The German National Socialist term “Herrenvolk” has always been mistranslated as “Master Race”. Nobody, neither German or Englishman has ever translated this word correctly, it has been stated by a couple of lonely individuals that the translation is incorrect….Obviously it cannot be translated as “Master Race” because the literal translation of Master Race would be “Meister Rasse”, which is a completely different meaning to Herrenvolk. So completely obvious is this but it has always eluded the comprehension of humanity who has endevoured to make so much hullabaloo about this word but such a hullabaloo of hubris works efficiently when 99.80% of humanity is hubris.

The aim of German National Socialism was as Hitler stated in Mein Kampf to “transform our ideal vision of the People’s State into a reality”….National Socialism was an ideal that Hitler attempted to transform into a reality. Now to the etymology: The word “Sir” in English derives from it parent language – German – “Herr”….This is a public term, for example in a restaurant the customer would be addressed as “Herr”. It is a public honourific, a term of respect when addressing someone…It is not a Title anymore than the Title in English – “Mister” or “Gentleman”….One could say colloquially “Good Day my good Sir” or “And for you Sir, what will it be?”…In the way that Herr can be used to describe “master” it means that the man is a master of himself more so than the master of anyone else. If the man was the master of anyone else, in etymological terms then he would be given another title which in German there are many titles which inform of rank and hierarchy. The word Herr derives from Herro, which is from where the English word “Hero” is derived. In Germanic Dutch it is “heer” and in the Germanic Swedish it is “herre”. Herr also means in reference to God. In the reference in which it is applied to a Volk, it can only mean “Proud”, “Venerable” or “Noble”…..An accurate translation of Herrenvolk could be “A People of Gentlemen”….And that would be much more accurate as for what was intended by the term. But there are many different translations that one could make. Another could be – “Noble Folk”, or “A Venerable People”, or in a religious sense “A Lordly People” or even a more irreligious “The People Themselves are Lords”……

Now, just looking here in Mein Kampf I will point out another quote which is relevant to this discussion: “The trend of development which we are now experiencing would, if allowed to go unhampered would lead to the realisation of the Pan-Jewish prophecy that the Jews will one day devour the other nations and become lords of the earth. In contrast to the millions of bourgeois and proletarian Germans who are stumbling to their ruin, mostly through timidity, indolence and stupidity, the Jew pursues his way persistently and keeps his eye always fixed on the future goal. Any party that is led by him can fight for no other interests than his, and his interests certainly have nothing in common with those of the Aryan nations.”

Hitler can identify that only His National Socialism can hamper the Jews devouring the nations. But what He does not understand is that there are no “Aryan Nations” and the Jews have always been at the head of the “Nations”. Which He does acknowledge but the thought is unresolved, that National Socialism would first have to do away with the current State and replace it with another in order to be successful, because the present State as it was (1923 in Germany), was indeed Jewish in conception and practice. Which is why Hitler points out that the millions of bourgeois and proletarian Germans are merely stumbling blindly to their ruin….But the ultimate point is that 98.00% of Germans are just Gentiles who blindly follow the Jews and their destiny is wholly Jewish too. The Gentiles and the Jews are one and this is something that Hitler could not see until it was too late. It is not merely an alliance between Jews and Gentiles, it is a symbiotic relationship that is a biological instinct. As Constantin Franz stated – the invention of Nation States was to furnish an opportunity to explore and exploit the reciprocal relations of different states for the large banking houses. Lending to a Nation State was more profitable than lending to an individual. As it has been adequately revealed in the past as soon as Jews entered into this affair of state relations they instigated wars with the full compliance of their Gentile supporters, in every example the Jews became the most chosen leaders of opinion of every nationality. Chosen by whom? Chosen by the Gentiles, that is whom. Jews only made up 2% of the German population, but that was ten times as many Jews as what there was in France or Britain! Because Germany is the original Homeland of the Jewish people (as I reveal in Third Reich Pilgrim). The Jew was quite comfortable playing the German Patriot, the French Chauvinist, or the British Imperialist, or the Polish Nationalist. And it was easy to ferment discord with one Nation against another because the Gentiles also played this role. By arousing one nation against another new profits were generated and new wars followed. The Jews of course took to the Stock-Markets while the Gentiles took to the trenches and manufacturing factories…Because that was their nature to do so. The nature of the “Nation State” is a symbiotic relationship between Jew and Gentile. It has always been the case with the pure Jew that he cannot tolerate spending money, it hurts and pains him to spend money, only the half or quarter Jew can just barely spend a little money, but that is nothing compared to the Gentile who spends with reckless abandon, and cares not where money comes from or what it is, only whether he obtains it, and then, subsequently spends it, preferably on himself. The Jewish monetary system cannot operate without the Gentile. and the population of Jews must be kept low because they don’t spend any money, they only loan money. The pure Jew walks to work in an old black suit, he does not even wash because that would cost money! He simply cannot bare to spend money which is why he loans it out to the Gentile, who loves nothing better than to spend money. It is the Gentile who likes fast expensive showy cars and grand houses. The Jew lives in a musty old flat and sells insurance policies for fast expensive cars and grand houses, because the insurance policy is more profitable…The Jew has always been the collector of tolls and taxes, the Treasurer, the keeper of the counting house. Do Jews have fashion? No, the Gentiles do, the Gentiles must change their fashion every week so that they can be more hubris…The Jews just wear the same old black suit, generation after generation…But the Jews could never exist without their Gentiles, those millions of bourgeois and proletarian Gentiles which make up 98% of the demographics.

National Socialism was only Hitler’s Ideal Love, a Love that the People could never live up to. Gentiles and Jews could not comprehend Hitler’s Ideal, so they destroyed it.

It is not that the Jews will devour the Nations or the so-called misnomer of “Aryan Nations” but that the Jews and Gentiles will devour themselves.

Herrenvolk – “The People themselves are Lords”…. What pure Idealism of the Highest order could imagine such a thing on this earth. Hitler was the purest Idealist.

23 responses to “HerrenVolk

  • laryensoufi

    The best Aryan Man before the coming end, before the crossing of the great transitional abyss into another “Satya” onto another plane, reciprocally analogue to what was anteriorly a Golden Age, went hand in hand & was the essential substance of the best possible ideological political & economic, & pragmatique plan, for the survival of the ‘Gentils'(which means in French, KIND-Hearted, a ‘nice’ person): National-Socialism(this you have mentioned elsewhere if I’m not mistaken, & am whole heartily in agreement with you).

    But where is the HerrenVolk, but in the mind of One Great Man? A very kind hearted one for that, noble in his Ideals, putting on eventually the cloak of world ignominy, among the children of those for whom he desired the Best, & was of course rewarded shamefully otherwise. Even what Pyhagoras, in Greater Greece, or Plato aspired & tried with a certain tyrant of his time, & even Alexander, the Son of Phillip did not accomplish, what the Führer did, in so little time amongst so many turncoats & jealous rivals. Against the “Modern” World, against the successive tides of the vicious Demiurge. In whose World we are now in! Dare I say, have always been in.

    And its getting better, or should I say worse. We just keep on stumbling!

  • Michael A. Luna

    Christ replaced Krist and Ka became Ch

    One makes a “ch” or “sh” sound if they want something or someone to stop, to be quiet.

    Christians worship Jehovah at a Sh-Rhine…


    • M:G

      Yes, you are right. Today’s churches are essentially demonic and satanic. It is extremely disgusting and at the same time comical to see these so called ziobotic “evangelicals ” praising and worshipping Israel, Jews and Jehovah on television.

      • Michael A. Luna

        MG, I will tell you something else. The word “Babel” ( from the Tower of Babel story in the Bible ) is actually a mostly Cyrillic word. This has been hinted at elsewhere but never discussed openly as far as I’m aware.

        To start with, it is very interesting to see the connection between “B” and “V” in European languages. In Castillian, there is little or no distinction between B and V. Castillian is Visigoth/Germanic in origin. And it is quite common that B’s when translating from German to English become V’s ( like Elben-Elven ). Of course in the Cyrillic alphabet ( also German in origin ), the letter “B” is a V sound ( Ve ). If we take a slight tangent, it’s pertinent to recognize that the characteristics of “bile” would match up with the English adjective “vile.” There is much more to discuss on this topic but I’m not prepared to do so at this moment.

        Now, the “b” in the word “Babel” is not a lowercase “B” ( “Bee” ), but the Cyrillic soft sound “ь”. The pronounciation of “aь” is “æ”.

        and “e” in Cyrillic is pronounced like “ye” in the word yes.

        Babel = B-aь-el ( or B-aь-ьe-l ) = V-æ-ye-l = Veil

        Very clever.

        The same sort of tricks are used with the word Bible.

        Bible = Vile = Veil.

        So… the Tower of Babel in the Bible is a reference to the Veil put on humanity with slave languages, of which most words are in fact black magic spells cleverly disguised in a web of phonetics… English being the worst of them.

        I am starting to understand what Serrano meant by the Hyperborean Gods lacking the Guile and Mal-ice to see through Loki’s many disguises.


    • Michael A. Luna

      We are Germans.

      I am not a man. I-ch bin ein Men-sch. And we are also Huns. Hitler the Hun! False history will not hide this fact anymore. Huns do not and will not hun-ch, as much as the Demiurge and his legion attempt to compress Our spinal cords…

      As the einherier, We have eine Ehre, ER.

      ei-ne, Defiance of the Egg which has yet to be broken.

      Ehre, The H and Eternity of Herr/Heer becomes subtle.

      ER, Our Weapon in this Kampf. Sieg-Grün.


      Heil Adolf Hitler and All who serve Him, knowingly and unknowingly…

      • delendaestziobot

        The word “Hun”, was a Prussian word….Used in many cases to describe Germans….Obviously the Mongolian “Hun” and Genghis Khan was a joke, a media-newspaper play on this, although one can unravel it somewhat. In truth there was the “Hansa” – the Hanseatic League, and then also Father Jahn…. “Father Jahn was a Hun”…Turnvater Jahn that is. In this sense the German soldier (unknown) is always a “Hun”.

        “As the einherier, We have eine Ehre, ER.”

        Heil Hitler!

  • M:G

    It is all about a brand new and fresh beginning, shedding and breaking apart the shells of this failed species called humanity and zion

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    To reform a greedy, arrogant, egocentric cyber-biological “humanity,” which is to say “psychotic” species (in the parlance of our times), OR NOT to reform? — this is the question I think we can all confidently answer in the negative. My baby book — of which I can only hope you are all, at least, somewhat fond — was an extension of National Socialist Idealism, an Idealism to which we can all plead “Guilty.” Nazis are what we are now. EHREANS are what we aspire to be. But we need one (won) Mind for this, one (won) Body even. Flashing gang signs and singing degenerate songs will not get us there. We are above gang signs. We are above orphic lewdness, and astrological FATE. We are not Nietzsche. We are not Zion. HEIL HITLER!

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    The thing that Serrano really understood, I believe, beyond all his predecessors and contemporaries is that Hitler and His IDEA had to *lose* and be *set loose* from not only this prison-camp world, but from this entire concentration-camp-cosmos of horrors, whatever that entails (as no one to this day really knows). He/We/Nos had to Lose. How could combustion technology of/by/for the Demiurge be used by such a Pure Soul and Ideal, and yet not (at the same time) be ensnared, enslaved and destroyed by said Demiurge?

    Yes, the Reich had started developing alternative implosive energies, yet this was secondary. We, who are against Time, will always be on the losing side of perfecting our “technologies.” Why? Because technologies in and of themselves are evil, i.e. controlled by the ensnaring, entropic Demiurgic forces lined up against us — forces which will, at least in this reality, always have the upper hand. I hope I am wrong, as I am still merely a traveler Adept. But I don’t think so. HEIL HITLER!

    • delendaestziobot

      I think you are right. The Gnostic Neo-Nazi can only lose here in this mechanical Matrix…. The Haunebu is symbolic of a Resurrection, not of an actual technology.

      “….with UFO’s, with Vimanas and their ‘crew’, the Way of coveted re-turn, Resurrection and Immortality, escape from the eternal Circle, is an archetypal way, imposing its own spiritual laws, or better its Meaning.” – MANU: For The Man To Come

      The technology for UFO’s is spiritual rather than mechanical science. Jung would also confirm this.

  • Hosner

    Whatever disturbs the flow of glandular secretions is untoward and evil; to have and wear a proper SS uniform isn’t entirely necessary for one’s peace of mind, but it definitely helps, especially if one is a beginner; after some time one can dispense with external stimuli, but only insofar as mind-muscle is an asset, not otherwise; because what can be more agreeable to an Aryan skin than the touch of an SS uniform? And we are partial, perhaps. When the war is over, when even the least disturbance is removed, we return to wearing civil clothes. Or have we become so accustomed to wearing uniforms? I must admit that the idea of civilian clothes does seem a bit…outre. What is peace, anyway? There will be no peace as long as the evil sun shines. And it is evil, because it gives of its mead to evil people.
    Whoever is truly a Hitlerist, sired by the Mind of Adolf Hitler, will sooner or later find himself as part of an “breakaway civilization.” Everything confirms this fact, especially an analysis of the current geo-pollitical and psycho-spiritual atmosphere of the world. But are we doing all we can to further our escape? Perhaps it is time we admitted to ourselves that the Neuschwabenland contingent won’t be arriving to evacuate us. It is we who must reach them. At the very best, they will meet us halfway, but I wouldn’t count on that possibilty.either.
    By asking whether we were doing enough, I was trying to find out if we were flogging the mules of our imagination with all the might at our disposal. Because it is imagination that will get us out of here, even as it is imagination, and some other Krafts, that enables us to live in that world even now, in that world whither we are bound. In that world where no jews pollute the air, no gentiles.

    A whip, with or without breeches, is very useful for “works of wrath.”
    Reading Mein Kampf, and reading it aloud, in Deutsch, is good for everthing, but especially for development of Wisdom and the discursive mind.
    And yet the milk of the Esoterik matter can only be had after one has properly understood Don Miguel Serrano’s work. I owe him my very soul, and I shall not tire of saying it, ever. If there were no Serrano, I couldn’t be sired by the Fuhrer’s mind because of the potency of Jewish lie. Before I’d read Serrano, I looked but shyly in Hitler’s direction, convinced all was over; knowing nothing, understanding nothing, a mere zombie despite some potential.
    I am not saying we are conditioned by anything, but perhaps we could…you know..organize our own Nurnberg in the physical?
    Celebrate our love for Adolf Hitler and National Socialism that with the help of Miguel Serrano’s intervention redeemed us for the Green Thunderbolt!

    But the Green Thunderbolt is an awesome Reality; not easy of access.
    Believe me, nothing would please me more than to wake up in Germany, the war would be over, we having won, of course, and with a vengeance, somewhere there would be a humble home for me, the hair of my wife would resemble the fire of Sunna, I’d study Runology and publish many peer-reviewed articles and be a father to many children, no need for heavy metaphysics and abstractions, no need for magik even.
    As it is, I am waking up in the gulag; and magik/poiesis seems to be the only Path.
    We are difficult people, or can be, but not that difficult as to be unable of finding out whether we are even interested in this idea of mine, the idea of an Nurnberg away from Nurnberg.
    I think we should not underestimate the advantages of Kameradschaft.
    Alaf Sal Fena!

    • Hosner

      I now see it was rather unnecessary to have suggested a “Nürnberg away from Nürnberg.” There would be nothing wrong with a meeting of comrades, under certain conditions, but to bring Nürnberg into it all is unrealistic, perhaps even disrespectful, in a way; and perhaps I should apologize for bothering you at all. Sometimes ideas get hold of me that initially seem worth persuing, but this is not one of them. Maybe I should be preoccupied lest I lose my mind? Perhaps, but I don’t really believe in losing one’s mind. Wir kämpfen weiter. HH!

    • Hosner

      I wrote the above convinced that the noun ‘breeches’ meant boots, footwear; checking with the dictionary, in order to silence a suspicious voice in my skull, I found out it actually signifies, among other things, trousers, which makes for a laughable lapsus. The temple of skull is at peace now. Adolf Hitler is god.

  • delendaestziobot

    All Third Reich Holy Relics are Holy Relics! From a SS Uniform to a Veteran’s Association tin badge, to a Wehrmacht soldier’s bread bag to a silver spoon, to a Railway Officer’s dagger…. Contemplation and possession of such items is infinitely greater than the “Spear of Destiny” or “The Cup that Christ drank from at the Last Supper”, or “fragment of a nail from the cross of crucifixion” or now “Mohammed’s footprint”, etc…. In Third Reich Pilgrim, the Ruins and Relics of the Reich have far more spiritual power than anything else, in fact they would be the physical manifestation of spiritual power and Truth….

    From this perspective, for example, Serrano sees that “The Eagle’s Nest” in Berchtesgaden as the fabled “Grail Castle”…. It takes imagination to understand this, and there are only a few spirits left that would be able to have the imagination to see it….

    • Hosner

      I am trying to find a satisfying answer to that very question. Escape, according to Don Miguel Serrano, constitutes a way of existence that is entirely free of the accursed Demiurgic influence, of its abatoir-like logic of chopping up souls. In a word, it is Total Freiheit: “He will be like Wotan, and more than Wotan.” Thus Don Serrano wrote in his Adolf Hitler : Ultimate Avatar, having in mind a true adept of Esoteric Hitlerism. Much, almost everything, can be done in that sense while we are yet imprisoned in this terrestrial body, and yet it is all but preparation against that crucial moment that arrives only with one’s own Death. At that moment one’s Psyche is confronted with the possibility of attaining Immortality. At present I have no exact idea just what inner gesture would secure me that Immortality, but I’d like to think that the moment(s), and even the immediate process, of dying brings with it its own answers. It is difficult to find these answers in advance, or anticipate anything definite, but I know that one can not escape if he hasn’t prepared well, and preparation means gathering enough energy in order to be able to effectively command one’s own Astral Body, The Son of Man, whose Birth is the flowering of (walking) the Path of A-Mor, a Path that can’t be fully understood, let alone traversed, without the presence and guidance of that most mysterious of entities that is one’s own Queen, Ella or She. Being mysterious, it is also personal. I can’t imagine anyone with enough spiritual acumen to be drawn to EH to be without his Queen, which, however, is not just one’s idealized projection of the feminine but a true magikal presence, one’s Transformative Butterfly i.e. Psyche or (one’s) Soul, that he must confide in. The “problem” with the Queen, as our Holy Books explain, is this: often she is not incarnated simultaneously with us, or arrives at an “inopportune” period in one’s life. That is a matter of one’s Garma, but, ultimately, it doesn’t constitute an insurmountable problem. Another problem, or task, is to recognize her – if we are fortunate enough to meet her.
      For the purposes of guiding Her Knight of Esoteric Hitlerism the Queen is able to influence and employ, I am sure, lesser women as well. Our task is to remain pure.

      My imagination and reading in our literature tells me the astral body is confronted with insane currents and wailings at the moment of death, a merciless tearing apart; escape, then, is to be able to stand one’s ground,

      to not move,

      to resist,

      and wait for Her.

      There are very good exercises towards this, the Son of Man, in Don Serrano’s book, Maya, but there’s nothing to steel one’s resolve like imaginatve identifications with(in) the SS Curriculum, especially the Russian campaign, Blaue.
      This is but part of the answer. I am sure Don Miguel Serrano tought of us, His true readers, but He must be sought as well, His Word and Presence and Guidance. He didn’t write just the EH Trilogy. He left instructions all over His opus, like a true Pedagogue.



  • delendaestziobot

    Can one lose or secure one’s Immortality? If we take a “Calvinist” view, than one cannot lose or secure one’s Immortality, one is either Immortal or not, for Immortality is as much looking backwards as forwards…So Don Miguel was no Calvinist because he wrote that one must gain one’s own Immortality. And this tends to be a Eastern viewpoint, in Eastern Metaphysics one must prepare for Immortality, but then then again, Don Miguel does not correspond to the Hindu and Buddhist metaphysics of mergence with the One. Nor Western esoterics of Neoplatonism where there is also a mergence with the One….Probably, then closest to Lutheran Protestantism and also Catholicism, in that respect, where one can lose or gain Immortality in those doctrines, but with Don Miguel, the salvation and promise of Immortality is not universal, not open to all, it is exclusive, so he would ultimately oppose both Protestantism and Catholicism.

    Interestingly, of late, the Jewish Philosopher Otto Weininger has come up, Weininger was a Jew who felt that spiritually he was an Aryan, and so he killed himself, at age 23… Well, Weininger wrote in his book ‘Sex and Character’ : “The mind must have transcended time to grasp it, it must have stood outside it in order to be able to reflect on it. If we could not free ourselves from time, we could have no knowledge of time.”

    Weininger, like the Hindu or the Buddhist, believed that no woman could partake in Eternity….That the woman, simply has no Eternal value, she is purely matter… I think with Don Miguel, he believed that the woman has no Eternity, but that the Man must create an Eternity for her? Or that She is the image of His own soul?

    Certainly it can be acknowledged that certain individuals have a greater cosmic depth than what one finds in the natural world, and this is creating a huge conflict…But those individuals could not possibly exist in the natural world without certain preparations and cultivation that would need to precede them…

    • Hosner

      “Certainly it can be acknowledged that certain individuals have a greater cosmic depth than what one finds in the natural world, and this is creating a huge conflict…But those individuals could not possibly exist in the natural world without certain preparations and cultivation that would need to precede them…”

      Kamerad Karl, this thought of yours, as precise and scientific as it is deep and uplifting, reflects the invisible Rays of the Black Sun! HH!

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