Magical Operation

Quoted from the Miguel Serrano interview published by the Flaming Sword, August 1994:

“To be honest, I am not very certain about the 21st Century. We are in the Kali Yuga, the darkest Age, or the Iron Age, and in an accelerated involution. If we believe in this, it will be very difficult to contemplate about a possibility of a new faith, politically there is no solution unless an intervention by the Hitlerists who survived the catastrophe of the Second World War, and who could utilize a new science and technology. We, the Esoteric Hitlerists, believe in that. It will be the Magical Operation, we hope and wait for, but that does not mean that we do not continue to fight until the end for our ideals even in the dark reality of the future.”

– Miguel Serrano



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  • aufihrhelden

    ‘… and when they decide to win, nothing will be able to stop them.’ – page 66, ‘Hitler’s UFO Against The New World Order’

    So, essentially, the mechanics and the variables of the above statement are all that matter in the world today which is what Serrano alludes to above.

    Any old imbecile can rule the world (school playground) by force when they have the English speaking masses behind them offering them their full support.

    Intellect is only of any use when it can be applied to a qualitative force such as this ‘Magical Operation’, otherwise it is just blocked by the weight of numbers of Zion.

  • Hosner


    I discovered the link to Hyranio Garbho’s blog on the pages of our Cathar Kamerad, the Aryan Soufi. I thank him for this!
    Hyranio Garbho’s blog wasn’t updated in a while, but his articles are very interesting. They are written in Spanish, so it may take you a while, but it will have been well worth it, I think.
    Apparently, there exists a traditon of Orphic Cabala that ran parallel to the one taught by don Miguel Serrano, although these things are not as clear as one would wish them to be
    Hyranio Garbho works in Santiago, Chile. With his Imprint, Aurea Catena Editores, he published some books, among them a text called ‘Los Pergaminos del Bosque de Neegal’, extremely interesting.
    Among other things, he was therein able to explain, satisfactorily, to my mind at least, the case of the Holy Martyr, Deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess, most of all the ‘discrepancies’ that caused so much wonder among the medics who examined Hess’ body, the absence of wound-traces from WW1 on his chest.
    Hyranio claims it was a case of ultimate prowess in magical science, the ability of exteriorizing the subtle body and subsequently endowing it with a type of plasticity, i.e. plasmation, as don Serrano would say.
    The tradition in question consists of “Diamonds”: this is a cell of four disciples, a “quadriga”, that is led by an unknown fifth, the Diamond proper. Hess, Hyranio writes, functioned as a Diamond, even when imprisoned in Spandau, for the learning benefit of his four carefully chosen pupils, one of whom, a “former” SS colonel, brought the tradition to South America.
    Of course, the traditon is highly secretive and private, under strict leadership of the Holiest, Mundelfori !
    Certain things, however, can be understood, to an extent, perusing the books of ACE. The very essence of this Tradition, it seems, is hidden in Oera Linda (!) with the Vehmgericht.
    Months ago, I translated an article about the Traditon, written by H.G., into English. I’d have to transcribe it into a digital format, but this will take time. And the author’s permission. I am eagerly expecting his crucial work on the Orphic Tradition, ‘Las Bodas Arkhanen.’ Hopefully, it will be published this year.
    If anyone be familiar with this topic, I’d be more than happy to hear about it.

    “Dem neuen Zeitalter entgegen
    Sieg und Heil GroßDeutschland
    Im Kampf für die Welt
    Heil das neue Reich THULE!”

    (Motto, written in what is termed the ‘Aldebaran Tongue’, found on the circular Seal of the Black Sun, the one displaying the double EH rune.)

    • Michael Angel Luna

      Kamerad Hosner, during the summer of 2012, long before I had been exposed to Hitlerism, only recently racially aware, I had visions of the following. Actually they came to me in the form of ideas for a video game I wanted to create, silly as that might sound. Anyway, The “game” was this… a circular plane surrounded by ice where various races had been forced to mix and toil in suffering. The Hero began by fighting with guns whiched proved insufficient…so he had to go learn magic from a Wanderer… and then proceed underground to retrieve energy weapons, fromwhom were in truth his Volk, not the races above…although he did maintain compassion for their suffering nonethless. The Enemy ruled from on high…on pillars, like greco-roman pillars is the best way I could describe them. And they were not the “beings” they presented themselves as but a dark spirit that couldnt be defeated by traditional means. Archons perhaps? Again this was before I had been exposed to Serrano or Esoteric Hitlerism, so I did not understand the significance of it at the time… Anyway I felt the need to share that with the Few who might find it interesting.

      What is Arhag?

      • Hosner

        Arhag is the kalic name of Adolf Hitler, composed
        by joining two Armanen runes: Ar + Hag-al.
        It is how they, the Arkhanen adepts, invent their magikal names. Kala is the secret runic language rediscovered by Guido von List.
        For example, these are the names of the former Masters of the Arkhanen Tradition: Kureh, Urur, Tarn, Isurk, Manur, Barar, Arul, Gurg, Arbar.
        Some of them are mythologic, others are historic, if, or when, one cares to make that distinction. They do sound vaguely “Hyperborean” and ancient but they are just runic names, formed by adding the full names of two or more Armanen runes.
        I am thankful for your response, the attention to detail you espouse is really impressive, and while I don’t play computer games I liked your scenario very much. I think it would make a good novel, maybe even an epic poem.
        Yes, the diamond is Ingwaz by its form, the 22nd rune of the Elder Futhark. It is the rune of Ing, early folk hero of the Scandinavian peninsula, most often identified with Frey, god of fertility among the Vanir.
        The rune guards the secrets of sexual tides, fertilizing force, sexuality in general, family lines, ancestry, odic force, erotic confidence. It is one of the Few runes that can’t be reversed.
        Sieg und HGD!

    • Michael Angel Luna

      My “avatar” this website randomly chose for the comment contains 4 “diamonds”, surely not a coincidence? Sieg und Heil GroßDeutschland!

  • kaiserreich

    cthugthar and reich are antonyms

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