How to build fake monuments

How to build fake monuments – with modern cranes….

7 responses to “How to build fake monuments

  • delendaestziobot

    And now your All Lies will come home to roost….You did it to yourselves and now you will pay the price…

  • delendaestziobot

    “The beast in captivity becomes effeminate. The lot’s intricate, guile-entangled words, the grim riddle of the winged beast, I solved! But the tourists still wonder at the Sphinx. Relying on the industry of Tourism for economic prosperity is what most incorporated cities and towns aspire to, they aspire to complete opposite of self-sufficiency, they want to be reliant on the fickle foreign-tourist! Tourism is one of those key internationally approved industries and activities.” – Third Reich Pilgrim: The Ruins Of Power

  • aufihrhelden

    From my Pilgrimage 2013 discourse :

    The following day, I walk through the Tiergarten, to the Gemäldegalerie which, for the moment, is based in an ugly building which forms part of another group of ugly buildings which make up the ‘Kulturforum’. One of the paintings by Albrecht Altdorfer, ‘Die Ruhe auf der Flucht nach Ägypten. Um 1510’ is described by a humourous voice on the accompanying audio guide as follows : ‘ … the ramshackle houses in the background may also be an allusion to the old pagan world- for the local painters of the time, Egypt was in the Danube Valley. This helped them retell the Bible Story in such a way that their contemporary audiences could identify with them.’ In actual fact, all of Ancient History is German in origin! Mr and Mrs Audio Guide do nothing but engage in the pathetic utterance of false chronology. They attempt to fortify their lies with a mocking tone of voice whenever they try to address real truths. ‘Third Reich Pilgrim – The Ruins of Power’ should be read, if one wants to become familiar with the Real Truths of History. These museums do contain some great art, in the case of the Gemäldegalerie by artists such as Hans Bol and Francesco Guardi but one must try to be aware of The Lies of History to view everything in a proper context.

  • Janick

    What does the writting one the sphynx or whatever it is say? “Fernio”? “Fernic”?

    • delendaestziobot

      From Third Reich Pilgrim Part I page 115-116:

      “The mythical Sphinx poses enigmas to travellers, to foreigners, if they cannot find an answer to the the darkling enigmas so intricately woven then the Sphinx strangles them and eats them. The Sphinx is a symbol of the formation of particular cities and each of the mythological gods had a particular city which was the seat of its worship…the nature of the city is revealed in the name ‘sphinx’ which is sphingo – meaning to squeeze together, contraction, to strangle, which is how cities are formed….”etc, etc,

  • Jer

    How could they keep a lid on this? Surely someone some pleb would have leaked that this is all BS. I did wonder how they managed to chop up all these monuments and move them elsewhere away from the river.

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