Book Release: The Saga Of Hailstorm

New Book Release:  The Saga Of Hailstorm, Part I: In Harm We Trust,  by Karl Delling

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“A Literary Panzerfaust”

“A Hailstorm is coming….”

In April, 1895, the German Kaiser, Wilhelm II had a nightmare. He dreamed that all the nations of Europe appeared personified as “prehistoric warrior goddesses” who were protected by Germany which took the form of the Archangel Michael. To the East they were threatened by a dark, stormy cloud in which millions of Asians, who destroyed all in their path, flooded into Europe, killing all Whites. This nightmare, Wilhelm II regarded as a message from God about the coming Apocalyptic “Race War” between Europe and Asia that would decide, finally, the future of Europe. The Saga of Hailstorm – In Harm We Trust, is a literary portrayal of how this future may play out. Unlike William Pierce’s The Turner Diaries, (to which some parallels could be tentatively drawn), The Saga of Hailstorm is an atavistic Arthurian Legend set in the 21st Century, one could, perhaps, more accurately, draw a parallel to sword-wielding chivalrous knights than to gun-toting revolutionaries. And pop-culture film references in The Saga of Hailstorm recall the traditions of Knights of Honour. Perhaps one could call it an “Existentialist Knight’s Tale”. I was reminded, also, of the films Highlander and The Duelists. However, in The Saga of Hailstorm, the action and adventure is bolstered by an underlying theme of the Germanic Vehmic Courts of Justice of the Middle Ages, and as such it also recalls, to those sensitive enough to hear, the old Westphalian Legend of the final Apocalypse of Europe.

The setting of this first Part, takes place in Sweden, which seems very appropriate, given the current state of affairs in Sweden.

The Saga of Hailstorm explores the pathos and diffused instincts associated with the destruction and loss of racial identity and the state of “nationlessness”. The complex emotions arising from an individual’s disenfranchisement and alienation, from the degradation of one’s culture and folk, that appears to have abandoned its own progeny and embraced its own natural enemy. In this is isolating wasteland, in the outer-suburbs of a frozen city, a man, acting alone, feels that it is his duty to re-establish the only condition by which man can live – by Honour. And Honour always arises in one man when he feels that he no longer identifies with the world in which he lives, he is no longer a part of it, he feels that the world is not what it should be, and so, as Savitri Devi would point out; he acts, or re-acts, with a violence that is unavoidable, his honour has no other expression but to defy the world around him, and in this clash, violence is the only outcome. Aristotle wrote that man does not feel himself to be a man unless he can repay violence with violence, and whether this is deemed “evil” than that is something for the gods to decide. Justice is a measure, otherwise it is not Justice. How does man come to terms with his own primal instinct for Justice, which urges him to act, it urges him to act with honour, to measure the last weights of Justice in a world where justice can no longer be found. Is not man then the measure of justice? This is the question that the gripping tale of The Saga Of Hailstorm puts to the reader, nay, vehemently confronts the reader demanding an answer!

“In Harm We Trust”


10 responses to “Book Release: The Saga Of Hailstorm

  • Hosner

    Wonderful design.
    Inspiring tale.
    Hail the Givers!
    Heil Hitler!

  • Kamerad Kurt

    An appropriate title for HHC’s first fiction release! Although in keeping with the spirit of Our true history, it’s always nice to break up the more serious non-fiction reading with some Ehrean Entertainment.

    Looking forward to receiving a copy soon along with Germania: Book 1. Another job well done Kamerad Karl.

  • The 55 Club

    Couldn’t agree more. Wonderful design. Congratulations on another Triumph. 88

  • delendaestziobot

    Original artwork by Jesse from the Aussie “Death’s Head” NS band. The book has several original artwork pieces in it, the first time Hermitage Helm has been able to get a graphic artist to work on our books, so we are appreciative of that. I remember that Kamerad Vig promised to do some designs also, I hope he remembers our arrangement. The author, Karl Delling, released an early draft of this book on Renegade Tribune, he then decided that he would like to work with us, he has a very interesting and pioneering life himself, he reminds me of Jack London, in a way, and also Knut Hamsun. He lives it as he writes, no doubt about it.

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    Congratulations to Karl Delling and HHC — surely another future classic for the Kameraden. HH

  • Rudolf

    Where is this book available? Originally, in seems to have been an Amazon product but it can’t be found there anymore. Does anyone know?

  • Hosner

    I received a copy of Karl Delling’s “The Saga of HAILSTORM” today!
    The Hermitage Helm Corpus know how to make books.
    I like to think I am able to recognize a good book when I see one, and I don’t mean not just design-wise. Holding this one in my hands feels good, as if a white wolf decided to make his home with me. Perhaps to drag me off into the North? The artwork is truly sublime, esoteric and poetic. I look forward to future pages of the Saga. Thank you!

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