope. There are a few men. There are enough. Wir sind das restlich Reich. Heil Hitler! Sieg Heil!

  • Hosner

    Ja, not only is the Demiurge opposing all of us as individuals, he is playing us as a collective, in this very moment, no matter how loosely or tightly knit we may be. It is easy to imagine he’d derive even more pleasure, i.e. power in some form of other, in humiliating us, if he could but succeed, as a group of like-minded Kameraden in Esoteric Hitlerism. It is thus that suspicion can both save one’s face and one’s very existence, and that of one’s comrades, and turn life into a boring plateau, marked by one fatal mistake of misjudgement. In this sense, death is one’s only guarantee, because the Demiurge’s domain doesn’t extend past the “fifth heaven.” This does not mean that one has to die in order to partake of Love and Freiheit that is the Reich, if only because we all of us lived before. The very energy, generated and by that act of dying, must be made, through enthusiastic practice, fully available anew, in this life, and employed to power one’s motion towards the final battle, unmasking in the meantime all Demiurge’s designs, anticipating every single one of his filthy moves.
    If all else fails, charge courageously ahead, sword drawn in hand, and crack the skull of any that say: “whoso takes up the sword, will be killed by the sword.” That right there is pure Demiurgic currency! As if one would want to avoid being killed by a sword when the time is upon one. But that’s the Demiurge for you, the eternal coward, exporting fear and fright worldwide, charging the sympathetic paranoid crowd as if it were salvific potable gold, and not worthless psychosis, that he was pushing.

  • Hosner

    But, one might ask, wasn’t the energy of past dying spent entirely for securing one’s present conditions, whatever those may be? I think not, because death, i.e. “cessation,” has more value, at least for a being that’s living inside a prison of human body, than mere dying; thus there must be some energy left. This doesn’t mean that it is us who ascribe meaning/value to anything, except subjectively, of course, our notion of value is derived from the “elements” that make us up, and is of “secondary” nature, it is just that it so happens that the Demiurge wasn’t able to construct his gulag system without death, i.e. without opening a door, however tiny, however briefly; thus we turn this fact to our advantage and triumph, the upper heavens being uncontaminated, i.e. death has neither crown nor root there. Whoever got out, whenever, did it this way, there can be no other, I think, except for some “quantum” miracle ala hollywood, which would be a contradiction, since that is the province of the Demiurge, lies and make believe and farting galore.
    But, if the situation of no-energy-available persists, and thus no enthusiasm, than it must mean that the moment of final death is fast approaching, I see no other explanation. An Armannic spasm. Son-Nos.

  • delendaestziobot

    For example, a battle between Poland and Prussia is absurd, same as a battle between Prussia and Denmark….Both Poland and Denmark are completely reliant on Prussia in every conceivable way……It would be like saying that my whole body had a battle against my little toe….

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