Oversized Fire Crackers

Roll up Roll up little Ziobotic sacs of organic waste, its the Trump Clown, Americana Rodeo Style, Yeee-haaa..

                        “How do you like the Rodeo so far?”


                                                 “What about some fire works?”


                  Ohhhh Nooo, baddees have fire work too, on back of big cart, painted and nasty                                                                                looking……Help, Help!!!


                                 Big Firecrackers here too, more, we blow up the baddees! Amerikwa Fackkk Yeaaa!


Ohhh Noo, evil dictator hombre, with big firecrakers! Some one get a government to buy a “Nuclear Missile Defense System” worth 100 billion US$, otherwise the oversized firecrakers will get you!!!! Oh nooo…Scientists say nuclear bombs are real so they must be, and I like saw it on TV and stuff…Yah know, like Hiroshima and shit that blew up there with big bomb, I saw it on TELEVISION, I TELL YOU IT IS TRUE! I read it in a book! My teacher told me! They are real fire crackers, HELP, HELP!



25 responses to “Oversized Fire Crackers

  • Michael A. Luna

    There is a lot of obvious CGI/green screen fakery going on in these North Korean military marches. The masses so desperately want nukes to be real. Perhaps a nuclear “holocaust” can cleanse them of their guilt… prevent the reality of a slow torturous decline that they have so diligently created for themselves…

    They are in fact very much enjoying what is now unfolding on the television. It is like Game of Thrones for them. “God Emperor” vs Little Fat Boy and the “Deep State”…lol. These same people that think Melania Trump is a beautiful white woman http://puu.sh/x78Jk/f4aebb0286.jpg

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    What is referred to as “North Korea” does not exist, just as the former so-called “communist” nations behind the Iron Curtain — i.e. the eastern European lands enslaved by Judeo-Anglo-American capitalism and reduced to peonage — were not what they were touted to be by Judeo-American propaganda. North Korea is an even bigger ruse (if that’s possible). In fact it is the perfect false-flag/black ops ruse to get both sides of the Dialectic (i.e. DIE-alectic) into a position of greater subservience and submission.

    When one peals back the layers of the illusory onion, one will see that “North Korea” is actually a U.S. military zone that was totally cordoned off just prior to the phony armistice agreement of 1953. Truman and Eisenhower — perhaps the two biggest fraudsters to ever occupy the oval office (and that’s saying a lot!) — orchestrated everything. What would become North Korea is in fact a back-lot Jew-merican movie set — an extension of Hollywood for the purposes of propaganda. In other words, a total ruse. If you disagree, fine. But simply consider the following:

    1) Amerikwans (those miserable creatures that are able to visit any country on earth and then proceed to pollute it with their “Micky Mouse/Mickie Dees” consumerist presence) are somehow totally barred from visiting “North Korea.” It is off limits to them entirely — unless of course you happen to be a paid actor like “Otto Frederick Warmbier” (his real name… yeah, and I’m Shaka Zulu).

    2) Chances are, of all the foreigners you’ve encountered in your life, you never ONCE met a single “North Korean.” Hmm… interesting. But here’s a newsflash: even in the most oppressive countries, people still manage to get out. Hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of Cambodians managed to get through to the West, all during the darkest days of the Pol Pot regime; the same with the Chinese leaving Mao’s China, etc., etc. So where are all the “North Koreans”? Answer: there are none. Period.

    3) There is never any leaked video footage coming from inside “North Korea,” only that which the propaganda ministers from Hollywood wish to show the West, in order to drum up mass hysteria. And it is working.

    4) “North Korea” doesn’t produce anything. NOTHING. Enough said.

    Ladies and Gents, I give you: “North Korea.” The perfect little Grand Duchy of Fenwick in which to wage the latest fictitious war of ZOG-ish conquest, in order to further the agenda of world domination.

  • delendaestziobot

    Was this not the script in “Team America: The World Police”?

    Its an old script from the Film Actors Guild…Yes, North Korea is a puppet state….Where are all the “dissidents” and “political asylum seekers”, the “persecuted minorities” of North Korea? Where’s the “North Korean Refugee Resettlement Program” or (NKRRP), run by wealthy American Liberals and A-Listers?

    • K. von Kanwetzburg


    • Michael A. Luna

      Did you see apparently North Korea is threatening to attack Guam… So it will be the same as in WW2. Americans attacking their own bases and blaming it on someone else. Nothing new under the Sun… This time Guam instead of Pearl Harbor.

      • delendaestziobot

        The Theater of War….Like Pearl Habour, which the Americans bombed themselves…The Battle Midway was a Movie production, in fact the Japanese had no Navy at all…And they certainly never invaded Singapore, as they never had the armed land forces to accomplish that feat…And the Japanese never bombed Darwin either, in fact the Japanese never had a real army, air force or Navy, and all their fuel and armory came from America anyway, which only provided enough for basic ceremonial duties and shows….One can even take it back to the fictitious Russo-Japanese Theatrical Wars…They have been using that same old script for a while with Japan…”Japanese Imperial Navy”, LOL…Now that is funny…

  • jalexandermaximilian

    Yes. It is obvious N. Korea is a fiction. The “leaders”, the Kim family even look like mad dictators out of the movies! I mean the hair, platform shoes, it’s like James Bond. Damn it is stupid!

    • delendaestziobot

      Yes, it is amazing that Kamerad Kristof picked that up, it shows true consciousness to understand that NK is a fiction. As soon as he pointed it out I recognized it as truth…Which brings about a strange existential drama, in that he was the first one to point it out in the whole public world, which means there are not many conscious souls left in the world…The vast majority are ziobot actors, which would confirm my theory….Which means anyone who does not recognize this truth is a Ziobot….And there will only be a few in the world who acknowledge this so….

      • jalexandermaximilian

        Interesting. I have not yet picked up his book. We came to this understanding just through intuition. Same with dinosaur bs. Just looking at it and even through the filter of the antistate at that. When truly looked at in absolute detachment, the truth is revealed. We will have to Order his book as well as a few others here soon!

      • K. von Kanwetzburg

        Not sure if I was the first to pick up on the NK hoax, but I have been noticing, or rather “intuiting,” a greater and greater fictionalization circulating as “real news” as of late — even by the standards of this illusory and totally plagiarized world. It is ever more obvious and ridiculous to those of us who understand the sick demiurgic mentality, and our recognition of all this is definitely the result of a number of increasingly powerful cosmic events (in our favor). Kamerad Jalexandermaximilian, it is interesting you mentioned “dinosaurs.” I was actually meditating on this other grand hoax the same day you posted your reply (on the 22nd). Our minds were definitely in sync, I would say. My main thought on the matter was how these museums of “natural history” try to pass off their 2/3rds wire and metal structures as legitimate creatures. Notice how they’ve never found a complete skeleton of a dinosaur anywhere — only alleged “fossils” of little creatures which are most likely man-made sketches. And the bones they do happen to find — typically legs, claws, bits of skull fragments — these can come from any number of large mammals. Here, I am more inclined to believe that they might typically use fragments from the Giants which Don Miguel has expounded on so convincingly in his works. Sieg Heil!

  • delendaestziobot

    It is interesting also because if you look at “Team America: The World Police”, which is supposed to be a satire or a spoof, but in it the puppet “Gary” is an actor from the American Film Actors Guild, and he is told to use his acting skills to infiltrate the puppetry theater of North Korea…Which is in actual fact a puppet state, and a hoax conducted by actors as a theatrical performance, but nobody has ever pointed this out, so a major Hollywood production can outline and describe the truth as it is, and all those thousands of humans take part in the movie, and millions watch it and yet nobody would point out that it is, in actual fact, true and NK was indeed a puppet state!!! How is this possible unless all the humans are actors and have no comprehension of anything, even the producers of the movie have no comprehension of what they producing! And all the humans that take part in politics world wide are just actors, but they are actors without any comprehension that they are acting, so they are completely robotic…In essence they are robots…

  • delendaestziobot

    There is another movie about robot-golems that are animated by a Super-Machine…It was called “9”…

  • Hosner

    “Today, the enemy works mentally using the Kabbalah and electronic machines (“Takion”), projecting sub-atomic particles in order to control minds.

    Yes, today the central war is psychotronic, technotronic and cybertronic.

    The principal war is a mental one, called “Kamamanasic”.

    This means that the enemy is intervening in the mental atmosphere of the Aryan, manipulating their thoughts and separating the mental from the physical bodies.

    Altering the karma and its spiritual developement.

    In a way, the whole world is hypnotised by these means, combined with subliminal messages found in today’s media, as well as by drugs and drinks like Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola, etc.”

    Miguel Serrano,
    (SON OF THE WIDOWER, page 49; Hermitage Helm Corpus 2013, Australia.)

  • Hosner

    MERSEBURG CHARM: Phal ende Wodan vuoren zi holza da wart demo Balders volen sin vuos birenkit thu biguolen sinthgunt sunna era suistir thu biguolen Frua volla era suistir thu biguolen Wodan so he wola conda sose benrenki sose bluotrenki sose lidvrenki ben zi bena bluot zi bluoda lid zi geliden sose gelimida sin. (LOBESAM DER KÖNIG.)

    • K. von Kanwetzburg

      Heard the owl hoot last night, that Polack biddy in the library with her deadly curse. You tried to get my loyal friend, and I. But the curse was lifted and placed upon your head, ol’ gal… the minute you exhaled your first breath. Now comes the hearse…

      • Hosner

        The Merseburg Charm is part of the Halgarita Charms as published in ‘The Secret King’ (ed. Flowers & Moynihan). It is written in Old High German and is an old medicine (shamanic) charm meant to assist a person to get well. Originally, it mentions physical ailments but I added it in a general sense – in order to symbolically counter the psychic malaise that is being spread by the enemy, which theme was the subject of my/our previous post/s.
        I sincerely can not, however, figure out what type of meaning is your reply meant to convey? It sounds like some frightening curse, that much is clear, but in absence of a context it is rather difficult to figure out the details, for example who the character of ol’ gal might be?
        Given the fact that it doesen’t sound like a joke at all, I can but enquire whether this be a case of misunderstanding – or should I add another problem on my list? Gut Heil! 14/88

      • K. von Kanwetzburg

        No worries, Kamerad Hosner — mere prose, not directed at you at all. Likewise, not meant to be a reply so much as a statement, as I was in a rather expressive mood after a run-in with a WITCH. It synchronized perfectly (so it seemed) with your post. This means our enemies are watching us closely. They are scared. And they should be.

  • delendaestziobot

    “The most recent spurious additions to the dragon mythologies are ‘dinosaurs’ which are divined from reading various animal bones dug up by university professors and their student-bots. The professors who dig up various bone fragments receive credit-vouchers for the best tales they can invent from the reading of the bones they find in the dirt, usually the bones of elephants, horses or hippopotamuses, or they create their own casts of ‘dinosaur bones’ with ‘Plaster of Paris’ or plastic resins….etc, etc,” – Third Reich Pilgrim: The Ruins Of Power

  • delendaestziobot

    Ahhh yes, Dinosaurs are fictions propagated by the hive-mind of humanity…All “pre-historic” is a fictional narrative…All museums are houses of fraud and deception, all humans that work in the related industries, universities , etc, are Zion robots, they have no consciousness…

  • delendaestziobot

    Just linking up Dinosaurs and Trump, in this digital Glass Bead Game…

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    synchronicity in action…

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