Saint Ursula


3 responses to “Saint Ursula

  • aufihrhelden

    Heil Saint Ursula !

    • delendaestziobot

      When the Corporation formally known as “Germany” jailed Saint Ursula the Holy Mother of Europe, for the third time, they committed a grave offence, an offence against the “Holy Spirit” as they say. It sealed their doom, it was their last chance….They have have chosen to serve the enemy and the Ziobot hordes of the Demiurge….But this has been happening for a long time, yes a very long time, they have raised this biological plague of human waste in the deserts, and now they have delivered them into their own houses so that they can serve them and be abused by them, because the Corporation formally known as “Germany” just like “France” and “Britain” and “America” and everywhere else, these former “White Nations” as they were called, have proven themselves to be nothing but miscegenation mongrelizers, and degenerate catamites and pathetic masochists, they want nothing more than to serve the inferior dark coloured peoples, because that is what is the reflection of what is inside themselves….And we want no part of it, the Ehreans want no part of the masochism and immolation of these so called “White Nations”…They are sick…

  • Hosner

    ” But it is a sign of this age
    that the old heroic nature
    goes begging for respect
    and the living human heart
    pines for a drop of love,
    like an orphan. ”

    Hölderlin, Hyperion

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