Crimes of the All Lies

Photo from the Cemetery in Landsberg, Bavaria. About 250 German soldiers and SS were murdered in Landsberg after the war and buried in a mass grave, as “war criminals”, they were completely innocent of all charges laid against them by the murderous Allied invaders. Some were shot, the rest were brutally beheaded. A lone German now holds a candlelit vigil every Remembrance Day for the innocents murdered. Even the registration papers of those who were murdered were stolen, so that no memorable trace would be left, just unmarked graves…. This is such a small fraction of the Crimes of the All Lies, but an example it is of the heinous and evil nature of these humans we are dealing with.


13 responses to “Crimes of the All Lies

  • Das Erwachen der Schwerter

    It keeps my blood in anger, and my heart focused. That the war ain’t over yet.

  • M:G

    Agree, before I stumble upon National Socialism and Miguel Serrano, I was a mental slave of Zion. After reading Serrano and learning about the enormity of the crimes against Germany and her people made my blood boil with anger and wanting to smash Zion to bits which I am previously a part of.

  • M:G

    After learning about the perfidious travesty and obnoxious actions of the ALL-LIES, I was initially traumatized at first, the deceptive world which I was raise in gradually crumbled, but that eventually give way to honest acceptance and suddenly everything make logical sense. By the way, what was done to Japan just as vile as what ALL-LIES have done on Germany. At least, the Japanese are not burdened by the enormous destructive guilt complex (that ALL-LIES has imposed) that the Germans have.

    • delendaestziobot

      Terrible what the All Lies did to Japan…The All Lies bombed Pearl Habour themselves and then blamed it on the Japanese…The first the Japanese foreign diplomats and Japanese embassy heard about Pearl Habour was when the Amercian Government told them they had done it and now they were at war with America…The Japanese diplomats were shocked, and stated they certainly did not bomb Pearl Habour and they had no capability to do so, for example they hardly had any ocean going vessels, and the only fuel supplies they had were from America…It was simply impossible for them to have attacked an American Naval base in the middle of Pacific…The American government just laughed and sent them packing and started arranging for the destruction of Japan….Actually it is far worse than that, it is not just the lies about Pearl Habour, the Japanese were blamed for all the attacks in the “Pacific Theater”….Even Darwin was actually bombed by the Americans and then blamed on the Japanese…The Japanese are completely innocent of all crimes…The Japanese did not incarcerate or torture anyone, that was the All Lies, they committed the crimes and blamed it on the Japanese…..And this was not the first time that Japan was blamed for a war it did not start, not was it the first time that America bombed Japan…But that is another story…It is impossible for one man to counter the lies of billions of humans….Impossible…

  • aufihrhelden

    Can you imagine how the people of America and Australia would react to the above news ?? … Get together, blame the Japanese anyway (Jewish Scapegoat ‘Principle’ as described in chapter VI of ‘Third Reich Pilgrim’) and then laugh …

  • aufihrhelden


    In the notes of ‘MANU – For The Man To Come’, it states that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were actually fire storms dropped from planes rather than nuclear bombs because the All-Lies did not have the capacity to create such and they still don’t today. It is just lies to create a ‘fear factor’ which is used by both East and West as they pretend to be enemies.

  • delendaestziobot

    Yes, the All Lies destroyed Japan in the same manner that they destroyed Germany with FIRE! As it is written in their Book that they worship…They must burn innocents so that their god can smell their burning flesh in heaven…It is called a “holocaust”…I write about this in my book…It is published so that humans can be informed of their crimes…They have the right to remain silent as the charges are put forward to them…

  • joachimpeiper

    though a great post this comment is a reply to your request for my facebook. I do not want to write it one my page. Clemson Johnson and probably the only one but you’ll be able to pick up on my profile pic.

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