Fake His-Stories.

History is a pack of lies, about events that never happened, told by liars who were never there….Homer was blind….It’s a joke..LOL… History is a joke, complete and utter bunkum from go to woe… All of Archaeology is a fraud, the beginning of the destruction of the fraud began in 2012…It will be replaced with even bigger lies, the fraudulent his-story will be replaced with more fraudulent his-story! And that will be an even bigger joke. “Usually such museums only allow artifacts and visual displays that are obtuse, objects composed to confuse, not to guide or enlighten but to confuse and mislead the viewer, they call it “historical art” and it is the artistic recreation of an imagined past, the props and the stage sets of fables, art as a contrivance designed for the purpose of confusion via abstraction. Confusion via abstraction is a propaganda technique developed over the centuries into…well, a fine art, one could say. One can understand it this way – anywhere there is a display put up, supposedly for the benefit of the general public and at great cost, one can be sure that it contains contrived forms of propaganda designed to utterly confuse and disorientate the viewer with disinformation, lies and deception, which is why school children are taken to museums.”  Third Reich Pilgrim: The Ruins Of Power

How to turn worthless junk into gold? Put it in a Museum and tell the masses “It’s old”.


How to turn bad design into great Art? Put it in a museum and tell the masses “it’s old”…

26 responses to “Fake His-Stories.

  • delendaestziobot

    Howard Carter had some family junk stuff he wanted to get rid of, the “Egyptian Style Decor” that had once been all the rage in the drawing rooms of his mummy and daddy’s manor houses. So he concocted a story that he found it in the desert in a tomb, and this made it much more expensive than it would have been had he told the truth that it was just out-of-fashion worthless junk bought from a Jewish second hand dealer… Lies propagate endlessly through their agent of propagation, which is the human liar – all humans are liars so the lies are organic and can never cease as long as there are humans….All humans will deny that they are liars of course, and will claim that they are telling the truth…

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    In total agreement, Kamerad Karl. The only “history” I am certain of (other than the revelatory events of the Reich years) is that which I have experienced for myself, e.g. the periodic discovery of arrowheads at a secluded site near one of my residences, along a river-bank, whenever the tide is low, exposing whatever’s poking up from beneath the mud. The arrowheads are said to be made by red-skins for hunting, but I know better. They are mainly made of white quartz, suggesting supernatural properties to other dimensions, acting as a direct conduit to the inner Earth. They were made by Aryans/Hyperboreans at a remote time, and not for the base animalistic purpose of eating flesh, but for communication, and (dare I say it) ART. This is a sacred spot, a grove or alcove. In fact, I have seen strange things here. Often times I get the feeling that when I go there, I might not return.

  • M:G

    There is concentrated effort to obscure and conceal facts/truths about the great Aryan civilization that had existed in the past. The minions of Zion are recycling and regurgitating the shameless lies and false narratives in order to deceive and delude themselves, the same worn out nonsense are utilized to suppress Aryan consciousness and spirit. Discovery channel, National Geographic, PBS( Should be known as Pure Bull Shit) and BBC (Bumbling Bull Crap), “Scientific” American and Nature magazine are the most guilty parties of these.

  • delendaestziobot

    Anything, that would receive any sort of promotion would be BS…Any so-called “whistle-Blower” would be BS also…That is why I can reveal things like oil is synthetic and comes from a factory and not out of the ground, or that “Ancient” Egyptian Pyramids were built by the Suez Canal Company and nothing will happen….I will not be assassinated, or promoted in anyway through any media outlet, nobody will even notice what I just wrote because it does not fit in the the predetermined Programme that is running. I should re-name my blog “Delenda-Leaks” just as a joke….Nothing will happen anyway, so it does not matter…I could reveal Truth all day and night, but I might as well go and paint the fence because that would be more constructive, and better for my health….LOL…Where is the Curse of Tutankhamun now, after revealing that the whole thing was a hoax, nothing happened!!!! Why am I not struck down by the Curse also???

  • delendaestziobot

    Let’s say, for example, I am a second hand dealer in pots, and I buy a broken pot for nothing, because its broken and nobody wants it because it does not work, what happens if I draw some little pictures on it and say that I found it in a field and its actually thousands of years old, and that is why it is broken, I can now tell my friend who works at the newspaper and he will print it because it is a lie and he is in the business of printing lies. I can then tell my friend at the University to investigate it and he will because that is what he is paid to do, and then he will tell his friend at the museum and he will ask to buy the broken pot off me for alot of money, much more money that a good pot is worth. So I just turned a broken, no good pot into a product that is worth more than a good pot, and seeing that I did that then many other humans will do the same and after a while a whole industry is created, out of broken pots….

    • K. von Kanwetzburg

      Excellent description, Kamerad! You also happened to describe the degenerate industry of so-called “modern art.”

      • delendaestziobot

        Yes, for example Jackson Pollock, who was so drunk that he could hardly even hold a paint brush, so his Jewish supporter just told him to dribble the paint on, it made no difference, the point is that it was con- job.

  • delendaestziobot

    If I actually turned my attention to making money, I could, you know, I would be able to make alot of money very quickly, because I know how the whole stinking system operates…Then I could actually afford to drive round in a German car, and pay off my house in a fancy suburb, get a wife who is active and pretty and still keeps in contact with her school friends and have kids and shit, so that they grow up to be stinking little thieving and lying cheats like their parents – more fodder for the system – great, what an achievement!

  • Anonymous

    This brings to mind a particular youtube account which has content which always struck me as ‘off’. Have a look for yourself. It seems a mixture of historical footage and modern actors and actresses made to APPEAR historical. Most people are fooled, but not everyone, as can be found in some of the comments. It looks like the historical record is being flooded with FAKE historical documentaries, FAKE news footage and interviews and FAKE you name it. It is such a vile and shameful thing that I am disgusted thinking about it. The craziest and most convoluted aspect is it produces FAKE historical documentaries that are made to look about 30 or so years old which are about events 30 or so years prior. It is a mind bending tour of how the depravity of evil works and plays: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6wBro4B4pf9xnBh9Xi2zcQ

    • delendaestziobot

      Yes, it does not have to be “ancient”, it can be quite recent also, a perfect example of fake modern his-stories would be something like the Russian Revolution or the Vietnam War…The recent Syrian civil war is not real it is fake, a theatrical perfomance that is made to make the masses feel sorry for Syrians and take them into their homes as pets…

  • delendaestziobot

    They made a documentary about the fake Vietnam War, it was called “Tropic Thunder”…lol…

  • delendaestziobot

    So much better than Stanley Kubrick…

  • leuchovius2014

    Here’s another priceless one. What juvenile garbage… watch the chap in the beginning, he can barely keep from cracking up as he relates this BS… good thing he’s wearing sunglasses to cover up his lying eyes: https://youtu.be/L-uBsJaIbcA

    • delendaestziobot

      Yea, there are millions of these Ziobots running round in pants lying as easily as a cow munches cud…Their lips smack together and the make sounds but it is complete BS…The funniest is the Indigenous Rock Art!!! That was done yesterday and the paint is still drying but they claim its 40,000 years old…No “Geologists” in the world to prove the impossibility of that is there? But one can see how the lie expands, organically propagated through humans whom have no ontological reality….Its not just the liars, but also those who believe, they are also demiurgic robots….It takes two, like the Gentile and the Jew, the liar but also the believer is also a liar in a different disguise…The believer of the lie is the same creature as the liar parasite, just in a different guise…

  • M:G

    These so called “Indigenous Rock Art” looks as if they were painted by preschoolers, crappy hands with no real artistic or technical abilities or schizophrenics. The real reason on how they get to be on the rocks is Jews and ziobots got themselves drunk and high on drugs, booze sex, have some paint and brushes, then Bingo you go !!!!! Then some loony “experts” came along, and said that they are 5000 years old

    • delendaestziobot

      Exactly….The point is that it takes no skill to do it…And the vast population of Ziobots appreciate that…

    • Rohan

      The Authentication process of identifying “Genuine Rock Art” is looking at whether or not the paint is still bright or faded, effected by weather and water run-off, or by matching ochre colours used with those commonly found in the area! LOL. That is the complex process which requires an Archaeologist!

      • delendaestziobot

        An Archeologist comparing ochre samples… .LOL…that’s a good one, thanks for the laugh…

      • Rohan

        Of course this is nonsense. It was told to me by an “expert” (liar). The same expert that spreads lies about the existence of rock art so old, it will change eveything! Without him even having seen it. He never will, no one will, you cant reach it without ropes and harnesses! How convenient. Only those with ropes, harnesses (and a backpack full of spray cans) will have ever seen this “ancient art”. LOL.

  • M:G

    These are some potential titles that Zion could use for their magazines:

    1) The life of Albert, the truth about hominid evolution in Antarctica.
    2) Azsdfraza (whatever), true story of the most mysterious female Egyptian queen
    3) Searching for the real Indiana stones
    4) The real face of Julius Cesar.
    5) The True Mayans, their life and tales
    6) The other side of the Zulus.
    7) DNA of Alexander The Great revealed
    8) The Incas, a brand new perspective
    9) The truth about the Canaanites
    10) The great kings of the Aztecs
    11) The true history and secrets of Tenochtitlán

  • delendaestziobot

    LOL…The true Mayans must have been ancient Babylonians who flew their Ziggurats to Mexico in the distant past, with some type of unknown levitation technology….I am sure we can figure out how if the Government gives us a grant for 5 million $ and a team of young University students… Oh wait, I just figured it out for nothing, they were designed by the same crap artist in the 19th Century AD!!! Now where is my honorary Doctorate???

  • delendaestziobot

    Rohan, yes, any “expert” is simply a liar…The prime example of the fraud of “pre-historic rock art” is Lascaux in France…Now there they even admit that the paintings were “restored” in the 20th Century, and that the original paintings cannot be seen because they are in another cave that was closed down….LOL…It is amazing, but when one considers the profits derived from tourism, then it does have an economic advantage behind the fraud..

  • aufihrhelden

    See how ‘Swatch’ try to amalgamate Germanic Ancient History (though they would say that it is ‘Greek’) with today’s Inferior Races and probably transgendered freaks.

    ‘Skin Irony’ they call it!

    See how they split the faces in two, probably some kind of symbolism – all ‘symbolism’ in this ‘modern age’ is for fucking morons. Symbolism is for those who want to avoid intellectual exchange.


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