Wagner in Venice



5 responses to “Wagner in Venice

  • aufihrhelden

    He Knew.

    Heil Wagner!

  • delendaestziobot

    He knew that the only hope was to create something superior to the world…. Because there is no hope for the world…

  • Hosner

    This is 20/88.
    Heil Wagner!

  • delendaestziobot

    Hitler can only be understood from a Wagnerian perspective. And perspective is something that one needs to have within both discursive and intuitive thought….It is a peculiar sign of the Ehrean, and Wagner was one of the first Ehreans. All Hitler’s political thought, a practicality of will resulting from His Idealism, to change the world he did not fit into…Hitler, looks upon the world and sees that it is not “good”, He then proceeds to outline how it needs to be changed, His motivation is purely idealistic…From this point of view, His writings, speeches and actions become a Total Artwork, that few people can understand because they lack perspective….Hitler like Wagner and like us, was incompatible with the world around Him, and this leads to conflict…..As Savitri Devi wrote, Hitler has a glorious vision of His dreams that does not correspond with the world He finds Himself in.
    Heil Wagner!

  • aufihrhelden

    ” … my happiness lies in the fulfilment of my office. If I have made it possible that the Master, despite unpleasantness of all sorts, does not put his work aside and ends the day happily in the evening, then my day’s work is accomplished.”
    – Cosima Wagner

    Heil Cosima!

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