Richard Scutari – Unbroken Warrior

Richard Scutari – Unbroken Warrior, by The 55 Club

“On the night of September 22, 1983, a band of men who were meeting in Metaline Falls, Washington, would take a solemn oath to stand against the pro-Judaic powers that had usurped the nation. It was their natural reaction to a lifetime of persecution and the latest century of genocide. Their different religious or occupational backgrounds mattered little because they were brought together by, and bound by, purposes far greater than themselves; the highest ideals of Honor, Duty and Sacrifice. Throughout the unique history of the Aryan people, in times of trouble, ordinary men would assemble and band together to become extraordinary groups. In the past, they and their spirit have been known as the Mannerbund, Holy Vehm, KKK, and the SS – to name a few. This particular group of noble fighters would call themselves the ‘Bruder Schweigen’ – (‘Silent Brothers’ a.k.a Silent Brotherhood) and become known to the world as ‘The Order'”.

Richard practicing Aryan Yoga (Prussian Gymnastics) in ZOG Gulag.

Richard practicing Aryan Yoga (Prussian Gymnastics) in ZOG Gulag.


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  • Hosner

    Thank you delenda, for the inspiring photos and words that you posted about the latest victory for Club 55 that is their new edition of the book on Kamerad Richard Scutari, The Unbroken Warrior! Usually, I’d keep my mouth shut, let the elder Kinsmen speak first, but since I had such a remarkable experience reading this very text, I feel somewhat emboldened to speak first. It is all still very fresh in my mind as it took place only yesterday. But first of all, let me extend my deepest gratitude to our Kamerad that lives in Montsegur land in the south of France! It was only after reading his latest email, so well written, that I realized there exists a pdf version of the book! Strange, since I searched for anything related to this very book not that long ago, but I only managed to find some articles, no book, and now suddenly there were quite some pages that carried the link enabling the download. Not that I won’t purchase the hard copy, mind you, it is certainly on the top of my list, right after the book on Runehouses.
    Anyway, it was the second day of my getting the text, on the first day I’d read a few words about the background of the book, some articles about the tragic Henrik, then some more on that batty Nugent person. By the second day I’d already realized just what a jewel it is, the book. And the man, Richard. I sat there, in front of my pc, and paused reading, reflecting on his impeccable knighthood. Next, I felt inspired to read the interview with another of the Bruder Schweigen, Kamerad David Tate, who on being asked how he’d describe his present “living arrangements” responded by saying it was “like you were locked in a bathroom with a another person for years!” This made me shiver, but it also made me realize my solitude and isolation could actually be much worse. I returned to reading the UW. After reading one of his letters I paused again, just staring over the pc screen, thinking about the whole thing, about “testicular fortitude” that seems so lacking in our Tribes, about the need for unity. Next, I closed my eyes and something made me focus on Richard Scutari. For the better part of a minute I felt like he was right next to me, a towering but most comforting presence. Next this something made me to focus, strangely, on his chest!? Usually my mind speaks, and I enjoy it, but now I heard my heart say: feel the dream, feel the vision that this man carries in his chest!
    And then it hit me fully: an unexpected joy that was so pure, so fresh, so childlike, so rare – even to the point of it being “frightening.” I think I actually felt, or was allowed to feel, for a split eternal second, just what sort of a world it would be if Richard’s dream, Our dream, came true, what a perfect world we’d live in. Usually I associate such lofty thoughts only with our Father, Adolf Hitler, and yet here it was, almost a vision, the 14 Words made manifest on earth: I saw no pain, no strife, just joy, infinite joy. And then, inevitably, I thought about Bob Matthews, his mighty cherub soul, and my tears started flowing, “just” two or three but I felt such a weakling. But I didn’t mind, it was a moment of holy communion. Amen.
    After this, without even noticing it, I fell asleep, right there on the chair. After a couple of hours, I woke up; the sun was just about to rise, I thought about seeking Venus in the eastern sky but even before I reached for the door I realized I’ve just had a dream, a lucid dream. Something that for a long time used to happen to me on a regular basis but then, for some reason, stopped occuring entirely, making me feel grounded, trapped. And it was a truly strange dream, nothing epic, and yet I had the power, in the dream, of invincibiltiy. I was still myself, with my familiar traits, and I had to exert myself considerably in order to triumph over the opposing forces, but it all made me feel incredibly joyous, What was also new was my power of flight, so precise, and the power of explaining things to others. Amazing feats, perfect recollection. On waking up, the scourge of pessimism, so prevalent these last few days, was absent, and it took another hot sultry day for it to rear its ugly head again, but by then I was ready to deal with it. Kraft!
    I know it may not sound like much, after all, but for me it was something out of the ordinary. It even made me wish to write to Kamerad Scutari. I wouldn’t want to impose myself on him and his time, so I’ll just wait and look for the signs. If they appear, and persist even after the necessary verifciations, I’ll get in touch with the man, if possible, who is such an inspiration, such a breath of fresh air in this desert we call our world. Meanwhile, I have written this. I embrace you all, my beloved Kameraden, and I greet you all from sunny Slovenia. Heil Hitler!

    • The 55 Club

      “Kraft! I know it may not sound like much, after all, but for me it was something out of the ordinary. It even made me wish to write to Kamerad Scutari.”

      The inspired ‘Kraft’ that you refer to is also known as the KlanKraft. The immeasurable well of spiritual treasure that can only be compared to Esoteric National Socialism (Germans always get it right) – they are the same Spirit. True KlanKraft is still needfully evolving, but it is the Holy Graal of North America. Example: For the genuine Klansman (not the stuff on tv), the recognition and reverence for synchronistic magical moments – they would identify as “Klankraft”.

      Richard and the other Bruders love to hear from people on the outside. It means alot to them. If anyone be inspired by the Kraft to reach out to a Bruder – then please do it. Here is his mailing address:

      Richard Scutari # 34840-080
      FCI Mendota
      P.O. Box 9
      MENDOTA, CA 93640

      Another great post Karl. ha. Thank you Torchbearer. 88

    • Hosner

      I realized I misspelled BM’s name; it should be written : Robert Jay Mathews. Apologies. 14/88

  • laryensoufi

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  • Hosner

    I have never waited this long for a book to arrive in the post. I’ve placed my order for “Unbroken Warrior Richard Scutari” on the 22nd of August; it only arrived today, finally.
    What’s strange, two other books I purchased after said date, books bought via Amazon as well, arrived before it did.
    Anyway, this edition is a masterpiece that utterly drowns the first one, even as intended, and it was well worth the wait. It is much stronger, pure and perfect. Beside the flames of this fire no untested warriors sit. And reading it brings a serious self-analysis: one can’t turn its pages without asking oneself the question about one’s own quest and commitment: What have I done so far? In the light of heroism shown by men such as Richard Scutari almost everything, every deed, take on a somehow petty hue
    Let me conclude by quoting inspiring thoughts that are part of a larger essay, written by Carlos Porter, expatriate writer and translator:

    “… – we have to stop pretending that our enemies have “rights”, and we have to stop accepting all these double standards at our expense: for example, nigger-Arab immigrants can rape girls, boys, goats and what have you, and that’s just “their culture”!
    Well, maybe it’s “our culture” to lynch niggers and gas Jews. Why not?
    Why isn’t that all right? Just as good – even excellent, in fact? We have to quit allowing ourselves to be pushed around. The only reason we allow ourselves to be pushed around is because the Jews gave us a guilt complex with all their Hoaxoco$t propaganda and turned us into psychotics.”

    Heil Richard Scutari! Heil The Order!

    (Unbroken Warrior Richard Scutari; Completely Revised, Presented by The 55 Club, USA 2017.)

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