Questions about Geography and Cosmology

Some questions here from a reader that I will attempt to answer.

How is possible for the Earth to be flat, and, as stated in the ‘MAYA:Reality Is An Illusion’, hollow?

Miguel Serrano’s concept of the shape of the Earth appears to be that of a spherical Earth, that was hollow on the inside. In none of his books or interviews, does he refer to a flat Earth, or even consider the Earth to be flat, but in The Golden Cord he states: “The earth is not a sphere”. Serrano outlines his concepts regards the geography of the Earth and Cosmology in Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar, and to a lessor extent MAYA: Reality Is An Illusion. In MAYA Serrano refers to a personal letter and a set of printed documents (that are available to view online). It is debatable whether the set of printed documents, that were said to be of Third Reich origin (but not proved to be so) and a personal hand written letter, is evidence of a hollow Earth?….Personally I don’t consider it to be evidence of a hollow Earth…Personally, my view, as it appears to me, empirically and with my senses and logic, is that the Earth is flat. The plane that the known world is on – is flat, but what is beyond the known geography is unknown, so I don’t know what lies beyond the boundaries that humanity appears to habitat, but the plane which humanity does habitat – continents, seas and oceans, etc, is on a flat plane… I don’t know what is below that plane either or above it…… It is a general law that the public must be lied to by the elite. So that is why there is a concerted effort to lie to the general public…The law is that the masses, in general, are considered slaves, and therefore must be lied to, it is against the law of the elites themselves to tell the truth to their slaves. This law has been in placed for many centuries. It also must be considered that I don’t believe Serrano to be lying, but that he was deceived on this matter and innocently published what he thought was the truth. Serrano was not part of the “elite” I am referring to, I also call them the “Patriarchs”…Their identity is unknown…It is against their law to reveal themselves to their slaves….Most so called “scientists” are complete frauds, their whole life is fraud and they desperately cling to that fraud until their dying breaths, there are however, scientists and engineers who will testify that the earth is flat and there has been such over the centuries, although their work and words would not be widely promoted of course…Serrano would point out, and I would agree, that in general, the vast population of humanity is incapable of describing the truth – the truth is simply not in them and they are only capable of lies, like a robotic projection from the supernatural Demiurge they lie without any consciousness.

9 responses to “Questions about Geography and Cosmology

  • hosner88

    Recent days saw me thinking about this as well, about the apparent dichotomy between the concept of a flat Earth, that I personally subscribe to, and that of a hollow Earth, that ‘somehow’ rings true as well.
    First of all, and just to be on the safe side, I’d like to say out loud that – I don’t know for sure which one is it, but that it may be possible for both of these options to be regarded as true.
    Now when someone comes forward with a relativistic concept like that, it is high time we checked whether our pistols are where they should be in a time of war – at our side, within immediate grasp.
    Because we know very well just whose favourite province such relativistic, ‘dialectic’ and ‘hegelian’ concepts are. Meet the Tribe and their spidery kabalah, that stolen scaffolding they often put to use for the purposes of mental (and any other type of ) war, and feed it with human blood and terror so it can serve as a living template for their projective ‘cybernetics.’
    This being said, I still think it possible, somehow, for the Earth to be both flat and hollow.
    We shouldn’t be ashamed of the fact that we don’t know – some experiments are denied us. And those that we are allowed to study and even perform ourselves speak for the veracity of the Earth being flat, most notably perhaps the Bedford Canal experiment.
    I think the Earth is only hollow in an ‘astral’ sense, it is hollow in the sense of its etheric body being hollow, the Earth’s plasmation has the appearance of a hollow globe while the Earth’s physical body is a flat plane – actually it looks like an apple sliced in half that’s covered by a transparent, protective dome made of glass.
    * *
    (Even as Homo Sapiens is ‘vertical’ when observed in his ‘standing’ form – but the realized Esoteric Hitlerist is a circular phenomenon made of Vajra-luminosity, a flying Vimana/Manisola that in San Serrano’s Myth it is called NOS. Or ELELLA. HE-SHE. A Complete Being, Whole, His/Her Divinity Reclaimed.)
    * * *
    The newest experiments in astronomy (cosmology) seem to prove that we, our home, are exactly in the middle of the known Kosmos – the exact opposite of all that relativistic spiel that says we live on a tiny globe next to a small sun in an insignificant galaxy. My authority for this is a video I recently saw on youtube, complete with interviews. Of course, this also falls under the heading that’s marked as: For The Masses.
    I feel the astral and physical Earth may coincide at certain points.
    Fact remains, we live in a strange, unknown world, a magical environment, and the feeling of prosaic calm that is offered to us by our materialistic science is just a veneer that covers an abyss of ignorance. The science of Third Reich was not materialistic, its premise was not matter but spirit, Geist. Even the Weimar Republic was already on a pretty ‘peculiar’ course when it came to science, different from the rest of the western scientific comunity.
    We don’t know.
    Consider this: the Unterberg mountain. The very one our Father was so keen on studying with a good telescope, pointed right at her from his kingly balcony.
    Some years ago (and there are many articles to prove this, especially German ones) a small group of people entered the Unterberg caves in order to enjoy some sightseeing.
    They disappeared without a trace, search parties came up with nothing.
    Three months after – their relatives received a telephone call from a ship bound for Alexandria. They had no idea what happened tp them, a blank memory. After arriving at the German consulate in Alexandria and after some ‘explanations’ they were more than happy to finally head back home.
    Nor is this the only Unterberg case. A recent expedition (2008) had to return after exploring a depth of some thousand meters, slightly more, saying they didn’t even see the bottom, let alone reach it. At some point they found an enormous lake.
    This is just one of ‘Fortean’ phenomena, peculiar to the soil of Germany. When Dalai Lama was visiting our beloved Deutschland he asked specifically for a visit to the Unterberg mountain, saying she was ‘a Dragon, the center of all the Earth.’ (?)
    This just goes to show that we, inasmuch as we are part of the masses, don’t know certain things, we are not told. But I think the same may be true, in many cases, even of the ‘Patriarchs.’ They don’t know either.
    Our state of knowledge is a direct reflection of our spiritual age. I believe we carry the Kosmos ‘inside’ us, but we don’t know who or what we are, not fully anyway.
    Some say there may have been breakaway civilizations even before the 20th century. Collectives that split.
    This is what Maria Orsic allegedly wrote in March of 1945 – before vanishing with her enturage.
    Do We have a presence at Scwabenland?
    Yes we do.
    Is it possible that we have a Colony on the Moon?
    It is. (By the way, what are the shapes of other plane-t-s?)
    When I say We I mean the Fourth Reich.
    Be these things as they may – we have a war to win right here, be it plane or half-apple or even a whole orange.
    We fight for our Fuhrer, our Kristos, there are few posts left in the Ultimate Batallion that need filling
    It remains to be seen how exactly we will win the war, but the sheer strength of our Myth and of our Archetype is such that we need not worry excessively about that.
    What we should worry about, I feel, is our collective, unsere Kameradschaft.
    Sometimes nobility is best served by maintaining a certain productive distance.
    It is written in Mein Kampf – the Strong One Is Strongest When On His Own!
    But with the Fuhrer one is never alone.
    I feel that we will find out one day all about the (form of) Earth, and much more as well – the Fuhrer Himself will tell us, explain everything.
    You see, we are His Masses.
    We are His Multitude.
    Someone may say that this knowledge should have priority, that we need to know right away. I disagree.
    What we need right now, I think, are expressions of affection for the Fuhrer, public expressions.
    Is not publishing the books of Don Serrano one such public statement?
    It is. Job well done Comrades.
    I only wish I was made part of This sooner.
    They may jail us, torture us, even kill us.
    We won’t relent.
    Not until the Earth, the plane hollow Earth, die ganze Erde, GERDA, is Free Of The Jew.
    Heil Hitler!

    • delendaestziobot

      I think it is possible that the Patriarchs are no longer here, that they departed? How we ended up in the masses – as the fractured shards of Lucifer’s crown, I am not sure. Certainly now there is emerging the Ehreans from amongst the masses of Gerda…Concious of their adversity with the masses.

    • Michael A. Luna

      “Sometimes nobility is best served by maintaining a certain productive distance.
      It is written in Mein Kampf – the Strong One Is Strongest When On His Own!”

      Most certainly…

  • hosner88


  • hosner88

    I don’t feel too well about what I wrote above, one small thing crept into my words and almost ruined them all, that silly expression – “kingly” balcony.
    He is our Fuhrer, not our king. Despite my seemingly adequate expression it is definitely not such, not in our Spirit.
    That’s burgeoise talk.
    Also, my historic hold on things is not accurate enough. I wrote of the Fourth Reich but I meant also, in part, the Fifth.
    What I actually meant is this: there are traces in Scwabenland of our presence. I don’t think there is a physical presence there, not anymore. Interestingly, Don Serrano says the Robot-Messiah of Israel will have “the headquarters of its Empire located in the south of the world from the 40th degree latitude to Antarctica.” (Son of the Widower, page 40.)
    All their moves consist of copying, stealing, appropriating what’s not theirs.
    Obviously, I myself am one of the emerging Ehreans.
    And I find it difficult to console myself with the words of the christianic gospel where Jesuschrist promises the same payement to both those that worked from the beginning of god’s harvest as to those that worked for but an hour. (??)
    But at least I’ve got my Hitler. That’s payment enough for me.
    And if I can be of any use to the Cause, working for but an hour- then so much the better.
    May the Ehreans emerge…

  • delendaestziobot

    I just ordered “World Beyond The Poles” by F. Amadeo Giannini….About the continuity of the flat plane of earth in all directions, and the illusions created by the lens of telescopes and the lens of the human eye.

  • delendaestziobot

    I just read in The Golden Cord, where Serrano writes “the earth is not a sphere.” So I have had to update this post.

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