Trump Clown

“Mommy, what business shall I get into?

“Tommy, my boy, you should get into the Clown business.”

4 responses to “Trump Clown

  • oregoncoug

    Says it all, Kamerad Delenda. Says it all, and that’s why:

    The Future Belongs to Us!

  • aufihrhelden

    It’s exactly the same in France now with the Zionist controlled ‘opposition’, disinformation, Marine Le Pen clown.

    It’s The Muslims !! The Muslims !!
    (Don’t mention the fraudulent banking system and don’t mention the Jews).

  • delendaestziobot

    The carnival is over for the little trumptards, the little troompa loompas, the big clown has done his job he was paid for and now his daughter might get a gig making handbags and high heel shoes and shit…Its tough to get a break in the fashion industry these days.

    There is hardly anyone left at the party anyway, the ziobots remaining are wondering why the music has been turned off and the little trumptards are nevously fumbling for their keys and making a quiet exit out the back door. The Trump party is over…Even the promised fireworks will not be going off…

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