Vogelsang de-Nazified



Since The Third Reich Pilgrim visited Vogelsang Castle in 2011, the German government has been spending 10’s of millions of euros to ensure that the site does not become a Neo-Nazi pilgrimage site. The entire grounds are now a re-education facility and museum (de-Nazification centre). German Authorities were particularly concerned about Neo-Nazis taking photos of the Torch Bearer memorial and contemplating it as a sacred site. The German authorities, desperate to ensure that no pro-German sentiment stirs in Germans ever again, are now housing 1000’s of refugees from Africa and the Middle East…A German tour guide remarked with glee that housing all these refugees at Vogelsang, which was designed to be a school for German racial purity, was wonderful and that “Hitler would certainly hate this”….The Germans in 2016, hate themselves….All sports halls, youth hostels, etc are filling up with refugees who are arriving in their millions…The Germans are doing everything they can to feed, clothe and support them, even offering up their own houses….The German authorities have remarked that German school children can no longer play sport because there are refugees sleeping there….They seemed to be very pleased with this , and wish they could do more. Historical landmarks are now being turned into refugee shelters, airports, public centres, the Templehof airport in Berlin now has 1000’s of refugees in its hangers! The German authorities are on the look out for more shelters, anything they can find to house and shelter more and more refugees from all over the world. And tensions this may bring within German communities the Germans would like to resolve by better assimilating the refugees…The German authorities and the vast majority of Germans are more concerned that the presence of these millions of Arabs and blacks may arose a stirring of “Neo-Nazism”…So the Germans have become especially vigilant to make sure “it never happens again” they are also making sure that the refugees are also vigilant of any German right wing extremism or neo-Nazi behaviors. Any negative reaction by the Germans to the millions of non-Germans flooding into Germany is seen as “fear”, and that the Germans should not fear but should embrace more and more and more refugees with open arms and open doors and open beds, and open bank accounts. Some Germans are complaining that refugees should not be housed in historical sites that have a “tainted history”, essentially saying that the non-German refugees may feel uncomfortable living in German cultural and historical landmarks, and that alternative housing should be found, for example the Christian Democrats, suggest that the refugees could also be housed in the German army barracks, instead of German soldiers, and even in government buildings. Also some places like Vogelsang are too isolated for the refugees, and so the German authorities are supplying them with specially refugee buses that will bus them in comfort to the nearest towns for day trips and weekend relaxation and recreation tours, and shopping.

A German, Stefan Wunsch, the research director at Vogelsang, expects a lot of these interactions to take place inside the memorial complex itself. Roughly 150,000 tourists, most of them German, will visit complex each year, and they will soon see the migrants and talk to them while wandering round among the Nazi ruins. “This will give our visitors something extra to reflect on”, says Wunsch. In a sense it fits into our philosophy of this being an international place. Moritz, the German site manager agrees: “They will come and see refugees, and it will pose the question to us, to our society: ‘How can we cope with this?” All around them, the visitors will see the symbols of Nazi chauvinism and xenophobia, and guides will be on hand to explain the dangers of that history ever repeating. In the end, says Moritz, “it will help us cultivate empathy.” Enough of it to make the refugees feel welcome.

I can honestly say that when I was in Germany, I witnessed that the Germans are welcoming in the refugees and doing all they possibly can for them…I also witnessed that they did not welcome me….”Refugees welcome” but then for me it was “Nazis Fuck OFF”…And now they have sentenced Saint Ursula to jail! They jail and abuse us but they embrace Arabs and Africans and anybody else?????


29 responses to “Vogelsang de-Nazified

  • Rohan

    Germany and Germans are long gone: dead!
    Any place or person using the words Germany or German is fraudulent. They the weakest of the weak, the sickest of the sick are taught to become african or muslim themselves if the muslim or african won’t “assimilate” (whatever it is that is supposed to mean).


    • delendaestziobot

      Yes, I agree, it is not Germany, and not the German people present in the Holy Lands of Deutschland, but some sick and weak and debased, sniveling, crawling, imitative, servile, submissive, masochistic, cringing, spineless, bootlicking sycophants the world has ever seen….And it is ugly to witness…To witness these sickly grovellers, both male and female, is disturbing and basically ugly. I did write in Third Reich Pilgrim, that what was once Germany is no longer Germany but a Ziobot Corporation calling itself “Germany”….And that, was true back in 2011, now it is much worse….They cannot be helped…The Judaic demoralization of Germany after 1945 has worked…They now not only resemble the rest of the world, but have become even worse then the worst of humanity.

  • The 55 Club

    Great Article. It is a time to keep things direct and simple. To the point – as the Germans always did. 88

  • aufihrhelden

    An important qualification is needed, however, and I’ll make it.

    What should the German People do ?

    The ’55 Club’ states that things should be kept simple and to the point. So I will – essentially, until the entire English and French speaking ‘people’ have been wiped from the face of the earth nothing Good will ever happen on this earth, not of any lasting import anyway.

    When the police of B’nai B’rith came round to visit me to warn me off I should have knifed them both and dumped the bodies outside their own police station but I couldn’t because the British ‘people’ are Talmudic.


    What kind of Struggle is it ? Adolf Hitler stated (just before He departed) that the Struggle should continue but with ‘less force’ but what of the specifics ?

    What say ye, Invisible Directors ? Should I knife a Ziobot police officer or should I write a book ? What should the German People do ? What should the True and Honourable Torch Bearer Marko do ? Now Stefan Munsch is not German (as we see above) but what should the German People do ?

    Remember, Zion is an Imbecile and only wields power through its Force Through Weight of Numbers but in this world the lowest common denominator is all that is needed. Zion thinks it has to play the ‘long game’ because it doesn’t understand what I am writing now. Zion doesn’t even understand the Nature of its own world.

    If an act does not specifically lead to the destruction of evil then that act is not worth making.

    So what should a German Person do ? What say ye, Invisible Directors ?

    Zionist prison cells aren’t very nice but what should a German Person do ?

    What say ye, Invisible Directors ?

    • delendaestziobot

      Well Kamerad, the invisible directors will say nothing, that is why they are invisible….One cannot understand their nature because they are not present, but what one gathers from the nature of this world is that if there are invisible directors then they are not on our side, and this is surely not our world…

      One must think what is a greater conviction against Zion? what is more defiant – stabbing a cop or writing a book? Writing a book is far a far greater conviction…Stabbing a cop is what they want you to do, because they would love to put you in jail, in fact they would love it if you just died, they would feel very satisfied….The enemy wants nothing more then to see us commit suicide, they would feel satisfied if we did that and those Ziobots closest to us will take whatever we have, that is what they want to see us dead and take what we have, so it is spiteful to keep on existing, one lives merely out of spite – hating the world and everything in it, and that means not giving them what they want….Instead let us write something like this:

      “Without ruler-ship and self-mastery there can be no Aryandom, nor Reich, nor Imperium, nor any State at all, there can however be a Corporation, but a Corporation has no sovereignty or self-mastery, one cannot be a peaceful Corporate member and be an Aryan, it is not compatible at all, an Aryan can however traverse different environments in his/her quest for a higher State of being. The errors of Britain, America and Russia spread to Germany, only Adolf Hitler stood in their way, critical errors such as believing that the State is something other then a vessel for the Race and the error of believing in the disunity of blood rather then the unity of blood. It was not the Jews who piloted the bombers that dropped streams of phosphorous and napalm over German towns and cities, it was mostly young American and British men who were themselves of Germanic descent, and they destroyed their own Race and set fire to their own image and heritage, because they believed in a false State. And they did it all for the promise of measly wages and material gain, they risked their own lives to destroy the lives of their own people, with not much more prompting than a cheap throw-away newspaper headline or a brief radio advert, which makes it even more pathetic and ignoble, but predictable because humans can be programmed by words and symbols to do anything within their biological capabilities.” – page 64 – Third Reich Pilgrim

      Knifing a Ziobot cop or not makes no difference, one could knife a thousand of them and it would not make a lick of difference…The World cannot set fire to all of the Fatherland and then lie about it afterwards and get away with that…Adolf Hitler said that if the German people could not unite and be strong enough to help and protect themselves then there was no chance for humanity, the mission of humanity would then be at an end…So that is what it is, it is at an end…But the end will not come quickly for humanity, humanity needs to comprehend its crimes before it is finally destroyed…So writing a book can assist because it does even more damage, it has to be written, you see, that is according to their law, so they are being informed by their own law of their own crimes, which is the only way they can receive it….You know how the Ziobots say “Put it in writing”….Yes, well, it is in writing…

      • aufihrhelden

        Yes, however many may be killed there’s always The Mass. Zionism is the rulership of the world by The Mass. Zion doesn’t realise that it could act overtly because it has the Masses on their side ! So it tries to act covertly and then just ends up as a laughing stock !

        Writing a book would be a greater conviction against Zion but only because Zion thinks truth matters !

        He knew the Nature of the world and He knew therefore that everything would depend on the Germans but The Masses Hate – so the Germans are outnumbered.

        But what of the Invisible Directors ?

        From ‘Adolf Hitler – The Ultimate Avatar’ :

        ‘ … Only very sages and some elect would have been in on the secret and planning of all this, under the orders of the Führer, the Avatar. Perhaps the unknown leadership of the SS were those who never allowed themselves to be seen, who did not wear uniforms or belong to the Party, even above the Sicherheitsdienst. Most probably the invisible leaders of the Thule Order, of the Vril Order and some others even more mysterious and unknown still …’

        What of the photograph talked of on page 680 ? What of the Unknown Directors talked of on page 681 ?

        What connection do these Unknown Directors have with Neuschwabenland ?

        We know Zionism – Zionism is the lowest common denominator because it cannot work without the compliance of the Masses because it operates on such a low level.

        But what of the ‘Highest Common Denominator’ ?!

        Heil Rudolf Hess !

  • Carlos

    Well, I may be lucky, but I started talking in the bus with a young blond girl I thought was american, she was German, I tested her political views slowly and when I spoke of the holyhoax she said nothing, only that that’s the only subject in “history” classes for 10 years.

    • delendaestziobot

      It is possible to find Ehreans out there, they are indeed rare, the rarest of all beings, they are actually Wotan-Kalki, the divine spirits that have returned to earth to Judge. As I note in Manu: For The Man To Come (2nd edition) the Ehreans are the innocents who died in Germany in the wars, they have come back, born into material bodies after 1945 all over the world….Their astral bodies are already formed, that is why they can see truth amongst all the lies…

    • M:G

      I have recieved the same holohoax programming during my school days, the textbooks and audio-visual looks like poisonous catechism designed to transform a person into a unwittingly ziobot, it is like organo-artificial mental assimilation. I haboured a deep resistance against the holohoax propaganda deep in my heart when I was a student at school.

      And by the way Vogelsang Castle produced the finest aryans and ss men in national socialist germany, it is the finest institution ever known in this world. The zio-masses tried to smear the reputation of Vogelsang castle through lies and demonizing Himmler.
      Himmler, greatest aryan to walk on this world, beside Rosenberg, Hess and Hitler.

  • delendaestziobot

    Vogelsang Castle still produces the Nazi Elite, as I said it does. The Fackeltrager is still the Prodigy of the Order Castle, he is the burning spirit of Man who longs for Eternity, he is the Promethean who carries the Light of the Fuhrer tlll the end…..It still produces the finest Aryans, to Ehrean we shall be…Hiel Himmler! Heil Rosenberg! Heil Hess, Heil Hitler!

    • M:G

      Is there is a character and personality beside our Fuhrer so thoroughly vilified and hated by the ziobotic masses? Yes, it would be Himmler. The ziobots potrayed Himmler as a bloodthirsty and genocidal monster because Himmler symbolized their inevitable end, the mere mention of Himmler is enough to disorientate and drive the zio-masses amok. Himmler is like a avenging fire that would strike fear and trepidation in these inadequate ziobots.

    • M:G

      The ziobotic books and literature that I read shows that Himmler is a man with no redeeming qualities. I laugh at the zio-masses with utter contempt whenever I explored through the lines of their “books”.

  • delendaestziobot

    The ziobots have a pathological hatred for Himmler because he is superior to them, the ziobots only love what is inferior to them, that is how entropy works, which must be recognized as the iron law of nature itself. Himmler and the SS represent Transcendence of this World.

    The All Lies even conducted a mock death of Himmler, when they could not find him, they just pretended to themselves that they did find him and then tortured and executed him, but it was not Himmler, just someone that looked like Himmler, but that is an example of how much they hate Himmler. Mock Trials, Mock deaths, doubles, Mockery, Mockery, Mockery…

    Heil Himmler The Avenger!

  • Das Erwachen der Schwerter

    It have Always been the Germans, specifically, that were targetted by Jews. Jews smell who their real enemies are. That is why Karl Marx, faggot Snowden, and others of their likes, Always see London as a refuge.

    Germans, throughout history, have been threatened the most by systemetic attempts from the outside and inside, to be destroyed.

    There is a reason that the British media and the Jews are so obsessed with anything remotely German. The Clintons, Bush family, US general etc., are all British. While the ones who show resistence, even though partly Judaized, like Trump, Alex Jones and many others, are partly German blooded.

    The British could not handle Germany with the French (who to me are nothing more than Catholic Arabs) and Soviets. They needed the US to win their war. The USA with millions of German soldiers fighting for their cause against other Germans. Hence the difference between faggotly Canada (British-French) and the USA (biggest White demographhics are Germans, but during and after WW2 they have been forced to denounce anything German, while those with Irish heritage for example, are still able to show their pride..)

    Unlike the other peoples and nations, the Germans chose to attemp to do something drastically.
    The Germans have been massacred, raped, psychologically decapitated – and the anti-German hatred continues to this day and will never end. The Germans have an excuse, at least. What excuses have the French, Dutch, Swedish etc., have? None, they, without internal resistence (they needed Germany to stir up some feelings), accepted every little Jewish and treacherous perversions without any hesitation.

    • delendaestziobot

      Interestingly one can look at what has happened to the French, whom were the most chauvinistic (the word chauvinst derives from the French legend of Chauvin), xenophobic, extreme Nationalists in history! Nobody was more utterly Nationalistic than the French, but look at France now…….The French are completely annihilated, and no longer exist as a people, and they were the most militantly Nationalistic of all peoples….And yet now they are basically classed as an African Negro corporation….It is Amazing, and in such a short period of time….After WWII, in just a few decades France was completely taken over, and they did it to themselves ironically…..The French and Germans fought bitterly against each other for hundreds of years with all types of weapons, and then, both Germany and France have been easily conquered with not much more than a kebab!

      • Das Erwachen der Schwerter

        The French Always were like that. Just like in WW1, they were the only soldiers sleeping among their negroe comrade soldiers together in same rooms.

        Brotherhood, Fraternity, Equality. They can choke on it.

        It has Always been France’s intent to destroy Germany, as soon as they became un-German(ic).

        Their ideals and actions have proven so to be.

        They are an overrated people.

        Adolf Hitler:
        ~”I have never liked France or the French, and I have never stopped saying so.”
        ~”The peoples of Islam will always be closer to us than, for example, France”

        “The British still wielded imperial power, but they no longer possessed the moral qualities requisite for the preservation of their empire. They seemed to dominate the world; in reality they were themselves dominated by the Jews.”

        “It is a tragedy that France has consistently degenerated in the course of centuries and that her upper classes have been perverted by the Jews. France is now condemned to the pursuit of a Jewish policy.”

        – AH, 1945

        At least from Germans you can expect something, eventually.

        The Napoleonic wars weakened the strong French males; WW1 utterly destroyed them. By the time of WW2, they were practically non-existing.

        The Weak, degenerate, cowards, sick, old etc., all get protected from the wars – and thus they wil reproduce at the cost of the most strong men dying at the front.
        Same goes for Britain after WW1 especially. And Germany after WW2.
        Nearly every conflict and war can be traced back to anti-Germanism.


  • delendaestziobot

    Yes, exactly, which is why Hitler did everything he could to prevent another false war. The French Nationalism was always a false Nationalism because it was directed towards a false state. Whereas Hitler’s National Socialism only recognized the State as a Racial construct, a vessel that held racial contents. The French Nationalism was entirely anti-German. I think you will need to review your comments from A.H. in 1945…They seem spurious to me…But Hitler did say that the French were the mortal enemies of Germany….”France is and will remain the implacable enemy of Germany.” – Mein Kampf…………….France (really a city state of Paris) only ever had one aim, and that was to acquire the Ruhr and the Rhine frontier and then dismember Germany…..But now, seeming that the best of the Germanic French died defending Germany, because Franks were a Germanic people originally, now they are hopelessly degenerated. During wars only the worst propagate, the best die, and this is the general nature of humankind, propagating the worst of itself….

  • aufihrhelden

    The British and the French ??

    Zionism is Imbecilic and can only wield power through weight of numbers.

    Indeed, the British and the French. And the Americans …

    • delendaestziobot

      Of course, Britain was just a colony of Hanover, France was just a colony of Frankfurt, and America was a colony of Columba which was a mere suburb of Cologne.

      Merely Germanic colonies, and they had no “native” populations until the “natives” were brought in wearing German clothes on German ships from German cities…

  • Rohan

    Fake quotes taken from fake documents!

    Adolf Hitler:
    ~”I have never liked France or the French, and I have never stopped saying so.”
    ~”The peoples of Islam will always be closer to us than, for example, France”

    “The British still wielded imperial power, but they no longer possessed the moral qualities requisite for the preservation of their empire. They seemed to dominate the world; in reality they were themselves dominated by the Jews.”

    “It is a tragedy that France has consistently degenerated in the course of centuries and that her upper classes have been perverted by the Jews. France is now condemned to the pursuit of a Jewish policy.”

    – AH, 1945

    • delendaestziobot

      Yes, I instantly thought that they were spurious. Any “quote” attributed to Hitler dated after 1944 is fake…Actually anything after his Stalingrad speech in 1943 could be spurious….No “documents” should be trusted, especially if they were “found” after the war.

    • Das Erwachen der Schwerter

      How would they be fake, even if, though; it is prophetic and are correct statements. The French are enemies and if you look behind nearly every Jew in power, you have mainly Irish / British names keeping the Jews in power and get status themselves as well.

      Look how easily the British got sucked up in Jewery centuries ago. Look at all their actions, siding against Europeans, feeling superior and protected in that Island if theirs, never havibg to face real enemies.

      The British media, they constantly attack Europe, even before WW1. That’s how thet stirred anti-German hatred.

      It is too true, to be false.
      As in the Last Will and Testament of Hitler:

      ”We were ready to
      throw our forces into the scales for the preservation of the
      British Empire; and all that, mark you, at a time when, to
      tell the truth, I feel much more sympathetically inclined to
      the lowliest Hindu than to any of these arrogant islanders.
      Later on, the Germans will be pleased that they didnot
      make any contribution to the survival of an out-dated state
      of affairs for which the world of the future would have
      found it hard to forgive them. We can with safety make one
      prophecy: whatever the outcome of this war, the British
      Empire is at an end. It has been mortally wounded. The
      future of the British people is to die of hunger and
      tuberculosis in their cursed island.

      British obstinancy and the desperate resistance being put up
      by the Reich have nothing in common. In the first place
      Britain had a freedom of choice, and nothing forcedher to
      go to war. Yet, not only did she go to war, but sheactually
      provoked war. I need hardly say that the Poles, hadthey not
      been urged on by the British and French war mongers(who
      were themselves spurred on by the Jews), would certainly
      not have felt themselves called upon to commit suicide.
      Even so, and even after having made this initial error,
      Britain could have pulled her chestnuts out of the fire,
      either after the liquidation of Poland or after thedefeat of
      France. It would not, of course, have been very honourable
      on her part to do so; but in matters of this kind British sense
      of honour is not too particular. All she had to do was to
      place the blame for her defection squarely on the shoulders
      of her ex-allies- just as she and France did with Belgium in
      1940, and, furthermore, we ourselves would have helped
      her to save face.

      At the beginning of 1941, after her successes in North
      Africa had re-established her prestige, she had an even
      more favourable opportunity of withdrawing from thegame
      and concluding a negotiated peace with us. Why, youmay
      well ask, did she prefer to obey the orders of her Jewish
      and American allies, people, indeed, who were more
      voracious than even the worst of her enemies? I will tell
      you; Britain was not waging her own war, she was waging
      that which had been imposed on her by her implacable

      Germany, on the other hand, had no option. Once we had
      declared our desire of at last uniting all Germans in one
      great Reich and of ensuring for them a real independence –
      in other words, freedom to live their own lives – all our
      enemies at once rose against us. War became inevitable if
      for no other reason that in order to avoid it we should have
      been compelled to betray the fundamental interests of the
      German people. As far as our people were concerned we
      could not and would not be content with the mere
      semblance of independence. That sort of thing is all right
      for the Swedes and the Swiss, who are always prepared to
      subscribe to dubious and tortuous formulae, provided that
      they can at the same time line their pockets. Nor, for that
      matter could the Weimar Republic lay claim to any more
      worthy pretensions: That, however, is not an ambition
      worthy of the Third Reich.

      We were, then, condemned to wage war – some time or
      other; and our sole preoccupation was to choose theleast
      unfavourable moment. And once we were committed, of
      course, there could be no question of a withdrawal.It is not
      to the doctrines of National Socialism alone that our
      adversaries take exception. They hate National Socialism
      because through it the qualities of the German people have
      been exalted. They therefore seek the destruction of the
      German people – of that there can be no shadow of doubt.
      For once in a way, hatred has proved to be strongerthan
      hypocrisy. We can only express our thanks to our enemies
      for having thus clearly exposed their minds to us.
      To this all-embracing hatred we can retort only by means of
      total war. Fighting for our very survival, we are fighting
      desperately; and whatever happens, we shall fight to the
      death to save our lives. Germany will emerge from this war
      stronger than ever before, and Britain more enfeebled than

      History shows that for Germany misfortune and adversity
      often constitute an indispensable prelude to a great
      renaissance. The sufferings of the German people – and in
      this war they have suffered incomparably more than any
      other people – are the very things which, if Providence
      wills, will help us to rise superior to the heady influence of
      victory. And should Providence abandon us, in spiteof our
      sacrifices and our resolute steadfastness, it only means that
      Fate is subjecting us to ever greater trials, in order to give
      us the chance to confirm our right to live.”


      • delendaestziobot

        There are alot of fake documents relating to Hitler “quotes”….The point I am trying to make, and it is relevant is that after Hitler’s 1943 Stalingrad speech it becomes very difficult to ascertain the veracity of so called “documents” and “quotes”…The reasons behind this are complicated….There are some elements of truth in The Last Will & Testament Of AH…But AH did not write it, that is what I am saying….Hitler did not leave a last Will & Testament because he did not die in the Bunker, in fact there was no bunker…But you see this really far beyond the understanding of ordinary people, very few will comprehend it…

        Certainly quotes like
        “The peoples of Islam will always be closer to us, then, for example, France.”
        This is spurious, Hitler never said such a thing, whichever “document” it came from is false, absolutely….Hitler was the architect of Vichy France, and Hitler greatly admired French Nationalism and French Imperialism, he thought that the Germans should be equal to it, better….France, of course was originally a Germanic Colony, founded by the Germans of Frankfurt….France was the mortal enemy of Germany, but why would they be when they were founded by Germans? Well we could say the same about Britain, or Russia, Russia was a Prussian settlement, or America which was founded and settled by Germans, why would they want to destroy Germany? Well these are questions that humanity will never be capable of answering, because humanity is pathetic.

      • Das Erwachen der Schwerter

        Well, to my taste, French people are the sand niggers of Europe. Little of Germanic left in them. And what’s left of it, is further poisoned with their anti-German language.

      • M:G

        Yes, very right indeed. The same deceptive and fabricated testimonial evidence are used to execute and imprison the heroic martyrs of Nuremberg in 1946, the whole “process” of the Nuremberg Trials are a fraudulent farce, a mockery of the true meaning of justice and judicial process. It shows how despicable and vile humans are, they are willing to subvert and undermine judicial principles, just to snuff out the life of the nuremberg martyrs, this can be shown elsewhere throughout defeated Germany, staging show trials to hang any Germans involved in the activities of National Socialism. The Nuremberg principles and rulings which they have created are being used as an instrument to demoralize Germany and to destroy true Germans .

  • delendaestziobot

    The Nuremberg Trials were solely based on presentation of biased unverifiable documents, affidavits, exhibits and verbal statements from alleged witnesses…Human Testimony, in other words…The human being is asking to be taken at his word, as if what he says is the truth….But it is absolutely clear that the human being merely uses words to hide the truth, and his word is but a lie…The Nuremberg Trials are a perfect example of this….The human being is a liar, a cheat and fraud…It is a mockery, because it was in Nuremberg where the first scales were made, the Scales of Justice…But it could have been even worse, because the British wanted summary execution, execution without trial, and the Russians wanted to just shoot 50,000-100,000 high ranking German officials, that was the Russian version of “Justice”…..Only the Americans were self-righteous and believing in moralistic fallacy and Pharisaic enough to conduct a phony Trial….

  • delendaestziobot

    @ Das Erwachen der Schwerter,

    The French are merely an outpost colony of Frankfurt…. I think that the ugly and the stupid were sent to the France from Germany, merely because they were ugly and stupid…. The concept that Napoleon was a Frenchman is a joke…Napoleon was a German figurehead for a German business consortium… The French are pathetic….But, the Germans themselves have become French now….How stupid is that?

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