Third Reich Pilgrim: The Ruins Of Power

The Re-release of the improved and extended Third Reich Pilgrim: Part 1 – The Ruins Of Power is now available again. This new edition has had five years to mature. The 1st edition was rushed through to meet the deadline of 12-12-12. The book has now been thoroughly proof read, improved and extended. If you have the 1st edition, or missed out on it, then I would recommend you acquire this new improved edition.

For purchase inquires please email:

“As I made my way along the quiet path by the Obersee, it reminded me of Mimir’s Well, so still and mysterious it was, a magical mirror-well. In the afternoon shadows I could see the distorted face of a giant’s head in the ravine wall, like the legend of Mimir’s severed head which Odin preserved and placed by the Well under the root of the Cosmic Tree. The severed head would come alive at Odin’s command and speak of truths unknown to any other God.”

3 responses to “Third Reich Pilgrim: The Ruins Of Power

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    By far, the most important and *original* work since MEIN KAMPF. In fact, when kameraden seek my advice on vital and pertinent reading matter, I always cite 5 crucial authors: Adolf Hitler, James L. Battersby, Savitri Devi, Miguel Serrano, and Karl Young. All others (myself included) merely fill in the gaps with footnotes and addendums of varying importance.

  • Kamerad Curt

    I was moved to tears by the first Third Reich Pilgrim. Evil cannot take away Nostalgia. They cannot wipe clean our blood memory of The Golden Age. I’m looking forward to the new and improved edition of TRP part one, as well as part two of TRP which is being written as we speak.

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