Tempelhof Airport, 2016







The Tempelhof Airport was built in the late 1930’s, compare that if you will to what the All Lies had in terms of civilian Airports in the 1930’s? You have Google, I am sure it is not that hard. Today, Tempelhof Airport has been designated as a refugee camp, that is because the foe read Third Reich Pilgrim and they seek to denigrate and make a mockery of everything I do, but the mockery is on them. This was the site of the original Prussian Knights Templar, which is where the name “Tempelhof” comes from. I will be writing about this in my book Third Reich Pilgrim Part II…..Why was the Third Reich building a civilian airport during the war? Well I know the answer to that, and maybe those who read our books might be beginning to know the answer to that also. First things first though, for now I am completing the 2nd Edition of Maya: Reality Is An Illusion & Other Essays in Esoteric Hitlerism. It is an interesting book and it leads into many things we are elucidating.

“So it was that the ultimate Great War has not been just one more war in this world. It was something immense, definitive, and those who have so understood it have delivered us into battle, unto the end of everything.” – Maya: Reality Is An Illusion

8 responses to “Tempelhof Airport, 2016

  • aufihrhelden

    ‘ … that is because the foe read Third Reich Pilgrim and they seek to denigrate and make a mockery of everything I do, but the mockery is on them.’

    In the same way that the question, ‘Does Zion have any intellectual dignity ?’ cannot be asked because Zion is too stupid to understand the question, Zion is also incapable of mockery for they are too stupid to mock because they themselves are the lowest common denominator. However, because the Masses drive Zion, it is the Masses who wield the most power because, by definition, this world is of the lowest common denominator because it has to be if it is to ruled by Zion.

    This is why there are very few things more dangerous in this world than arming the Imbeciles of Zion with Truths of The World that make them feel pathetic, dumbed down and inadequate because they start to panic and then lash out at anyone with Ehrean qualities and it is the hundreds of millions who do the lashing out.

    Dumbo The Demiurge does not understand what I have just written which is why it still has it’s supercomputer and its media.


  • Derrick Beale

    These articles of your pilgrimage leave me sad and angry. But, from the books I have read from you, they keep me strong for battle, physically and mentally. Seeing all the degeneration and ugliness of the white world, could drive a person crazy. My new Esoteric Hitlerism knowledge keeps me strong and sane. Thank You, for the sharing of your works.

  • delendaestziobot

    To this day, the Tempelhof Airport is the most massive airport construction in the world….And it was designed and built as a civilian airport, all modern airports subsequently built were based on the civilian Tempelhof airport which was built by the “evil Nazis”….It is rather obvious to point out, it seems, but I think it must be pointed out. The Tempelhof airport was also called the “World Airport”, why would the Third Reich be building a civilian World Airport for civilians, (that is for non-military use), in the lead up, and during a World War? As Hitler said, He never wanted war…

  • Joey Virgo

    I would like to read Miguel Serrano’s book. Is it possible to learn what publishing company the book will be printed by so I might order a copy in advance? Is there any other way of purchasing an earlier copy? My library does not have the book.

    Thank you.

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