A Place In the Realm of No Where: الواقت



To abide by nothing, yet in all places to be nowhere. Having been stricken by a bolt of dark emerald. Seething downwards from the battered cindered soul, ablaze. Blasting through the weary head, awaking what is wise with Eternal Love near to the entrance of the Immortal Fountain.


The Sun in the grey clouds, arisen and the stellated-mind lashing at the dregs of it, which recoiled, from within the seat of our curtailed awareness, beclouded the secret mind who was waiting, in all friendship for good Love’s sole purpose to shower its sacred dew on our forehead.


Here in this forlorn and rejected country where the waste material of dejected and mutilated races, suffocate those who are wise, …the good as if damned by god!

But we navigate internally, far from what rusted eyes of unhealthy intellect might interpret, like seafarers in the heavens unseen. Breaking the intolerant waves of…

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2 responses to “A Place In the Realm of No Where: الواقت

  • oregoncoug

    No one writes words such as these without wielding the divine power. Never, with no exception. What now stirs beneath the surface is already everything. Wotan/Kristos/Lucifer speaks: This poetry is the Death of Zion.

    Sieg heil!

  • Rohan

    “But you must sing in code, always in cipher, and never reveal anything. Because it will be what you don’t say, more than what you have been able to say, with such difficulty and singularity, which will one day inspire the souls of the young heroes who will come after you and will also fight the difficult battle.” – Miguel Serrano

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