Third Reich Designs that will never be built on Earth


The “Evil Nazis” were attempting to take over the world with magnificent and beautiful civilian Architecture. Fortunately humanity stopped this madness and now we can all live freely and safely in multiplex shopping malls.

30 responses to “Third Reich Designs that will never be built on Earth

  • leuchovius2014

    Beauty that must not touch the corrupt and filthy face of the earth…. so be it! HH

  • lazymillennials2017

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    Hell seger

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    I think the 1978 film “Dawn of the Dead” let out a bit of truth in this regard, with its not so subtle dig at the brain-dead American zombies who “live” for nothing else but to roam aimlessly through the great American “contribution” to utilitarian consumerist architecture: the shopping mall.

  • Komerad Curt

    The 2006 film “Idiocracy” does not take place 500 years in the future, but is indeed upon us now. The above reality would have been heaven on Earth…both aesthetically and symbolically. What we have now is rot, decay and ugliness…and increasingly so. Media does indeed mirror our despicable reality.

  • M:G

    Compare these heavenly structures to the lifeless conglomerates of steel, concrete, plastic and glass today. Structures of the Third Reich will never be build in the dark age of Zion, instead they will come into meaningful existence in the coming golden age of the Ehreans.

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    This world/cosmos, everything “out there” in the outer realm, this so-called “reality” and everyone in it, excepting a very few, is a heaping pile of dung. Not worth saving, not worth anything. Looking outward as Idealists, into the abyss of Nothingness, means we will always lose, always find dissolution and defeat. Because there is Nothing there for us. Only Illusion. The only thing we have is what’s inside, our inner selves, the inner-verse as opposed to the inverse outer shell.

  • Kamerad Curt

    We ARE Something else, and We will continue to be, as long as We stay true to our Path, stay true to our Blood Memory, and honor those countless in number before Us. They are counting on Us…they are waiting. We are fortunate they are waiting…would you if you observed this sick and rotting Second Earth?

    • K. von Kanwetzburg

      My friend, “they” don’t exist. Only we do. If you want someone to help you, look inwards.

    • K. von Kanwetzburg

      Exactly right: “They” do exist inside, because “They” are “WE”, anti-dualist. In the same way, Kamerad Karl makes the all-important point (in my humble view) that we, in actuality (all sentimentality aside), are greater than our “ancestors” who were led astray from the True Path. WE are here for a reason. WE gave birth to ourselves in a very real sense — just as real as the fact that Ehrean Angel Blood is not of a strictly biological/ancestral origin.

      • delendaestziobot

        A-nce-STRAL Origins of Germania.

      • Michael A. Luna

        Yes for Us that is what it is.

        -Ence and -Ance meaning “Having the state or condition of.”

        But for the ziobots it is less cryptic taking the direct decomposition.

        Estral being related to Oestrus ( and thus Oestro-gen ).

        The sting of a fly, a passion or frenzy, a female’s willingness to mate and produce a child of the flesh. Or from Latin, literally a bloodsucking fly…

        So the children of the Demiurge buzz around like flies stinging/mating with each other in a profane blood frenzy! That is their ancestry.

        Perhaps Astral is simply A-estral.

      • Michael A. Luna


        O, as we read in The Ultimate Avatar in the brief section about the shape of the Runes, represents the cycles of the Demiurge. In fact, “O” is literally Jehovah. Je-O-Va. Je being from French, but the relation the the Old High German “io” appears more fitting. “Always, every time, continuously”

        Not necessarily promoting this channel, but he makes some valuable points here and should be given credit:

  • Hosner

    I agree entirely, it is all a heap of dung, except perhaps the sky, sometimes. (Well, most of the time, to be perfectly honest.) But how to reconcile this stance with the 14 Words? With the fact that there are people out there like Richard Scutari, who are not only Aryan heroes but genuine Ehrean souls? Their focus is on winning a place under the Sun for the White race and securing the future for White children. I am sorry to say it – but I can’t identify myself with the White race anymore, no matter how much I try. They are most of them hand in glove with the Jews. I see no sense in helping this amount of utter stupidity, none at all, even if they were ready to accept our help, which they aren’t. I can, and often do, talk until I am hoarse, at times forgetting to keep my arms under control (as an Aryan should, according to Manu), but the moment I stop they slowly revert to that subgenetic type of existence that is their natural frequency and true nature. I am so naive as to be willing to loose even my life for them, when they aren’t even interested to make a stand against the fear and ugliness that’s crippling them, prefering to leave in humiliation, with no love nor hope of it.
    Dose it all with gasolene then and light the match. There is no denying the facts. To think of the beauty that was the Third Reich, what exquisite torture. But it won’t come back, not on this plane. There will never be another one like Adolf Hitler, never. Not even Kalki can go one better as far as I am concerned. We have our own Way and our own particular “psychological configuration”, one that has almost nothing to do with this world. This is just a training ground against the moment that will be Death,
    even Her, our True Love, Hel. Many a lie is spoken of Hel! Whoso is an Esoteric Hitlerist nowdays- how can he/she have another Bride/groom? A long time ago it was possible to yearn for Death with moderation, now the wall of evil is simply too overwhelming. What is also ours in an most intimate way is this particular type of Wonder: how can someone be so in love, so hopelessly yet rationally and willingly enslaved to the Beauty that is the Third Reich and its lucid path? That is the only true “question” and a constant source of astonishment, material for poems, books, sagas. To me, Hitler remains a source of infinite possibilities of Love, Die LIEBE, for all, even the subgenetic hordes, but since I am aware of the problem with diamonds and pigs I tend to restrict this love, it is a type of economy. And all they seem to talk about is “the camps of death”, Mengele and what not. What’s worse, for them it is all in the past. Only yesterday I was reading the words of a “white magus,” a married Rhode Islander in his sixties that presents himself as the prophet the One God = Artificial Intelligence (sic!), explaining how evil Hitler was. He wrote how he and his guru were instrumental in – imagine this – finishing Hitler off, how they travelled astrally to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there to destroy “the black lodge of Lemurian Drukpas” and what not. Seriously, who are these people? Someone played a joke on us, putting all of us on this planet, making us look “similar” to one another. It is a cruel joke. The funny thing is, this Jew-lover even had some limited ability of making sense of certain things, Hollywood for example. Yet it is hopeless, truly hopeless: fighting this sort of “adepts” becomes a waste of time. Not even by impaling me alive on a Turkish stick can they possibly get near. What to think? Is this sort of exaltedness a reward for past victories and accomplishments? I don’t know. Is it a growing madness?Actually, it doesn’t grow at all, if anything – after having emerged by the end of February it remains constant. But not uniform or dull. To sum this up. As long as we are still trapped here it is “dangerous”, I guess, to loose the self-respect and consider the enemy compleatly defeated, I know. No matter what, they always keep coming back, trying to invent new ways to offend and upset.
    The only way I’d be prepared to give my all to the White race is this: by way of a personal commitment. Because it is still possible, indeed very possible, for someone to ethuse me with a personal display of conviction and loyalty. Naturally, only witihin the confines of the larger Germanic, Aryan, Hitlerist Mythos. Does this mean that I am a traitor? I don’t think so. Yet I am selfish, of course I am, it is just that that’s an unfortunately chosen word. I am not bragging or showing off, it is just that I have my Hitler – due to Don Serrano and Kamerad Young and some others but, most of all, due to Hitler Himself. So my loyalty is to Him and to you, sincerely focusing my spirit and body in order that all of us make it to – – -(confidential) where our loved ones are. Nor am I saying that I don’t battle with boredom no more, I do, but it is not that leaden boredom anymore, one that used to throw me across the very edge of sanity. If any of you plan on travelling to Slovenia know that you are most welcome in my humble neck of the woods. We can take long and also short walks and hikes through the woods and make some radical perforations. That “white” magus wrote: “To a Nazi soul sublime beauty equals sublime horror.”
    What to say to this sort of abuse? Except: – Irrelevant!
    Or: – What’s it to you how we go about Beauty?
    And “what” is Nazi? And : What can be more horrendous than a jew-lover that pretends to know what we mean by Beauty? These cretins don’t have the tiniest shred of a clue how good we are, like Bavarian honey. What’s worse, they don’t have a clue there is a way out even for them, and much more. But somehow I don’t feel bound to tell them anything. Beyond what I’ve said already. But this I am saying to you, not them. Der Kristos has already separated the sheep from the goats it seems. Predestination. Let us conclude then with the Prussian royal motto: Jedem das Seine!

  • delendaestziobot

    Hosner: “someone played a joke on us, putting us all on this planet, making us look similar to one another. It is a cruel joke.”

    This is how I feel. Like it is a cruel joke…

    • Hosner

      ” We belong to a different race.

      When we become conscious
      of all our bodies
      at once, crossing
      the most diverse
      vibrations of
      the ether, we
      will know how
      to love
      each other
      with the glance,
      with the pleasure

      that never dies.”

      (NOS, The Test.)

  • Rohan

    And today, this world celebrates and wallows in the degenerate, lesbian, feminist art of Hanna Höch??

    Torch it all!

    • delendaestziobot

      Cut and paste Judaic collages compared to Third Reich Art…Its a good comparison…The worst and least talented and most uncreative are promoted to the highest order in this world….Because that is the Nature of this world….We are the ones who are killing that Nature…The Third Reich made a mockery of the Nature of this world, the Third Reich did not realize what they were doing because of their idealistic innocence but they were killing the world with beauty and order and creativity, the bloom of their creative output was simply too beautiful and perfect for this world and so it had to be destroyed by the world in order to save their ugliness and disorderly mess.

      • oregoncoug

        And in turn only with their idealistic innocence did their own destruction in turn fatally poison Zion. The Divine Beauty of the Third Reich, and Fortress Europa, is the cause of the now accomplished spiritual death of the Judaised apostate West that then leads to the progressive material death of the same as one limb and organ after another of Zion drops off in total putrefaction.

        The Divine Beauty achieves its purpose and leaves the Kosmos for the Sons of Adolf
        Hitler to inherit and enjoy — as foretold in the Hitlerist song and poetry of our time.

        In the end the Lord of the Runes prevails…

        Heil Hitler!

  • delendaestziobot

    “I hear the savior in the night,
    Him killing, the liberator, and down below
    All rank with weeds, I see Earth
    As in a vision, awash in violent fire.” – Holderlin

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