To Rome and Back again

I just though I would pour some fuel on the fire…

“Germans also founded Rome, in 753 B.C.. The twins Romulus and Remus, sons of Rhea Silvia, did this. They were suckled by the Wolf of Wotan and belonged to the people of the Italiker and Umbrier, from the isle of Jutland. All the Nordic founders of peoples were twins, Twin Kings (Atlanteans)….This is the truth of times already historical, erased by Judaism and its Catholic Church of Rome that have together destroyed the Aryan race and blood. There has been no Universal History, nor any civilization not created and developed by the Nordic-Hyperborean race, by the semi-divine race of White Heroes, Aryans, coming from the Pole, in their exodus and fall from a glorious past, through the destruction of Paradesha, Midgard, earthly Hyperborea, the Golden Age.”  –  Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar, page 371.

Hitler said that if one thought that there was a problem with the Church then one should start a Religious Reformation and not a Political Party. And this is a Religious Reformation……Esoteric Hitlerism is metapolitical.

Now, I agree with what Serrano is writing here and I will take it even further:

“Koln’s foundation begins with the mighty Rhine River which is the She-Wolf – Rhia Silvia or Forest River, who feeds the twins Romulus and Remus, who are the twin settlements divided by the Rhine, together they make old Roma in the exact location that one finds Koln today. Sometimes the Rhine River, in antiquity, was given the name ‘nile’, the name was later transferred to North Africa, same as ‘Rome’ of Italy is a latter place-name transferral, from Germany to Italy. The so-called ‘River Tiber’ in Italy was barely a seasonal stream compared to the Mighty River Rhine. The Tiber, in fact, is a man-made canal and sewerage main. It is the Rhine that is the founding River of Europe…” etc, etc.. – Third Reich Pilgrim: The Ruins Of Power

The She Wolf of Koln (Cologne). Picture courtesy of the Third Reich Pilgrim.








4 responses to “To Rome and Back again

  • delendaestziobot

    Note: The She Wolf Statue was badly damaged during the Allied bombing raids…Its a miracle that it is still there, and has been erected again, but minus the Romulus and Remus figures who were obliterated. Anyway, that was the original She-Wolf of the Mighty Rhine who suckled the Twin settlements of Romulus and Remus, on the two sides of the River. The legend is from Cologne, not from Italy, the legend was transferred by scribes and artisans to ‘Rome’ in Italy at a later date….Today the Catholic Church has its seat in the wrong place – on sewerage main, and getting shitted on by pigeons…LOL…

  • laryensoufi

    …still waiting impatiently for the Second Edition of “Third Reich Pilgrim: The Ruins Of Power”! But am for the moment contented with its occasional excerpts. Thank you.


  • The 55 Club

    Weren’t the Merovingians in Koln? More obscured history. Klodio is only mentioned in passing. The King of Koln only mentioned in passing. Bastards! All this goes along with Ursula and those valiant – pure and precious – girls who chose death rather than being defiled by a Hun. Or something like that. Such a glorious past deranged by a lesser enemy. A usurper and a con man – that is the semite – the organic lie.

    Kamerad Karl, can you give your take on why the 3 Magi are in Koln? The 3 Magi who are drawn in the catacombs before there even was a Catholic church.

    • delendaestziobot

      “After a short stay in the busy consumer hub of pollution choked Cologne (it still stinks), I visited the twin towers of the three rich merchants – Kaspar, Melchor and Balthazar. These three medieval trading barons appear as multiple reflections in Cologne, Babylon, and Bethlehem, but millennia apart, which is impossible, unless Cologne, Babylon and Bethlehem are the same place in a misplaced chronology.” page 207, Third Reich Pilgrim.

      The story of the three merchants – “wise kings” comes from Cologne. The story was propagated by the Society of Jesus, who originally came from Cologne. And the trading barons were part of the Hansa, who came from Cologne. Cologne was the founder of all city-states, all city-states come under the patronage of Saint Ursula…But there are so many stories that the Weaver and printers of Cologne wove together into composites that it is impossible to unravel, there are literally billions and billions of pages of lies, one just ends up deeper and deeper in the labyrinth of lies….I have some lithographs I purchased when I was in Cologne last. I will post them for you and others to have a look at.

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