Ernst Zundel

Ernst Zündel has taken a Haunebu and left this flat mundane plain of existence…See You in Valhalla!


4 responses to “Ernst Zundel

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    Kamerad Zundel, mein Freund, mein Bruder, SIEG HEIL!

    There was just so much that that noble heart of yours could take of this earthly den of vipers. The Enemy, ever ready to pounce; the veritable hordes of Traitors ready to sell you out for their 30 pieces…

    And you, my Brother: the Noble Army of One. The Voice of the Wildes Heer, screaming ecstatic words of Truth at pitchless tones to those of us who don’t need ears with which to hear, nor eyes to see.

    With none to protect you nor defend you from the base aggregate, only our words could we offer in solidarity — solid-Ar-ity. Perhaps these words were not enough, perhaps they were. Who cares!

    We are the sons of the Vanquished — the one with the emerald lost and damaged voice, stripped of his potency in this feckless age. Quality with no meaning, this describes you well, lost as you were on the masses.

    For you I play “Ich hatt’ einen Kameraden”…
    And bid you a hearty farewell ’til we meet again in Odin’s Lair.

  • delendaestziobot

    Without him, where would would be? Sieg Heil Nobel Warrior Ernst Zundel!!!

  • The 55 Club

    Well, he got his wish – to die a free man. He was very concerned about being sent back, after his release from prison, which of course had the stipulation that he could not leave Germany. They were watching his every move just waiting for him to say anything “illegal” in the eyes of the usurpers. So, he died at home rather than in a cell. I am very glad that AllFather granted him his wish. In a world full of shitbombs – Ernst Zundel was a good man. 88

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