The Path

The Path Before Me – By Arm Of Thor (Kamerad Curt)

They had started the morphine earlier that day. The fentanyl patches no longer worked as a shield for the pain. Staring in disbelief at my father’s sunken face in his hospital bed, withering away, bright blue eyes bulging, fat and flesh sunken to a horrific degree. The aggressive cancer obliterating the pain defenses of the heavy opiates…No defense against the pain…the impending. This fake earth we live on is being sucked dry by the forces that care not for nature or men. This second earth will be dead soon like the moon. Lunar = Death. Evil only cares about enriching Itself and using slaves of Atlantis to their end before moving on. This is accomplished by imposing frameworks for living that defy what is natural, i.e. Capitalism, Democracy and Usury. My father, who passed about a month ago, is symbolic of this world we live in. He was yet another mindless ziobot fumbling through life, but not ever knowing his purpose – he was just another cog in a massive wheel – within the the machinations of The Iron Age. Earth, this wheel, always turning clockwise, away from Nostalgia, further and further into the Age of Iron, destruction through explosion. He passed away not knowing the Truth. The worst death.

The first dream I had was at the broken antenna that is Externsteine, but on the back-side of the holy rock formation. As I looked up at Him in the rocks, where he hung for nine days without even mead to quench His thirst, to rediscover the meaning of the Runes for us. I heard a slight wind at my back, a rustling of the beautifully coloured German Fall leaves. I turned around and saw Him there, looking at me intently. After a moment, I asked Him, “Can I call you Father?” He answered, “Yes, but you do not know why yet.” “When will I know?” “Continue to follow The Path I laid out for you.” He replied. His words were of finality, as though He was certain I would continue to walk the Path of the Pilgrim. I looked back up at the rocks. As I did the air around me was like a vacuum…soundless…completely quiet. Then the very slightest Orphic music mingled with the leaves quietly stirring. I looked back again, but He was gone.

But He is not gone…He had never left me, I was simply not listening to Him. I was too busy doing drugs and whoring and lying, too busy to listen to the ancient wisdom of the blood within. That initial dream was all just my imagination…right? Wrong. Dead wrong. I now always listen to my Blood…within which carries the Nostalgia for what once was…perfection…The Golden Age…Thule Hyperborea. That is where my Father Wotan resides, waiting for the Sons of Wotan/Odin to gather and complete The Final Battalion to wreak unimaginable vengeance upon the Evil that is the Demiurge.

“Loyalty is my Honor”


9 responses to “The Path

  • judomonk

    I am sorry to hear about your Father’s death. His, reminded me of my own Father’s passing. He was a slave to the machine but always thinking he was doing what was correct/just. He never achieved that for which our souls strive for.
    Please, explain to me something. It has been a constant means to my uneasiness for awhile.
    What is the white nationalist and esoteric Hitlerist God? What do they see as the prime mover/creator ALLFather? Is it the same monotheistic god which is part of Judeo Christian dogma?

    Is the real reason white nationalist, esoteric Hitlerist, Black Sun followers call Lucifer, Odin, Apollo, Woton a God is not because they/it are/is the ALLFather but rebelled against the Judeo Christian god and see them as a sign of hope?

    Sorry for the questions but just trying to put the pieces together correctly.


    • delendaestziobot

      Kamerad Curt was the author of this essay, so I cant speak for him. What I can say is that there is no comparison between the political “White Nationalism”, (which I believe to be a misnomer and a fictitious movement, and the meta-political Esoteric Hitlerism…Miguel Serrano’s views on theology and spirituality are published in his books. So to grasp those fundamentals it would be prudent to read his books.

  • Kamerad Curt

    Religious dogma can be a thorny subject because of widely and deeply held beliefs, and EH is no different. On this topic, views range from the JC God being originally based on an Aryan Archetype (Wotan/Odin), but that the religious doctrine has been twisted and distorted by evil along the ways of time (from a more positive Kristianity devolving ((to varying degrees)) into a more negative Christianity), to the JC God being put forth from the beginning by the forces of the Demiurge to mislead people along the wrong path.

    The term “archetype” appears as early as Philo Judaeus with a reference to the “god-image” in man. My own belief is that Wotan is the AllFather and Adolf Hitler was the ninth Avatar of Vishnu, an exact copy, if you will, of THE Aryan Archetype (Wotan). I am most likely too dimwitted to see how the JC God fits into that. Perhaps my studies will lead me to eventually believe otherwise, but for now, Wotan is God/AllFather.

    • MDM

      It is my understanding the ALLFather is more than Wotan or any other God. This ALLFather is the prime mover and intelligent designer of the all things. Sort of the eternal spark that generates all. This ALLFather is far beyond our scope but some of his creations are not. And these include what we call the GODS.

      I see Lucifer, Apollo, Wotan…one and the same. They are those that rebelled against the evil forces, same evil which we continue to fight today, and guide mankind to better themselves…physical, mentally and spiritually.

      We are in a battle that is much more than just the color of one’s skin or nationality. Mankind has and continues to be in a cosmic battle for control and alienation.

      I still have much more to learn. But I was aware of such ‘things’ as a very young child. My life has been a lonely one, though married and with children, but I believe this has harden me for what is to come….

  • Kamerad Curt

    For me, there is no higher authority than Wotan/Odin/Lucifer. There is not one god, but many. The eternal spark (that benevolent green ray), is within all those who choose to see it, and recognize it within the blood memory that carries within it the ancient wisdom from Hyberborea and beyond. The age-old battle/war between good and evil has always been and always will be. The forces of evil, commanded by Satan, march on…unrelenting in their push for worldwide (Universal) domination and power over all others.

    I have chosen a Path to take me away from this disgusting and immoral fake second Earth we call reality (Maya), so that we may fight against evil with everything in our power, a power so wrought with righteous energy and fury before unseen, that it will strike terror in our enemies. This will occur so that we can save ourselves from a certain extinction, or worse yet, enslavement…a concentration camp universe.

  • Hosner

    Ideas as to the nature of the Demiurge found on this blog:

    If the link doesn’t work, type the word ‘hatybov’ in any browser and explore some, there is a lot of material, some of it interesting.

  • Hosner

    I’m sorry, the correct address is this:

  • Hosner

    “This is a struggle against God, all the Gods and your ‘angel’.

    Because while wishing you to be victorious , in reality they don’t wish it.

    It is a solitary struggle, without quarter…”

    Miguel Serrano, NOS, page 79 (The 55 Club, 2013.)

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