What is the Earth, but a kind of situation within the perceiving Mind, invaded by parasites of all sorts, infiltrating the harmonious calamity that the Eternal Spirit forces on the souls of all those who enter its englobing and pervasive perpetual discourse. Because the Spirit is free and transcendental, it entraps taking the soul to its appointed ending making one think its something other than oneself. But in the end its your God in you abiding by you in all and eventually through all that’s in your waking and unawakened field of perception. Becoming a concrete thing. To die in some Wasteland. Because the soul needs a better place in which to thrive attaining its abstract beauty. Here where nothing would be decent enough to stand it!

   What is it you call the Earth? Is it all the pretty and ugly little things you see and experience? Crowding the outward surface…

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5 responses to “GERDA

  • delendaestziobot

    Beautiful, true, living and unique…

  • The 55 Club

    A little bit of comedy relief.

  • delendaestziobot

    I am offended by Yarmulkes and Gay Rainbow flags, and gadfly Media reporters. LOL… Why do they display such anti-Nazi sentiment, why so Gemanophobic? Third Reich haters…

  • The 55 Club

    Good question. As we know, they frantically attack anything that is even remotely National Socialist, because they do not want people to ever learn the truth – to ever find the Salvation that Adolf Hitler embodies, but that does not adequately answer their obsession with hate that seems to come so naturally to them. It must be a deeply embedded guilt complex that feeds their fear. They have much to feel guilty about – and much to fear.

    • delendaestziobot

      The human drones have fanatical and extreme radical hatred for the Third Reich and our Father, Adolf Hitler. They are “Anti-Nazi”, and Germanophobic… Obsessive haters of all things Aryan… And, of course, these human drones make up the vast majority…They are confident in the vastly superior numbers, and they in control of all this world.

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