Etymological/Geographical Root Names for Europe






Here we have the true names for the Geographical locations of Europe, and the whole world, they are all German originally as the Germanic Race discovered and settled the entire world. No “indigenous cultures” exist or have existed, they were all brought to their current locations by Germans and Aryans….The only truly indigenous culture is German, as it was the Germans who pioneered and built all others, where the Germans went first, there was no other human there, the dark races were brought there later on ships and horse back by Whites – they were carried.. All the names have been changed to hide this, a cover-up….Let each man work out his Judgement with God. Obviously the vast majority of humanity will be falling on the wrong side of the Truth.


20 responses to “Etymological/Geographical Root Names for Europe

  • M:G

    Brilliant map, these are the names of the territories and places of the future Ehrean Reich, the Germanic names of the lands of UK and Ireland sound so much Aryan, European and better than the British names. Why not create a new map with arrows and diagrams detailing and explaining the progression and advance of both the Germanic Volk and Hyperborea in this world.

  • delendaestziobot

    Duisburg was Hugelburg….Of course Koln is the Mother of all Kolonies…As I point out in my book….Koln is on the Strom (Rhine) – Strom Land, ie Roman…Koln’s original name was Niederlassung, Mother of Cities (Nibelung), this is where the golden city of the Mighty Rhine was….Also called “Babylon”, in Biblical terminology..All Biblical terminology was written and taken from German lands, the Bible itself was first published and printed in Germany, which is easy to tell because all the first Bibles are from Germany.

    • M:G

      Yes, the first bible was published in Germany
      by Johannes Gutenberg, who was residing in Mainz, in the 1450s. Then it came the Lutheran bible, by Martin Luther. By the way, it is true that the hyperborean aryan expansion proceed first from the North pole, then to the territories of Germany and from Germany throughout the entire world ? My personal hunch and intuition seems to tell me it is true.

      • delendaestziobot

        Yes, Nuremberg Chronicle, Cologne Bible, the list is endless, all early Bible production was in Germany….Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, all invented in German Universities in the Middle Ages….All Languages are German in origin…Many early Bibles are also a mixture of pagan and christian stories from Germany in the Middle Ages – Knights and Castles along the Rhine River, etc….

        It seems to me that the “North Pole” is some type of portal or entry point to this world, and the Aryans came through it and came southwards until they reached the Rhineland and that was where civilization began with crop cultivation in the valleys and along rivers…I have a fairly good sense of where the “Garden of Eden” was in Germany, or where man first settled…The rest of the coloured races are unable to develop any culture or look after themselves so they must have come with the Aryans…The Aryans have clearly carried all the other races to their present locations around the world and helped them to develop…This has all been covered up in the last few hundred years…

        “Germans also founded Rome, in 753 B.C.. The twins Romulus and Remus, sons of Rhea Silvia, did this, they were suckled by the Wolf of Wotan…” – The Ultimate Avatar, chapter: Exodus.

        “Koln’s foundation begins with the mighty Rhine River which is the She-Wolf Rhia Silvia or Forest River, who feeds the twins Romulus and Remus, who are twin settlements divided by the Rhine, together they make old Roma.” Third Reich Pilgrim

        Yes so coming down from the North into Germany, and there establishing settlements along rivers and in valleys and then to the rest of the world….The other races either came with the Aryans or followed after them…Just like today.

        “This is the truth of times already historical, erased by Judaism and its Catholic Church of Rome that have together destroyed the Aryan Race and blood. There has been no Universal History, nor any civilization not created and developed by the Nordic-hyperborean race, by semi-divine race of White Heroes, Aryans, coming from the Pole, in their exodus and fall from a glorious past, through the destruction of Paradesha. Midgard, earthly Hyeprborea, the Golden Age.” – The Ultimate Avatar, chapter: Exodus

      • M:G

        Mainstream history is nothing but a falsification, a distortion and intentional concealment of the truth. We must take the supposedly historical manuscripts that the medieval era has produced with a grain of salt and with skeptical perception. Much has been destroyed and lost through mishandling, carelessness and intentional destruction, the good example would be the burning of the library of Alexandria. The medieval historical documents could be forgeries and plagiarism.

  • delendaestziobot

    That’s correct, Kamerad. His-Story is a pack of lies….Archaeology is even worse – All Lies; they reconstruct “pots” and stuff from old sewage pipes and claim it is 1000’s of years old and from the “ancient civilization lost to time, but has now been miraculously discovered and pieced back together again, by a lecherous old University Professor who does not know shit from clay!”….I have been to Museums where the so called “ancient artifacts” enclosed behind bullet proof glass are no better than something you find in a box of cornflakes! And no older then me and you…These two legged chimps are all liars….And as you say alot of the process is just carelessness, just one error after the other, on and on, until you get to this stage…Where there is hardly a scrap of Truth left anywhere…

    • M:G

      Whenever I switch on the tv and cable, I watch History Channel, Discovery Channel and National Geographic with scorn and humorous disgust. The mainstream documentary channels are parroting and repeating lies and lies over again, they are dreadfully stunted in their imagination. The false narratives sustain and feed the ziomasses and the white traitors, take away the lie, there is virtually and absolutely nothing left of them.

      • jalexandermaximilian

        I have thoroughly vanquished TV from my household. It has strange currents which seep in even when the TV is off. I have a friend who works in schools delivering stuff to them. The curriculum for the kids from k-12 is written by History Channel, etc. he has informed me. It’s not just TV anymore. But that which is hidden shall be unveiled! It is occurring already and how they struggle to keep the lid on!

      • M:G

        Regarding about magazines, times, newsweek, the economist, FT, National Geographic and many others, reader digest is the worst. Reader Digest is but a conundrum and 170-200 page advertisement for judaic melioristic humanistic propaganda. Reader Digest has a habit of publishing a holohoax story at the back section of the magazine.

    • M:G

      In order to realize the fallacies of the mainstream historians. Let say I write a poetry book praising the beauty of flowers, then I buried it for another 3000 years. After 3000 years, it is dug out but it is in fragments. By then english may have change beyond recognition, the mainstream historians of the day may misinterpret my poems about flowers as describing a king or a historical event. These mainstream historians will then attempt to fill in the fragmentary gaps of my writings with speculative words that has nothing to do with the orginal intention of my writings, they may distort, falsify and add false information. Maybe my writing about the beauty of flowers may turn out to be a historical battle or be written by a priest or king.

      • delendaestziobot

        Yes, the further back in time the more lies and distortions accumulate…The other thing is that the fragments, for example, literary fragments, are created as such, just like “ruins” are created. The human ziobots admit to this, they will say: “These walls were reconstructed as ruins to have an appearance as they were 3000 years ago.”….Or something like that…This just goes back to the Romantic era of Landscape follies, all “ancient” and some modern ruins, are landscape follies…One can see how profitable they are…And one can just use cheap off-cuts and broken bits, and cheap unskilled labour…Most landscape follies are built by the military…Same with literary fragments, for example the Dead Sea Scrolls, always a very nice story attached, a young Shepard boy discovers them in a cave, and so on…Some scraps so that teams of over-paid University Professors can work on them for years at great cost, they then hire their students, usually ones they find sexually attractive to work with them, and then all the publishing companies go to work, magazines, newspapers, History Channel…It just goes on and on….And there was nothing in the beginning because the literary scraps were all faked, its all just another story….Now if one follows this like of thinking one gets into Cosmogony…Which is what this Blog is about…Investigations into Origins…

      • jalexandermaximilian

        Much like these dinosaur discoveries which ALWAYS happen in China. And they find he fossil in some crappy Chinese market, or as the recent “discovery” of the feathered tail in amber, in China! It was supposedly going to be turned into jewelry, but some scientists noticed it had dinosaur feathers in it.

  • delendaestziobot

    Yea, almost all Amber is synthetic…Scientists are truly in the carnival business…They’re “carnies”.

  • Rache

    Check out this site… your thesis is supported by science.
    Thankyou for providing this site. SH

  • delendaestziobot

    Another point would be “Norman” = “Nordman”…The so called “Norman Conquest” was a fictional artistic narrative, but the name was taken from Nordman i.e. Men of the North….The Bayuex Tapestry was “rediscovered” in the 18th Century…

  • leuchovius2014

    One place that has somehow kept its original Germanic name and that needs further research is the city of Todmorden, England. Wikipedia tries to fumble the meaning of the name, but in German it means “Death-Murder”. Interesting to speculate on that… the place where Death is killed? There is also a street there named Cross-Stone (which probably was originally ‘Kreuz Stein’), referring to the ancient Germanic Christ. That road leads very near an archaeologic stone ring cairn site.

    • delendaestziobot

      In the linguistic analysis, all though thoroughly denied by all humans, one can see that the Germanic language is the root language of English, the geographical place names also supporting this obvious fact, a fact that humanity is deliberately denying…It is a deliberate denial because, for example, as you have pointed out here, Kreuz Stein = Cross Stone….And also the root of the English “Christ” is the Germanic word Kruez.

      As Herman Wieland wrote in his book ‘Atlantis, Edda and Bible” (which you have diligently translated into English), all languages are derived from German….

  • delendaestziobot

    “Australia”, for example, would be Osterreich, and then it has been changed from Eastern Realm in German to Southern Realm in Latin, now the Latin must have come about with the Globe Earth fraud of humans, or the humans when inventing Latin did not even bother to get the Germanic linguistic roots correct or deliberately obscured them…..Latin, of course, is a German language also. Either way the Latin “Aust” is derived from the German “Ost”.

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