A Distress Call

4 responses to “A Distress Call

  • natsocblog

    Jews win, albeit temporarily, with deception. Aryans, the noble ones, win with truth. The marvelous thing about National Socialism is it builds up the positive aspects of human nature and it seeks truth. As such, we as National Socialists, will secure the “freedom, happiness, and life” of our folk by maintaining strong will, working hard, and believing in our future.

    “Do not believe that freedom, happiness, and life come as a gift from heaven. Everything is rooted in our will, and our own labour. In ourselves alone lies the future of the German Volk.” AH

  • Anonymous

    It is great to see that the emphasis on usury is being exposed in recent years. I hope that everyone takes time to read the work of the great initiate and founding member of the Nazi party, Gottfried Feder. His words are of extraordinary value and will steer many onto the right course. The evils of debt based slavery, if overcome, will completely annihilate the enemy. Without enslavement to the ILLUSION of debt, the enemy will die a swift death, for the money is “loaned” without ever having been earned, and, especially nowadays, without every having even existed! Gottfried Feder!

  • delendaestziobot

    Quite right, Hitler began His political career with Gottfried Feder’s economic truths. The other recommendation here would be Ezra Pound and Miguel Serrano. Usury is the method by which the Enslavement has entered its final stages.

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