Koln – Mother of Harlots

These copies of Lithographs I recently purchased in Cologne for 2 euros each. They depict Cologne figure-heads and symbols and heraldry.


Saint Ursula is symbolic as the Mother of Harlots – Mystery Babylon, the Mother of all Colonies – Kolonies

She is also symbolic of the ermine tail and the huntress, and is related symbolically to Saint Sebastian, Baldur and Jesus

She is a composite figure, a phantasmagoria.


Saint George, man at arms, and defender of Cologne, figure-head of the Iron works guild of Cologne – nails, swords, spears, etc


Society of Jesus heraldry of Cologne, Jesus – Yeast, born in a vat, in a pub, most powerful of all commodities, all trading barons bow down to Yeast – figure-head of the Brewers Guild of Cologne. Priests and Wine and Beer, and Spirit makers are the same…They all work in the Vineyards of the Lord! “Before the Printing Press came the Wine Press” – Third Reich Pilgrim… Al-Koln-ol = Alcohol… Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel – postal delivers, merchants send their letters, receipts, book work, accounting, so forth.


Saint Ursula as Baldur, Psalm 64. Wears the virgin winter coat of the Stoat, the Ermine, with the black tails,

figurehead of the Furs and Tanners Guild


Saint George of Cologne, figure-head of Iron works. Iron nails especially, and arrow heads and spear heads, Armour, tools, etc. Related to Farriers, hence also depicted on a horse.

Nails the Vines to the cross beam and stake in the Vineyards, conqueror of the Forests, hence “Dragon” = Tree.

Wood Chopping Guild figure-head = Knight.

11 responses to “Koln – Mother of Harlots

  • laryensoufi

    Have to crush ripe grapes if you want to make wine. The yeast in the vat, is God’s secret soul awakening like a fallen angel in the dirt, opening the eyes!
    A golden child on Mother Earth’s lap, continually in connection with his own godhead. The Star and the green thunderbolt! …contemplating reciprocally each the other, Ella/El: separated but together, stubbornly real.

    The inexistant flower. A nice and peculiar dream for beer brewers!


  • delendaestziobot

    Jesus or Yeast is a parasite, bacteria that grows on the skin of the grape. But the grape vine itself is also a parasite plant. Yes, God is defintely a parasitical organism…

  • delendaestziobot

    Jesus – Yeast is in wine and bread hence one consumes the flesh – bread, and blood – wine, of Jesus, from the Vat-i-can…The Roman Catholic Church, which began in Cologne, is a collection of advertising campaigns from the Middle Ages to the present…When I was last in Cologne at the original St Peter’s Cathedral, they had installed a new exhibit called “Christ in a boat”, it was a refugee boy in a boat, it was part of the new advertising campaign of the Catholic Church – refugees in boats – the new “Christ”, as they called it…In 50 years time, this scene will also become part of the Catholic Church Religion…Sad but true…They will train millions of new young Catholics to believe this scene they are creating as a narrative story, teaching them from birth to believe their lies…As the old Jesuit saying goes “Give me a child up until the age of seven and I will give you the man.” Hence, Hitler and the NSDAP, would say that there is no way to overcome the Catholic Church, unless one controlled all the education systems of young folks…

  • delendaestziobot

    Obviously one man with a backpack, a couple of books and an obscure blog cannot change anything…One can only make a digital confession here at the digital confessional box… “Before the Printing Press was the Wine Press” – Third Reich Pilgrim.

    • Curt

      Some things are not so obvious! Although I’ve recently started my journey as a pilgrim, it would not have begun without this “obscure blog” on my path to truth..to attain my ultimate goal. Without The Third Reich Pilgrim and the other titles at HHC, there would have been no path for me. I wouldn’t even realize a path was required of me..but now I’m beginning to realize that a true path exists..so I must thank you for your efforts. They have changed my life profoundly. Sieg Heil!

  • laryensoufi

    I’m afraid there’s nothing to do for the lost & mentally destroyed, be it thanks to the Society of Jesus and their “Marano” religion or the New European Programs of stultifying indoctrination! Soon there’ll no longer be any European People, unless they are of course of “migrant” descent.

    I myself think you’re doing a great job of it with the backpack and a couple of books, with the digital confessions! Imagine, what you’ve done for your brothers. For me even though perhaps that would be of little importance according to the world of the “migrant jesus in a boat”!

    Who carries the Torch, now, if not the true sons of God. Be that obscurely or otherwise. I mean those who are the Mystical Kristos in the BOAT of our démiurgic bodies!

    Here where hordes of ugly demons are overrunning the earth where our ancient brothers died. Bleeding into it for a future elsewhere.

    The elsewhere that was their’s, but now plundered by the beasts. And has been since quite some time. Since “before Hitler came”.

    We must never forget. And I for one, believe that the Spirit speaks in us. Communicating its great courage to us through the air and in the aether to our yearning souls!

    And who cares if its digital!

    im Kampf!

    Hail to you.

  • delendaestziobot

    “those who are the Mystical Kristos in the BOAT of our demiurgic bodies”

    We are like the Terrestrial Crossing Guild, crossing over the terrestrial plane of this world.

  • Derrick Beale

    If it means anything to you. You helped this pilgrim on his eye opening journey, through your website and books. I would still be in the Maya of this world searching for my ultimate goal without your information. But, I have found it through Esoteric Hitlerism, and the veil gets thinner everyday for me. And, I Thank You for that. Sieg Heil ! My Brother!

  • delendaestziobot

    “National Socialism is for us a reality which is manifested in all walks of life, and is the necessary internal condition for achieving the ultimate aim: the end of all religious confessions.” – German Faith Movement, 1934.- Kulturkampf Newletters.

    The German Faith Movement was primarily sponsored by Rudolf Hess and Alfred Rosenberg. It would be closely related to “Positive Christianity”, which would be the purification of the Germanic/Nordic race…This, of course, would bring it into conflict, with both Catholicism and Protestantism..

  • delendaestziobot

    “Positive Christianity” means simply National Socialism, and such the revelation and manifestation of the “Son of God” is Adolf Hitler…Therefore The Apostle’s Creed was to made null and void with the advent of National Socialism…And it is replaced with the belief in the divine mission of the German people and the divine revelation of their Fuhrer Adolf Hitler. The Reich becomes das Ewige Reich (See Goebbels, 1945)…By 1945, the Reich has reached a divine Immortality, thus transcending all other religious doctrines and traditional religious creeds.

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