Demiurgic Trap

“Christianity was merely the bait with which Judaism hunted unsuspecting Aryans, neutralizing, castrating, killing them in their essence, cutting them off forever from the true Kristic revelation of Wotan and Mithras…The apparent opposition between Christianity and Judaism was a clever Demiurgic trap, similar to what we have today with the simulated opposition between Marxism and Capitalism, only the Christian trap has been active for almost two thousand years,”  –  Resurrection of the Hero, Miguel Serrano

It is not the flesh and blood of a sacrificial victim that is atonement for sin i.e. “belief in Christ’s sacrifice”, as according to the doctrine of Christianity, which is an illusion, a transmogrification, the narratives concocted are not based on actual events, but are fabrications that are conducted in an Empire of Illusions! The aim of Esoteric Hitlerism is to break free from those illusions, at all costs, a shattering of Amor-fati, that will lead to the exit being carved out in this concentration-camp Universe, where illusion only seeks to bind us to more and more illusion. Not through substitution and then further transubstantiation does one develop the Astralkorper, but through the awakening of the Hero inside one’s own body! Only through the Hyperborean Nostalgia of the God imprisoned inside this mortal body can one be made free. And the undertaking of this Quest of the Hero is something more than even the Gods can possibly undertake, and one does not undertake this for one’s worldly ego, but for one’s Eternal Being – “It is necessary that I die, so that I can live”. There is an Individuation to this, that makes it un-Universal and hence the contrary to “He died for all mankind”.

Hamsa, I am Thou, Thou am I, The Hero is the Fuhrer, did Hitler not say: “I am you and you are me”, or also “I can do nothing without you, and you can do nothing without me”. Have you not been Individualized? Is this not what you wanted? He has crossed over an abyss on a rope he held himself. Is it not fulfilled, this Drama of the Hero, has He not showed Himself the way? He does not follow in the steps of Wotan, He is Wotan! And He recovers and awakens to discover a treasure that was stolen from Him – the Immortality of a Hyperborean God. The Hero sacrifices himself to himself, for the creation of a God, the worldly ego must burn.

“Nevertheless, in the Magic Drama of Esoteric Hitlerism there is no place for the ultimate phrase of the Jesus of the Judeo-christian religion, whilst expiring on the cross: ‘My Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit!’. Signifying, for them, the final delivery of himself to be reabsorbed by his own Monad, by Someone who awaits as if on the edge of a fountain, or rather, to be devoured by the Demiurge. The Hero of Esoteric Hitlerism, the Vira, on the Path of Wotan, has allowed himself to be possessed voluntarily by the Legend and Myth of the Archetype, as in the acceptance of Mystic Death. He has made a momentary delivery of his body and his brain, in the sacrifice of his will and his I, so that, through him, Another is realized, a Prinzcip…He is able to pass through the Archetype without his self being devoured or annihilated…..And the impersonality of the Archetype has been changed since his Myth and Legend have acquired a Face, that of Adolf Hitler, ceasing to be a collective. The Archetype has individualized, coming to belong for more than a thousand years to Hitlerism, the Passion and Drama of the Ultimate Avatar who, on passing like a thunderbolt through this world, incarnated in Adolf Hitler for so brief a time, thereby enabling the Collective Archetype to become an individual person.”  –  MANU: For The Man To Come, Miguel Serrano


3 responses to “Demiurgic Trap

  • laryensoufi

    No one is waiting, and it’s been a while that the lightning struck. And what I call the monadic hennaed, is somewhat of a something based on the nature of what Proclus in a certain sense calls the hennaed, but is quite certainly a something more, I dare say!, its “Another (who) is realized, a Prinzcip…He is able to pass through the Archetype without his self being devoured or annihilated…”.

    …this is, after my modest understanding, WHAT HAPPENS, …it certainly did for me!

    The Grail Cup, the Star and the Sun and the Great Thunderbolt!

    Afterwards. Many years afterwards in this “prison à ciel ouvert”, I came back homeward to myself and then I met Savitri and Don Miguel. I came back to my childhood LOVE of the Fuhrer.

    Thank you and Heil to You!

  • delendaestziobot

    From the notes of Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar – “Jehovah’s Bolshevism has had the unintended effect of liberating us from Jesuit Judaizers who were the jailers and curse of historic Christianity before the advent of Adolf Hitler. The chrysalis of historic Aryan Kristianity has been smashed and from its burned-out ruins arise the transformed Torchbearers of Hitlerism.”

    That is to say that the historic Aryan Kristianity has been smashed and from its burned-out ruins arise the transformed Torchbearers of Hitlerism….

  • delendaestziobot

    There are no Syriac, Islamic, Persian, Arabic Language or Numerals that predate the 18th Century. The Middle Eastern languages and Numerals are no older then their fake monuments which were built by Europeans in the 18th Century! The Syrians, Islamics, Persians and Arabics are unable to provide any certifiable evidence of language or numerals that predate the 18th Century….No amount of synthetic petrol profits can counter this. To this I can add the Greeks, who have no evidence of culture predating the 18th Century. Athens was constructed by German architects in the 18th and 19th Centuries A.D. Indeed, the entire fake “Holy Land”, is fake….Part of the Empire of Illusions…Now they can dance around and set off fake fire crackers as much as they like but it does not change this fact….But now their Lie is coming home to roost….Nobody gets away with anything in this world…

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