Lovely Hatred


runres a - copie 2

Finally it was hate filled up my unfortunate heart. The terrible sadness took such possession of me, that my great love for god and the godly became a haven which only an intentional good for one’s own kind consoled!

How many times did I retaliate? Ô how often did I refuse to listen to the god in me saying :

despise the lower ones

my child

my lost boy in an evil mirth

mocking light

& Love.

But my christian conceit was such that I did abide, like an asshole in pig’s mud. Letting them rape and slay what I loved with all my tempestuous bosom. Filled with wrath and hate; but in the end sinking in a quagmire where pity is lost on those who cheat and corrupt what’s left of heaven on earth! I did concede, defeated.

God said, lift up thyself 

my son, my pretty child,


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