In the Coffer



In the coffer. With my beloved who isn’t there!
And just can’t be. Not even dead, just a cerebral maelstrom taunting the soul.

Out yonder far out into the sea where there is nothing, but the endless tumultuous waves hurrying in the mind, silently! On a wasted isle near, to no watch tower, there. Drunk on the afterthoughts that fill my desperation with happy regret!

Later than yesterday, only indifference waits at the doorway.

Where was she, but in my very spirit, attending in cloister, inside the bowels of my own Hell! Damp with her own sweat from teasing me. Moistened by stone tears without remorse, forgiven with God’s forgiveness.

And now a church goer!


A witch but only mine, invented within my haunted entrails. Stars that sent into my brain sulfur and burning brimstone, that sort of soot that can veil wearied eyes that dreamt aloud. Preventing clairvoyance!


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