Every Modern (Idealistic / societal) dis-ease: Economical, Consumption/Production, Political, Globalist, War, Staged terrorism, multicultural/homosexual propaganda, the Media, the Bank establishments / finances etc. Can be traced to the British, London; and a tiny elite of a people who may not be named, together with them.

Everytime the British media tries to portray the European countries in a negative light, they name the specific countries. But once it is about Britain itself, a negative topic; then suddenly it is ”the West”. Pattern recognition.

Let me ask you this, to where did Karl Marx flee? London.
Every piece of shit will end up overthere, once they are unwanted somewhere else, for obvious reasons.

Read: how-britain-controls-global-narrative

Why does the British government build a splendid new home for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) when it is imposing painful cuts in all other areas of public expenditure?

Why does the BBC need a “World News…

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One response to “How-Britain-Controls-Global-Narrative

  • delendaestziobot

    And if you take the money back to its beginning you will find the divergence between weights and measures and allegory…And allegory is the language of the printing press..The language of the Jews…Whose God is the printing press……

    “What the ‘Public Scales’ narrative shows, is that primarily, goods were measured by weight and that is justice.” – Third Reich Pilgrim, Chapter 6 – ‘The Weigh Masters and the Saints of Nuremberg’,

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