Institutionalized people, 1984 & ISIS


War is usually simulated, a war game in a “theatre” of war… It’s acting, pretty much, sometimes people will be killed off but one could just say that it is an organized sacrifice.

Even WWI was just a game, often they just let one side win when they get bored of the game.

That’s why Hitler did not want a “war” in conventional terms because it would be just a replay of the same old war game – selling guns and ammunition for as long as possible.

Basically Hitler’s wars were real, the only real wars.

See how quickly he beat the French and British, who had superoir forces at the time in Blitzkrieg, that’s because he was not playing by the standard “rule book” of war which would not be war but a game.

~Karl Young

Go to any Modern war; either in contracted official terms, or as a…

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