National Socialism, 30 Fundamental Truths for the Kampfer of the 21st Century

NATIONAL SOCIALISM: 30 Fundamental Truths for the Kampfer of the 21st Century

By Kristof von Kanwetzburg

“It is important for the reader to also understand that the word Aryan is much more than a simple ethnonym. “Aryan” describes any place in the Cosmos where this magnifcent Race and its High Culture can be found; wherever the Aryan Man goes, so also goes his Culture. If all the Aryans were to disappear tomorrow, the human world would cease to be!”

12 responses to “National Socialism, 30 Fundamental Truths for the Kampfer of the 21st Century

  • M:G

    That’s the aryan truth as expressed socially and politically, national socialism had existed long before Hitler, as Savitri Devi puts it. Hitler being the avatar as he is, revealed this fundamental truth, the national socialistic worldview goes all the way back to Ehrean Hyperborea

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    (Just a minor sampling excerpted from pp. 13-14:)

    Thus I inevitably came to the conclusion that National Socialism is the preexisting, primordial Root (the Sacred Spark) of all organic Aryan Thought. As Savitri Devi rightly stated in her 1958 magnum opus, The Lightning and the Sun: “National Socialism begins before Adolf Hitler’s political career.” Likewise, its story begins long before the founding of the original National Socialist Party or NSDAP…. As an IDEA, National Socialism is nothing less than the timeless Aryan Quest toward Total Light Perfection – i.e. toward the preservation and enhancement of the total health of the Aryan Race physically, spiritually, mentally, and in all other possible ways. Thus, if any nominally pro-Aryan movement or ideology lacks the quintessential National Socialist perspective on any topic (and there are plenty of a decidedly “White Nationalist” persuasion that do!), then that movement or ideology is false. It is as simple as that.

    • The 55 Club

      Well said. Anything contrary to the truth of National Socialism is false. Well said. It is kind of like what I tell the up and coming youngsters: “If you stay true to the right path and do not falter – you will always eventually find yourself at Adolf Hitler.

      • K. von Kanwetzburg

        The more one disentangles oneself from all the many false realities of this “world” or “plane” or whatever one wishes to call this static, illusory realm of existence — the more one will find that ADOLF HITLER is, in fact, the Alpha and Omega, the All-Hagall and Hagall-All of Transcendence: Beyond, Above, Within, etc. HE is the true “Measure of All-Things” as regards the Nature of the Treu-Self.

  • delendaestziobot

    Yes, a Timeless Aryan Quest. Only through the Nostalgia for an Eternal Homeland could German National Socialism arise, briefly, (briefly, because this world is not Eternal)…In the spirit of the Pan-Germanism of Alfred Rosenberg and also James Battersby – a true Baltic is a German, a true Englishman is a German, a true Italian is a German, a true American is a German, and so on.

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    Indeed, Kamerad! This Battle, this Kampf, most likely will never end, as Don Miguel intimated a number of times. But the reward of a glory far beyond any of our wildest dreams — an Aryan/Ehrean Glory — makes the Sacred Struggle all worth while!

  • Joseph Walsh

    I bought this book recently and it is a masterpiece! Many thanks to Kristof von Kanwetzburg for writing it! It was great to see men like James Larratt Battersby were mentioned in the book. I can see this book becoming another Aryan Bible, it is an excellent guide to the National Socialist/Hyperborean worldview.

  • delendaestziobot

    James Battersby was such an Aryan Idealist…Like this book, an ideal that is sure to be lost in this false world…This is a book that should not be, therefore it is True and the Ehrean Geist lives and continues to Guide.

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    Many thanks, Kameraden — Karl and Joseph! Your support and kind words are very much appreciated. Sieg Heil!

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