A few words on Alex Kurtagic (Wermod & Wermod publishing) and Sabela Quintela’s (A woman who falsely claims to be Don Miguel Serrano’s “wife”) upcoming release of a English translation of “The Golden Thread: Esoteric Hitlerism”. Hermitage Helm has not been involved in this particular translation. I have never had any contact with Alex Kurtagic but I am aware that he has been working towards a translation of “The Golden Thread” for many years, perhaps as much as a decade. I am not involved in any way with Kurtagic or Wermod & Wermod publishing. I have not read the translation yet, and as far as I can see it is due for release in April? This translation has a foreword by Sabela Quintela, who was, for many years, Serrano’s secretary, and then later claimed to be his “wife”, she is a younger woman and certainly quite capable and practical as sudra animal-women are but she is not Serrano’s wife, but a pathological liar who wants others to believe she is Serrano’s “widow”, she has no evidence to back up her claim that Serrano divorced his first wife and married her, which is why she retains her name and does not have the name of “Serrano”, and she certainly likes to exert her influence over Don Miguel’s life-work now that he is deceased. I think she is even planning to have a museum set up in his honour in Santiago, no doubt she believes this will be a profitable venture…The only time I have had communication with Sabela Quintela is when her lawyer tried to put an injunction on Franz Berg’s translation of “Manu: For The Man To Come”, there was a rather informal legal challenge presented to me and a partitioning through a proxy of WordPress.com, initiated by Sabela and her lawyer. I challenged this, and I received the full support of WordPress.com. Also, because Hermitage Helm Corpus’ publishing of “Manu: For The Man To Come” and other Serrano’s works comes under the Australian Copyright Act which is upheld by the Australian Law according to translation Copyrights and Publishing requirements, our editions of translations are deemed to be justified in all respects. For this reason, legal deposits of Hermitage Helm Corpus books are available and on catalogue record at the National Library of Australia and State Library of Victoria. Because of this, Sabela Quintela’s legal claims against Hermitage Helm Corpus and the translator Franz Berg were dismissed by a much higher authority than Sabela Quintela and her lawyer. I could go into all the legalities of translation work, but it is rather complicated, but suffice to say that Sabela Quintela, or for that matter, Alex Kurtagic, are not the “authority” on this translation matter. Neither have a legal claim on the translation work of others. The translator’s work remains the work of the translator, which also includes them, they have the right to produce translations, their own translations, as does anybody else, but they do not have the right to claim that another’s translation is a “pirate” or “unauthorized” or “amateur”…In fact it is they who could find that they are engaging in defamation by stating such things about the translating and publishing work of others….But really, I would just consider it petty and the libel and slander of those with little understanding of true Law. Sabela and Alex are free to translate as they please, as anybody else is able to freely translate published works. As the author of the works in question is deceased and his works published widely, they are free to be translated by anyone who would like to do so, and the translations would belong, as work, to the efforts of the translator. Neither Sabela or Alex have a legal claim on another translation, they can only have a legal claim on their own translation, and they can publish and print and distribute this as they please, as can anyone else. The matter of to the extent they have changed the meaning of Don Miguel’s original literary work, that remains to be seen and will have to be discussed later. My initial thought is that in their translated version they have made changes to the original and this is regretful, but we plan to eventually have our own translation of the “The Golden Thread”….Hermitage Helm Corpus maintains that the best translation of Don Miguel’s literary work and Esoteric Hitlerism available are our published works, where the primary translator is Franz Berg. There are many reasons why the literary publications of Hermitage Helm Corpus are the best source for the English translations of Don Miguel’s works. I will leave that up to the discerning initiate to figure out

7 responses to “Updates

  • Curt

    Now that this title has been released, has there been any initial feedback?

  • delendaestziobot

    Well, in terms of a “wider audience”, maybe a couple hundred more readers….Which is alot in these very small, bibliophile, esoteric intellectual circles…I think Jason Thompkins translation is better than Kurtagic’s, Jason’s is more in the Spirit of Serrano, more poetic…Also Kurtagic’s “notes” are rudimentary but academic in a Wikipedia style. If a reader has read the notes and commentary of, say, Ultimate Avatar and MANU, then they will see that our notes are on a much deeper level, so that will be another dimension we can add to the text, from our current 21st Century perspective…

  • delendaestziobot

    Updates have been made to this post….Regarding the Marriage status of Sabela Quintila….Her claim that she is Don Miguel’s “wife” I now consider to be false, she has no evidence of a formal marriage, and does not have Serrano’s surname….She has no evidence that Don Miguel had his first marriage annulled, in Catholic Chile, this would be very difficult to do….Until I receive satisfactory evidence from Sabela Quintila to the contrary I can not accept that she is indeed Don Miguel’s widow…I think she is lying sudra animal- woman and Don Miguel would never have married such a creature as her…And as for Alex Kurtagic….Well, I am very angry with him….His continued, sustained and deliberate false allegations against me and others are going to have to be resolved….

    • K. von Kanwetzburg

      Yes, I quite agree about the lying sudra-animal “Sabela.” In my own July 13th Amazon review of the Wermod und Wermod edition I dismiss the claim that this low-level mestizo secretary was ever married to Serrano. It does not “add up” when considering Don Miguel’s life and Weltanschauung.

      • delendaestziobot

        Johannes Maesser, the author of “Vernal” wrote about how the Sabela Witch is not Serrano’s wife, never was, but is the enemy of Serrano, an infiltrator and traitor, who is responsible for the disappearance of the publications of Serrano’s magazine La Nueva Edad. The witch also wanted to remove any later publications of his Esoteric Hitlerist Trilogy but was not able to because of Hermitage Helm Corpus. Franz Berg’s early attempt to place the Ultimate Avatar on lulu was blocked by Sabela through DMCA, as was Johannes Maesser’s copy. Also the witch, organized Don Miguel’s funeral in a manner he would not have approved of…..Kurtagic, the Bosnian mongrel, is also an enemy of Don Miguel, so it is predictable that Kurtagic and Sabela, as agents of the Demiurge sudra-scum have ended up in an Satanic alliance….

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