Goslar Third Reich Mural


The Goslar Mural in the Rammelsburg Mine of the Third Reich. One of the keys in the reverse Operation Barbarossa.

4 responses to “Goslar Third Reich Mural

  • Runebinder

    wonderful image! Goslar was the Reich’s peasants town, as is where Darre is buried.

  • aufihrhelden

    Would the Rammelsburg Mine be where some or most of the silver was mined for the Third Reich coins ?

    Resources mined also for Operation Neuschwabenland ?

    • delendaestziobot

      Rammelsberg Mine would be one of the first Silver mines in the world. The mine was bankrupted by the Jews in the 1920’s, the Third Reich then paid all the debts and reopened the mine, most of the Third Reich silver would have come from this mine. Silver was extracted from the copper ores. …Goslar is no older then the Rammelsberg Mine, so I put a date on it of around the 15th Century.

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