The Kristos


“I am honest to admit that the National Socialist ideal, in its ultimate perfection, stands like a Polar Star above Mankind…And Mankind must ever follow a star”

 –  Adolf Hitler (The Kristos), Detmold Speech, 1936

8 responses to “The Kristos

    • M:G

      I am also referring to the scummy mega churches that are sprouting like a plague on the lands amerikwana and also the humanitarian christian activist who are inviting and feeding the hordes of subhuman two legged immigrant trash.

    • M:G

      They have completely defiled the true krist and should be castigated and condemned.

  • M:G

    These so called evangelical christians of America are not devoted to the true Krist, instead they are agents and servants of the demonic machine demiurge Yahweh. This includes fanatical christian zionist and bible bashing christians who are lapdogs to the jews, globalist and judaic masonic orders of equality, fraternity, democracy and liberty.

  • delendaestziobot

    “The Copy-Creation of the Demiurge Jehovah, his evolutive Universe, was incapable of creating conscious man. He got monkeys and ended up mired in mud. All the way to hominids. It was the traitor Hyperborean Divyas who enabled Jehovah to give a modicum of soul and rational consciousness to his evolved monkey, to his slaves of Atlantis. The Demiurge and Lord of Darkness falsified an Archetypal “I” from the Hyperborean “I” who is a divine spark, putting him into human form reproduced from Manu, the Aeon. He will soon do the same with electronic robots.” – Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar

  • aufihrhelden


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