What disappears Here



What disappears here. Disappears into the unwanted, while the diamond fellow conquers still! No longer waisting the energy of the eyes that the brave once fell for when blinded by their own beauty, and now are glorified by and through a meaningful death. 

Soon the eagle will no longer even be a memory, here. Neither the stones I tread on, while I walk alone, a single road. As a pilgrim in Chaos, in a diseased country between Germany and Spain!

The stars watch for my coming. The Swan setting in the north west, at fall. 

The secret sulfur underneath inside me like a cauldron full of puss, rupturing the earthen floor. Dog grass cleaving to all the abandoned decomposing bodies, one lived in left behind. 

** * ** **

Who would be silly enough to hold back the skies and their departing? The sun and the moon and their…

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