Council for the New Moon

Council for the New Moon by Lothar Stengel von Rutkowski (from Songs Of The Reich – Chapter: The Reich In Ruins)

Warning! Warning!

Do not give your Spirit to

The People!

Do not put your heart nor body

In their hands!

People change;

The greatest love

Suddenly vanishes;

Friends reduced

To caricatures.

Children changed

Into strangers…

2 responses to “Council for the New Moon

  • Curt

    I now hear the call of my ancient Blood…the pull that has been present since before the beginning…since long before I was born into the darkness of the Kali Yuga. The aspiring Initiate can only find the meaning of true love and of His calling along the sacrificial Path…through the Black Sun…and beyond time and space…enveloped in the green glow of AMOR…of pristine perfection.

    She/He is in the room…waiting patiently for me to awake…to become He/She AND She/He…to become Whole so I can battle alongside my Master and my Master’s Master…glorious, yet never ending. One MUST become whole to battle the evil and relentless hordes of the Demuirge on this manufactured second Earth..this utterly false entity we call “home.”

  • laryensoufi

    Your own kind, with the looks of you, strangling their own, depriving theirs of their right : of their sacred lebensraum! The murder of what are the last relics of the divine conscience on this earth!

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