Ruins of the Reich






This is a Holy Third Reich site I discovered in a major city of Germany, in the Holy Land, the Fatherland, where we began many centuries ago – with our Geo-Genesis in this world….I am not going to reveal the location at this stage, why should I? I will be writing about it in Third Reich Pilgrim Part II….How I was lead to this location is a strange story that needs to be told and I will tell it. But this site, which is in full view of passing Ziobotic traffic, remains completely untouched by the golems and AntiFa, or anybody else, it is a pristine holy site reserved for the Third Reich Pilgrim to stumble upon one day. Imagine, no bullet holes, no graffiti, no de-Nazification, no documentation center full of lies to denigrate the truth, just the truth still standing, untouched by imitators, waiting, the stones waiting, until the time a true Nazi stumbles upon them…Try to explain that if you can? I will reveal the location of this site in my new book, if the Ziomass ever allows me time to write it…

“And thus I was One. And all coursed outward as One.

And lo: this great wave surged upward.

And with this current I arose great and strong.

So we wandered, self-exiled, on the plains,

Magically guided in circles by oath and bond,

Awaiting the hour of Destiny to come.

And with faith I smashed through the boundaries

And gasping I crashed through the dams and dikes.

I lost my Self and found the Volk, the Reich.” – Songs Of The Reich

It does not matter how much they destroy the Truth, we can always find more, because Truth is abundant, it has no bounds, no restraints, no law can bound the truth of God, freedom has no limits…So, watcher of the ruins, the dawn calls to you, the memory of the blood calls the pilgrims of nostalgia, the blood of the Morning Star falls from stars like tears of Hyperborean Light…What did Master Serrano say: “only Wotan can speak with his warriors who keep guard in the far flung regions, by means of the Minne, preserving the purity of Aryan Blood..They are the prisoners of the Myth.”

Fuhrer Giest!

Heil Hitler!

7 responses to “Ruins of the Reich

  • leuchovius2014

    Simply amazing, a ray of pure light on a darkened and disfigured world.

    Sieg Heil !

  • aufihrhelden

    Fine photographs.

    Perhaps it has not been disfigured like the others because it states the year ‘1914’ so it may be looked upon as more of a First World War memorial and therefore less connected with the ‘Evil Nazis’.

    Truth is abundant yes but, of course, however abundant it is, it is totally irrelevant (when most people aren’t interested in it) and dangerous towards itself when Forces are used against such truth especially upon any revelations of truth.

    Truth is only of any use when the world is made up of those with the Nature of Rudolf Hess.

    For choice, of course, one would prefer that the Eagle’s Nest were not destroyed.

  • delendaestziobot

    Yes, that would be the reason why it has escaped destruction or disfigurement…The Memorial was built in 1939 for the fallen in WWI, so the soldiers are Third Reich soldiers emerging from the crypt to fight again, like the spirit of dead soldiers rising up, the iron cross is from 1914. I have copies of the inscription which I will get translated. It is a Third Reich built memorial in honor of the dead soldiers. Amazing thing is that there are sites like this in Germany, displaying the Germanic Mythos of the Third Reich, in stone built in 1939, as a monument to the future, and yet nobody pays any attention, the message has gone unheeded….If it had a ticket box charging money to see it and a beer garden, and a guide spouting off about “evil Nazis” then it would be another tourist attraction….School children would be taken there for de-Nazification, they would not pay any attention to what the Memorial is saying, they would just mindlessly and robotically repeat what the teacher tells them.

  • Gregor Ingles

    Painted all white there is a ship at port in Groton, Connecticut. It is called the USS Eagle and few realize that it goes by other names, all fitting: it is El Caleuche, The Flying Dutchman and the Horst Wessel. It was Christened by his mother in the Presence of Adolf Hitler and Rudolf Hess, who gave the dedication speech. As if this were not magical enough, Adolf Hitler himself spent time on board. During the war it was fitted with anti-aircraft guns and used to train Hitler Youth and was damaged by a mine. The eagle still decorates the bow, the swastika covered by the emblem of the USCG. But some know the truth about the ship and its magical journey. You come to know a thing or two about different places and to me it is no surprise it would find its way to port in Connecticut.

    • delendaestziobot

      It is the physical manifestation of the El Caleuche, and in perfect timing, thankyou for your insight kamerad, it is amazing how things come to us at certain times appearing where they should in synchronicity. It is true Poetry, the Ghost Ship appears…

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