Flat Water Flat Earth



4 responses to “Flat Water Flat Earth

  • delendaestziobot

    Some interesting videos on this channel, but the one that is interesting me is (did not upload directly due to a broken link) is the video on the crystalline firmament and cosmic devices as put forward in the book by Gabrielle Henriet – ‘Heaven & Earth’…

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    Yes, the earth we tread is a flat plane, an altar, and an Alt-Earth. The blood we spill here fills the altar. The sun above is within the sky-dome of flat earth. The sun below, inside the Inner-Earth, is the Black Sun — this is where the other Realm, the other Reich, the other Reality is (from our mundane point of reference here on the altar).

    There is no such thing as “space” or “outer space” with “planets,” galaxies,” etc. This was all promoted relatively recently within the past few centuries — culminating with the great NASA Hoax — and all for the purpose of making Aryans/Ehreans feel increasingly lost and hopeless, paralleling the reasons for creating non-Germanic his-stories. All of it is an attempt (and so far, a successful one) to thwart the Germanic Man’s hidden potential. But it does appear that a small minority is waking up to the entire matrix of deceit. Where this goes is anyone’s guess.

    • delendaestziobot

      Thankyou for your enlightening comment, Torch Bearer. Indeed we share the same views. Certainly we are drawing close now to the very heart of Cosmogony. The mundane simplicity of the Revelation is philosophically difficult to comprehend because of its mundane simplicity that has remained mostly hidden for 500 years, which raises many questions in regards to the authenticity of the past. There is an online edition of Gabrielle Henriet’s ‘Heaven and Earth’ but I am going to track down a physical copy.

    • Michael A. Luna

      Lies written on Pap-Yr-Us ( or worse, as Torch Bearer Karl revealed in Third Reich Pilgrim ). Pap being sticky mush… slave-food… glue. Pap-ER is made by turning trees into pulp/mush before being dried for fraudulent purposes.

      Guido Von List says this about Yr:
      “The yr rune or error rune, which causes confusion, whether through the excitement of the passions in love, in play, in drink (intoxication), or through pretexts of speech (sophistry) or by whatever other means will perhaps conquer resistance through confusion. But the success of a victory gained by such means is just as illusory as the victory itself–for it brings anger, wild rage, and ultimately madness. The yr rune or error rune therefore also contrasts with the os rune (see above),since it tries to force the conquest of an opponent with mere pretext instead of with real reasons. Therefore it teaches:Think about the end!”

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