Same old


A picture tells a thousand words, take a close look. There is nothing new about this. Its the same old deal. Whites protecting and escorting and catering and then breeding dark coloured inferior races, who are totally useless and incapable of looking after themselves. If it was not for Whites helping and paying and guarding these inferiors then they would simply die, starve to death in a cesspit of their own shit and urine…Seriously, that is what would happen. But one can see that the Whites seem to exist to serve these inferior races, as they look after them as pampered little pets…The consciousness it takes to acknowledge this is something that appears to be only present in a very small % of Whites, possibly making up less than 0.0001% of the population, and therefore that small % are completely powerless to do anything about it. The process of Dissimulation which is inherent in humans also decrees that they will at the same time offer a completely futile response, probably just to appease the 0.0001%, which would amount to a token gesture, or probably just droll conceit; something like – “I promise to shut the gate after the horse has bolted.”…A joke, in other words…

9 responses to “Same old

  • aufihrhelden

    Reap what you sow …

    • delendaestziobot

      It’s what they want. I mean the reason of bombing Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc, was to create a situation of desperate, homeless mongrels, then those desperate, homeless mongrels would be injected into the remaining, all ready heavily degraded white populations. But the process was totally self-administered, and the whites who did the bombing now consider themselves to be war “heroes”, and those same “heroes” will be the first to open their arms to the migrant hordes and welcome them into their homes to mix with their own children…Such is the reality, and only the weak and degraded cannot face the reality of the situation….There was no economic reason for war in the Middle East, because the Middle East has no “oil supplies”, petroleum is synthetic and can be cheaply and easily produced in factories, easily assembled anywhere….See Venezuela, where the the whites gave the Venezuelans cheap petrol for 1 cent a litre, while the whites had to pay a $1.50 a liter in their own countries, and yet the Venezuelans, so corrupt could still not make a fist of it, not matter how much the whites gave them for free – i.e. basically free petrol, the life-blood of the modern economy….

      • Das Erwachen der Schwerter

        The reason is Economic control and of course directing the mess into Europe..

        ”Main Central Banks

        In the year of 2000 there were seven main countries without a Rothschild owned Central Bank: Afghanistan Iraq Sudan Libya Cuba North Korea and Iran.

        2016 country’s without a main central bank are now only North-Korea, Cuba and Iran.”

        Banks run on war economics, submission, debt and as institutionalized power centres. You can’t have full scale Globalism if you don’t overrun sovereign countries that have their own economic system.

      • Das Erwachen der Schwerter

        Though Economic control does not automatically mean, economic benefits (not for the country, but Always for the banks). If the Jew can and wants (and won’t harm him); then why not..?

  • delendaestziobot

    Now, if there was any consciousness to this absurdity then I would be assassinated tomorrow for revealing such things, because what I am saying is the truth, and a great “secret” – oil is synthetic and can be easily made in a factory for less than 1 cent a litre….But you see nobody will say or do anything to me because there is no consciousness to Zion and it is only operating on a predetermined programme, and I do not fit into that programme – all “whistleblowers” are just media creations, or I should say emanations from the Machine…. The Behemoth SuperComputer of this world can only acknowledge through its own contagion that which belongs to it….Therefore It cannot actually acknowledge that we exist as a few lone isolated conscious individuals.

  • delendaestziobot

    “Only with the creation of the anti-King do I feel myself to be King” – Goethe…

    See, its the operating system of the Machine….Its running on a programme…

  • Kamerad Brian

    Excellent post.


  • rerevisionist

    Can you give a brief account of making oil for 1 cent a litre? Are you talking about making it from CO2 and H2O using cheap energy; or some other process? I have to confess it sounds unlikely, but of course it’s an interesting possibility. (NB maybe water could be extracted from air in desert regions using shaped fibres?)

    • delendaestziobot

      As it is produced now, oil (petroleum) can be produced wholsale for less than 1 cent a litre. Venezuala was selling petrol retail for 1 cent until they got reprimanded for that and punished….Petrol or oil is synthetic and is brewed insitu, it does not come out of the ground….It is debatable as to the reasons why Corporations make huge efforts to pretend that oil comes out of the ground….Oil rigs for example where they just pump out mud and gas for no reason and pretend its oil.

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