The Fraud of Alex Kurtagic and Sabela P. Quintela

Sabela P. Quintela, a former part time assistant of Miguel Serrano is currently conducting a Fraud whereby she is pretending to be Miguel Serrano’s former wife, and now, widow.  Sabela P. Quintela is not Miguel Serrano’s widow. Miguel Serrano only ever had one wife and that was Carmen Rosselot Bordeu. Miguel Serrano never married a Sabela P. Quintela. Sabela, a Spanish born, itinerant, personal assistant is impersonating the status of “widow” to gain control over Miguel Serrano’s estate. Sabela has no claim to Miguel Serrano’s estate, and most certainly not his literary works. Alex Kurtagic, a Bosnian, of refugee status, currently residing in the UK,  is also involved in this fraud and has been attempting block Hermitage Helm Corpus’s publication of the “The Golden Cord: Esoteric Hitlerism” from being available on Amazon. Alex Kurtagic claims, falsely, that this is an “infringement on his intellectual property rights”, which he purchased (I have been told the figure was $10,000 but I do not believe this) from the con-woman Sabela P. Quintela. This false claim of “intellectual property rights” belonging to Alex Kurtagic purchased from Sabela P. Quintela regarding Miguel Serrano’s book is so absurd that it is comical…
 An email from Franz Berg regarding the fraud and deception of Alex Kurtagic and Sabela P. Quintela:
We have a problem.  Actually we have a gigantic problem.  Chile is not the Congo in Africa or the remotest corner of the Amazon rain forest.  Therefore we have a “paper trail”.  In complete and perfect good order!  Don Miguel’s basic genealogy is not all that difficult to trace on-line, and this intrepid explorer has done just that, with only a few clicks.  Torch Bearer Karl is spot on:
Do we notice the relevant reference here?:
Pedro Rosselot Aravena (RETF2003;CASC1982) c.c. Corina  Bordeu de la Maza. Hijos registrados:
  1. Carmen Rosselot Bordeu (RETF2003;CASC1982) c. 12 septiembre 1942 c.  Miguel Serrano Fernández [n. Santiago 10 septiembre 1917; h. Diego Serrano Manterola y Berta Fernández Fernández]. Con sucesión.
And do we notice the two words that speak here with all the subtlety of, as is said, a ton of bricks?:
Mein Kameraden, it does not get much clearer than that.  The only way that “Madame Serrano” as she calls herself, has rights over the literary estate of Don Miguel is if Chile has legalised polygamy that no one has yet heard about.  Clear as day, Don Miguel was a married man, WITH ONE WIFE.  Whatever the nature of Don Miguel’s Catholicism may have been, we can rest assured with total confidence that he was neither a Muslim nor a Mormon. In essence “Madame Serrano” or Sabela P. Quintela is blatantly alleging that Don Miguel was a public and brazen practitioner of POLYGAMY.
Not true!!!
CON SUCESIÓN.”  No mention of Sabela P. Quintela, none whatsoever.  Madame Quintela (not Serrano) has about as much “right of succession” to Don Miguel’s estate as, well, Hermitage Helm Corpus.  Less right in my book.  But at any rate, none at all.
The name of the real-life Madame Serrano (THERE IS ONLY ONE!!!) is Carmen Rosselot Bordeu.  Clear as the Chilean marriage laws.
Sabela P. Quintela is not Carmen Rosselot Bordeu.
“Con sucesión” means that Don Miguel’s legal wife is by law the legal heir to Don Miguel’s — estate, combs, razors, ties, shoes, papers, books…  Everything.  She has the legal RIGHT OF SUCCESSION and that is that.
And there is a bit more about Madame Quintela on the web:
Miguel Serrano: después de su muerte, su pareja, la extranjera María Isabel Perez Quintela, alias Sabela Quintela, procedió a ocultar parte de la obra de Miguel Serrano. El más importante de sus ocultamientos son los 36 números de la revista “La Nueva Edad”. Sabemos que Serrano daba gran importancia a la documentación antimasónica y esotérica presentes en esta revista, como así también a sus artículos aportados por sus camaradas de lucha. Cualquier infiltrado y traidor ocultaría esta revista, orgulloso de proteger a sus amos masones.

Otra traición terrible contra Serrano fue haber realizado su velatorio nada menos que en una iglesia católica romana, con la payasada del ritual correspondiente. Gran insulto contra su cuerpo y su espíritu. Y en el mismo velatorio debimos escuchar “los escritos más importantes de mi marido son los anteriores a El Cordón Dorado, los escritos ideológicos que publicó después no son tan importantes”. Así quedó bien en claro quién es quién. Puede leer más sobre este tema en el siguiente sitio web: 

Luchar contra la conspiración.”
That’s from the Stormfront of 4-19-11 entitled “Miguel Serrano: despues de su muerte” by “esse”.  The fact that “esse” and I disagree about the specifics of Don Miguel’s funeral should increase the credibility of the case being made against Sabela P. Quintela concerning her claim to marriage and marital inheritance.  No doubt Sabela P. Quintela is talented, was a dutiful “companion” or “partner”, in other words caregiver or personal nurse, to Don Miguel in his last years.  She deserves recognition for that.  But her pretence to being the wife and legal heir to Don Miguel’s literary estate is deceptive to say the least.  Her no doubt hard work with EBLibros in no way entitles her to motivate Alex Kurtagic to remove Jason’s book translation on
And Madame Quintela has not only hidden Don Miguel’s anti-Masonic work in his “La Nueva Edad” magazine.  She also consistently downplays the divinity of Don Miguel’s achievement:
“Because his prose possesses an ingredient that makes it unique: he wrote from soul to another, helping to feel, to apperceive in his precise words their pro­found meaning. And thus causing to resonate the greatest and most recon­dite profundities of Man. It was his peculiar method of sharing his own adven­ture, his tireless search, inside and outside of him­self. And with each of the discoveries with which at each step he surprised himself and of the attain­ments he gradually reached.
Thus was, thus lived, thus wrote Miguel Serrano from the time of his youth. And never pretending to be more than a man, but a total one—yes, it’s true—an absolute one, maximally developing the potenti­alities and attributes of his own incarnation.”
That quote is from Alex Kurtagic’s translation of her words on EBLibros in the June 15th, 2017 entry for The Golden Thread.  The extremely important thing to be noted here is her false claim that Don Miguel was “never pretending to be more than a man…”  That his theme was “Man” rather than God-Manhood.  He was and is a God-Man and never one to flatter anything to do with mere mortal manhood — the pseudo-manhood of the nihilist Judaised scum that is simply the shame of the human race, and nothing better than that.  The above translation of Sabela P. Quintela’s words directly implies that the mere fact of biological birth somehow gains “manhood” for humans as something admirable and to be desired in itself.  Which is, after all, the most fundamental falsehood of Judaism and the Talmud.  Slipping that falsehood into Don Miguel’s works is no “true National Socialism”, as Madame Quintela later claims for herself in the same entry that is partially quoted above.
Madame Quintela was no doubt a devoted nurse to Don Miguel in his later years and shows herself to be a talented scholar in her impressive work on EBLibros.  But that does not give her any right to re-direct Don Miguel’s opus (in effect discounting everything Don Miguel wrote from The Golden Cord onwards) in a direction that would justify Alex Kurtagic’s violation of Jason’s rights as a translator (the best translator) of The Golden Cord.  That she has no right whatsoever to do.
It is sad to have to quarrel with Madame Quintela.  (Mr. Kurtagic is a mere hapless pawn in this Holy War.)  But in indirectly attacking Jason Thompkins she has left us no choice.
Both Karl and Wolfram are proven right about Madame Quintela.
The die is cast — So be it.
In Aryan Blood Memory,
If there is anybody out there in the Machine that is still conscious and knows anything in regard to the Fraud and Deception of Alex Kurtagic, and or Sabela P. Quintela, we would like to hear from you.
Hermitage Helm Corpus will be vigorously fighting the false charges put to us by the fraudsters Alex Kurtagic and Sabela P. Quintela…. Several attempts have been made to contact these two individuals, but they have refused to comment or reply to our requests for a open dialogue regarding this serious matter. No doubt they can understand that they are guilty and have been caught out but will be relying on the consent of the System itself to allow them to continue on with their Fraud and Deception…. In a False World, the False are free to be False!

19 responses to “The Fraud of Alex Kurtagic and Sabela P. Quintela

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    Of course Serrano never married this fraud! How could he? What you must now do is provide this evidence to the proper authorities via your legal counsel and initiate a bold counter-attack. This must be done. You must go to Amazon as well and utilize this weapon of information in order to get your publishing house’s product back online for sale. Otherwise this information is useless.

  • Wolf of the Sun

    “The prerequisite for action is the will and courage to be truthful.”

  • augustinecorpora

    Reblogged this on AVGVSTINE CORPORA.

  • delendaestziobot

    Amazon has now removed the English translations of “Adolf Hitler: Ultimate Avatar” and “Manu: For the Man to Come”….The reason stated from Amazon is the Alex Kurtagic is the “rights owner” of the work of Miguel Serrano…. It appears as, and there is no legal basis for this, but it appears that Amazon, believes, without providing any evidence, that Alex Kurtagic owns Franz Berg’s translation work, and owns any rights associated with the sale of English translations of Miguel Serrano…. This is very strange….Legally it is inaccurate, but one cannot argue with Amazon, I have tried to argue the case but have received no response…There is no requirement for Amazon to respond to me in regards to what they sell on their website….Amazon’s inaccurate view does not extend past its own website….Just a very strange occurrence with no legal basis, but law is merely arbitrary, so what explanation can there be, whichever way I have received no explanation, nor have I been provided with one, because there is not one that can be given… Not that it affects me adversely in any way… The translations of Miguel Serrano have been a liability and a sacrifice on my part, and I am surprised that I was able to sell anything at all through Amazon! Certainly this will reduce my work load, and I can still sell the translations through Siddharreich, anyway. I would like to concentrate on higher quality limited editions of these books in the future….

  • delendaestziobot

    In the next few days I will be adding a new page to Sidhharreich which will have the full PDF texts for the English translations of Miguel Serrano’s Esoteric Hitlerist Trilogy. The PDF files will be available for free download.

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    I wish to commend you, Kamerad, on publishing the complete E.H. Trilogy in as timely a fashion as you did. Certainly, now, the Demiurge is going to increase its aggression against all of us (those who stand for Truth, Beauty, Justice and Honor), just as surely as this Dark Age continues its descent into the bowels of abject depravity. Regarding the stunt Amazon is pulling — it is typical of a Zionist business so intricately tied (or rather *bound*) to the Demiurgic Machine. “Legalese” tactics (as opposed to anything truly Lawful in the Germanic/Ehrean sense) makes anything justifiable from the Enemy’s standpoint, which is one of constant lying and deceit through all avenues of its own lowest-common-denominator existence. 20/88

  • Steve Milles Hawthorn

    This genaeology doesn’t show Seranos children. Does that mean they don’t exist?

    Also, Sabela is listed as marryng him on the official Miguel Serrano website which she doesn’t run or own.

  • Hosner

    I agree, the fact that Wikipedia and Miguel Serrano’s official website both state he married a certain Sabela Quintela doesn’t mean it truly happened. Allegedly, the matrimony took place in 2000 in Valparaiso, a town on the Pacific in central Chile. Even if someone produced their marriage certificate, submitting it as proof, I’d tend to persist in my scepticism. Now, if someone produced a divorce certificate, proving, at least theoretically, that he actually divorced his first wife, with whom he had three sons, according to certain sources, that would be a different thing, but whether or not he truly married Sabela Quintela would still be subject to additional verifications and proofs, such as statements from reliable witnesses or, even better, Don Miguel Serrano’s own word. He published a four volume autobiography entitled “Him and I,” perhaps miss Quintela is mentioned somewhere? The fact that she doesn’t own Don Serrano’s official website proves nothing either. I sincerely doubt she was the one that put together what is a rather sophisticated, if slightly bourgeois-looking, website, dedicated to Don Miguel, but the biographic section does seem to carry signs of her presence. As does the Wikipedia entrance, where she went so far as to include even the exact addresses of the two flats she inherited from her “husbond.” I guess she did it to reinforce the overall impression of being his trustworthy companion. But isn’t the ability to divorce someone from his possessions a known “art” that certain women specialize in? This being said, it remains somehow conceivable, she really managed to ingratiate herself with the Maestro to the point of becoming his most reliable co-worker, his nurse and his wife, all in one. The mentioned website states he suffered a severe pneumonia attack in 2004, or thereabouts, that left him unable to walk. We can only imagine how vulnerable he felt in his final years, how exposed to subtle suggestions, despite his general strength. Perhaps he felt so alone he somehow accepted her presence as a sign of favor from his Muse? But if this were truly so, the Muse’s influence would be recognizable from afar, Her voice is familiar to all that sincerely love Maestro Miguel, it is his voice, after all, and a supreme joy to hear, while the actions of Sabela, whose true name is Maria, speak a possessive language in one of the greediest dialects. What is preventing her from acting in a sensible, conciliatory spirit – if she really wants what’s best for her husbond? Who made miss Maria literary executor of Miguel Serrano? A “wife” is one thing, but to be trusted to the point of being chosen as a navigator in the difficult waters of international publishing? The picture that emerges from these considerations is that our Maestro kept mostly for himself for the last ten years of his life, limiting his energies and attention exclusively to his “wife” about whom nothing is known. No other assistants, no comrades were present in his daily life? How convenient. In fact, too convenient. This reeks of a “job” being pulled on him, a sorcerous sabotage, perpetrated by mortal enemies of Esoteric Hitlerism and Miguel Serrano and his treue Kameraden. We know the Jews tried hard to get to him over the years, protesting, sending various “diplomatic” missions against him. Since they always failed, it seems they decided to eventually change strategy. I guess they can’t simply discontinue the publishing of Serrano’s works, a formidable Opus, both technically and financially, that would be too obvious, and may cause them too much problems. But with the “copyrights” in their pocket, who knows what will happen with Serrano’s works. Will they ever see the light of day again? And if so, will they be free of that levelling, bolshevist influence under form of various “notes” and “introductions” that do nothing but tone down the luminous charge that is their true Luzipheric life? Most of all, how can someone professing to pursue Miguel Serrano’s best literary interests possibly object to Hermitage Helm Corpus editions of his texts?
    If I could talk to her I’d be asking many questions, I guess, but mostly this one: “Madame Maria, let’s suppose someone wished to buy said publishing rights from you, the ones that are allegedly in your possession now, how much would you charge them?”

  • delendaestziobot

    Because Maria (Sabela) was not legally married to Serrano, she is guilty of fraud, by pretending that she is Serrano’s “widow”….. That is deception and fraud…But the world is a deception and a fraud and “law” is an arbitrary matter. In general the world favours the fraudster, fake impersonator, the liar and the cheater… Amazon are a retail website, it is not within their interest to discuss such matters any further, it does not matter to Amazon whether they are right or wrong, what matters is that any disputes are resolved quickly and once they have decided what is best for Amazon, then that is as far as it goes.

    I think that this just proves that a man becomes weaker with age, and sickness, and thus becomes easy prey for Zion robots. It is just easier to con an older sick man, than a younger healthier man….Happens all the time…Its very common…Like Maria (Sabela) just a very common woman, and the world favours the common woman, that is why there are so many common women in the world…..The common woman wants two things – “legal marriage” and “children”….In Maria’s (Sabela) case, she did not get legal marriage, so then she made it up in her own mind that she did – in her own mind it is real, even when it is not, such is the mind of the common woman….LOL…

  • delendaestziobot

    In regards to recent comments I deleted:

    I am not interested in rebutting or debating this or that point, dont have the time and not interested. Publishing Miguel Serrano books is a part time side project for me. If some one would like to contribute to the translations that is fine by me. As to Maria (Sabela), I have no evidence that she was married to Serrano, nor do I have any evidence that Serrano had children, but he may have. I have no evidence that Maria (Sabela) is an heir of Serrano and that she owns his literary works. Nobody has been able to provide me with evidence so I will assume she is not his wife and not the “owner” of his literary published works… As to other matters, such as eye-witness accounts of this or that, an eye-witness account IS NOT evidence…..Human beings are liars, fraudsters, one and all, the whole lot of them, so no eye-witness account can be taken as evidence if it involves a human eye-witness account.

  • delendaestziobot

    As for the magic word “official”….”Official” according to whose fiat?

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    To be honest Quintela and Kutagic are two cowardly pieces of dung who have sent their best against me, to defame me, incriminate me, lock me up, etc., — and still I remain flawless, no jail time, nothing. Why is that? Because they have something they wish to hide. Conversely, we Hitlerists — we TREU Hitlerists — have NOTHING to hide. And therein lies the difference.

    • delendaestziobot

      Neither Sabela or Alex have contacted me, but I consider Sabela to be more brave than Alex…. I do wonder why they will not contact me as I have tried to contact them, they do seem to be afraid of me, but I do not see why they should be afraid of me. I think that it is unfortunate that Sabela and Alex have attacked you also, certainly they have no reason to. They have attacked me with no legal or justified reason. So I think I am justified in calling them out for “fraud”…Fraud in the sense that they hire lawyers to attack translators of Don Miguel’s literary works, without providing any evidence that they are entitled to control the translations of Don Miguel’s works.

  • delendaestziobot

    I will point out that the works in question were not published in Chile…. The works were published in Columbia…

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