Book Release – GERMANIA – Book I

New Book Release for the anniversary of the Beer Hall Putsch, 9th November.

“For Truth and Justice. For Beauty and Light. For Life and an Ehrean World to come…For Germania”

“The following discourse pertains to my visit to the Holy Land in 2013. As is often the case when travelling in this ‘modern’ world, one must use an airport but airports have become nothing more than Zionist methods of ‘power’ and control. The use of the term ‘power’ must be explained here; there are two kinds of power, that kind which is gained through will and fight and truth and the application of justice and of the intellect, all qualities of such which were and still are embodied in Adolf Hitler and The Third Reich and then there is that kind of ‘power’ which is gained through subversion and cowardice and sheer weight of numbers and through the fact that nobody else gives a damn about how this power is obtained or the way in which the power is wielded. Essentially speaking, the world ‘power’ of Zion is gained due to the fact that people don’t mind being subjected to any kind of orders and demands whether it be designed to harm their health, their general well-being or just for amusement purposes and nowhere is this process so obvious than at airports but, in actual fact, the joke’s on Zion because Zion doesn’t realise the extent to which the vast majority of people have come to enjoy these experiences due to the deep rooted insertion of The Stockholm Syndrome into their mindsets which they have developed a very long time ago.” – GERMANIA – Book I

This new Ehrean-Wagnerian style literature includes two Pilgrimages to the Holy Lands of Germania, as well as essays on Law, Economics, His-story, Heroes, Kings and, of course, the Führer. In the spirit of the Siegfried-Führer archetype – a tragic journey down the Rhine, where the past, present and future is elucidated in a personal, individualist manner that is only possible in the 21st Century – it is a lament for the loss of wisdom and a knowing of the doom that will follow when the Norns disappear, as they must. There are descriptions of visions of a New Dawn light that can out-shine the corruption of the World and its Histrionic Records. A condemnation of Modernism, Post-Modernism, Politics, Economics and in general the very annals of ‘World History’ which support the entire System which is called ‘Zion’ as per the Biblical exegesis. In opposition to this System, a few lone, heroic individuals, have taken the stage and struggled for an idealistic vision that transcends all they find in this world. This book honours and presents their valiant struggle for truth and justice, beauty and light, for the Ehrean World to come…For Germania…In the face of utter annihilation through a stupendous, crushing mass of lies and fakery, there was a few who were true, in the end…

Heil Germania!

16 responses to “Book Release – GERMANIA – Book I

  • Hosner

    Congratulations to Hermitage Helm Corpus, and congratulations to Steve Hirst, the author, for managing to smash and break through the encirclement of the enemy, in order to present us with yet another Ehrean edifice filled with Luziferian light.
    Write me down for a copy, please, I look forward to reading this sublime work.
    Vielen Dank!
    Heil Hitler!

    • delendaestziobot

      Thankyou Kamerad Hosner!

      From ‘Germania – Book I’:

      “It represents Idealism and all true Idealism is Germanic in origin. German Legend! German Chivalry! Siegfried! Lohengrin! Parsifal. Tristan und Isolde! The legends that are on these walls are timeless and the German Idealism that they represent came alive in the form of Richard Wagner and Adolf Hitler. On the wall of the entrance hall is the magnificent painting of Siegfried forging Nothung.

      Notung, Notung
      fearsome sword!
      I’ve awakened you to life again.
      You lay there dead in ruins,
      now you gleam glorious and defiant.
      Now show felons
      how you shine!
      Slay him who is false,
      and fell the offender!

  • The 55 Club

    Excellent! This release has been anticipated. We are certain that Steve has written a timeless work. A masterful work and full of meaning. Congratulations.

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    My sincerest congratulations to Torch Bearer Steve and HHC for delivering yet another fine gem of Wisdom and Light that only the few remaining Elect will be able to discern in the darkness. I look forward to absorbing as much of the Light held within the pages of this work as is possible. Sieg Heil!

  • Kamerad Kurt

    Not unlike the Ehrean winds that blow through the Teutonic Forests of Westphalia, this title brings Our ancient wisdom that has not been forgotten. Congratulations to HHC for another needed and high quality book.

  • delendaestziobot

    From GERMANIA:

    “Let’s pretend that the Germanic Peoples weren’t really behind the creation of the Roman Empire, let’s reverse everything, let’s pretend that the Germanic Peoples were just a backward tribe, then we can use our pathetic lies to patronise them with! To ‘patronise’ what Zion is not capable of! Because Zion is a backward tribe! How pathetic. I’m suprised they don’t just declare that the Roman Empire was created by a black race that lived in Europe before the uncultured Germans became resentful, turning on their masters and murdering all the blacks of Europe who were actually the first settlers here, one hundred thousand years before the Germans. They could state that, after murdering them they turned them all to soap.”

    The correct analysis and the accurate prediction of the outcome. This has already been achieved, outside of Europe, so now, in accordance with the programme of Zion, Europe also will be made to think that black races were the first settlers in Europe and the creators of all culture, with the whites as recent blow-ins that have ‘murdered’ their superior ‘native’ and more ‘noble’ black ‘custodians’ of the ‘native land’…Yes, in 20-30 years time most white children will think that the ‘Roman Empire’ was founded by blacks…This programme is an inevitable sequence of predetermined anthropocentric algorithms….

  • leuchovius2014

    Congratulations, Torch Bearer Steve! Sieg Heil!

  • aufihrhelden

    Note the two negative reviews both within two days of each other. Except for those with Ehrean traits, all bow down to the hatred and envy of all things Germanic in the end. Note the term ‘obsessed’, a word commonly used by the incapable. Hatred and envy, envy and hatred, that’s what it’s all about – of all things true and beautiful. The Zionist masses wish that the Obersee were a humanitarian council estate.

    Heil Germania!

  • delendaestziobot

    Also with the release of TRP II, the Grand Hoax of Hitler and the Third Reich of Germany is finally destroyed.., Germany’s inherent guilt will also become obvious with “Fake War” to those who still have eyes to see and a mind to comprehend.

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